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MVox MV900 Bluetooth Speakerphone Review

Until now my favourite speakerphone has been the Supertooth II but this was before receiving and evaluating the terrific new MVox MV900 portable Bluetooth speakerphone for both the Treo 650 and Treo 700w.

For starters, as you can appreciate above, the MVox MV900 pictured on the left is absolutely diminutive when when compared to the Supertooth II on the right and the MV900 also has the benefit of only weighing 75g compared to 136g – dropping nearly half the weight which makes it a truly palm-sized portable unit.

Additionally, the MVox MV900 has an elegant design with a slightly ‘bubbled’ surface on the speaker front and an easily accessible ‘call answer/end’ button as well as a neck/hand strap (included in the package) hook at the top of the unit.

An easy On/Off slider switch on the right side of the unit (below) combined with volume/mute and analog + earpiece jack on the left of the unit are all you’ll need to quickly operate the MV900 (albeit I would have preferred to have ‘+’ and ‘-‘ labels for volume Up/Down…).

More importantly, the MV900 can operate in 3 modes:

  • As a Bluetooth speakerphone when it has been paired with your Treo
  • As a USB speakerphone when plugged into your PC to work with either your IM or VoIP (such as Skype) programs
  • As a speakerphone for desktop phones (using the analog jack) when used with an optional adapter

All three modes above can also be used with the included ‘2.5mm earpiece with microphone’ for privacy (the earpiece can also be plugged directly in your Treo).  Additionally, the package also includes a useful visor clip which can also be used as a belt holster.

I also like the fact that the MV900 can be charged either via USB (directly on your PC or with the optional USB Wall Adapter or USB Car Adapter) or with the included but obviously bulkier (77g) AC adapter.

Moreover, the MV900 has ‘Voice Command Dialing’ (VCD), ‘Treo Name Dialing’, ‘Voice Keypad Dialing’ (VKD) and ‘Voice Caller ID’ but I have unfortunately only successfully managed to make these work on the Treo 700w and not the Treo 650.   

For example, with VCD you can store up to 14 number in the MV900’s memory and then after pressing a key you’ll hear a voice prompting asking “Please Say Command” then simply say ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ for the unit to dial the number via your Treo.  With VKD all you have to do after pressing a key and hearing the voice prompt is say ‘Dial Number’ and then speaking the number which should ideally be spoken five digits at a time (eg. 212–55 then 54343).  Other options include dialing the speed dials (1 to 9) from your Treo via the MV900.  It’s all a bit complex to start off with but once it’s set then quite easy and intuitive to use.

Finally there’s the issue of inbound and outbound call quality.  The inbound call quality is excellent, clear and very loud thanks to a built-in 120dB speaker.  As is the case with pretty much _all_ Bluetooth speakerphones that I have tested the outbound quality will be such that your callers will clearly know that you’re on a speakerphone (albeit this will also depend how far away you are from the unit).

Overall, the size, weight, USB charging, three operating modes, terrific command functionality and overall call quality have combined to make the MVox MV900 my new favourite Bluetooth speakerphone.

Treonauts always look for the best options

Posted by Andrew on March 17, 2006 at 01:13 PM

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by TreoBee | Apr 21, 2006 5:54:11 PM

I have a Treo 650 and Mvox MV900 and have been a happy user. The feature that I like most is the voice command-driven, hands-free dialing. It makes driving and dialing safer.

The Mvox site (www.mvox.com) has many tips on how to use the Mvox MV900. Check it out http://www.mvox.com.

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