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Arkon CM910 Treo Vehicle Mount + GPS

I just received my new Arkon CM910 Vehicle Mount Kit and naturally I immediately began comparing it to the other ones that I have.

I expected no more than a ‘mild’ improvement but to my pleasant surprise the Arkon (below left) actually proved to be ‘far’ superior.  For starters, the overall build quality is excellent and the cradle with expandable arms has some thick neopreone to comfortably cushion your Treo on its side and bottom arms.

However, the part where the Arkon Vehicle Mount Kit ($29.95) really shines is with its pedestal (below on top) which is much more robust when compared to, for example, the one that comes included in the Palm GPS Navigator Bundle for the Treo 650.

Among others, the pedestal has a much larger suction cup area for better adhesion to your windshield, the clip to lock the suction cup is also much larger and more comfortable to use, the flexible arm is more solid, it has a tightening ring with which you can adjust the angle of the cradle and finally the attachment for the cradle is much easier to to insert and remove.  The package also includes a vent mount assembly as well as a console/dash adhesive disc.

Below, both the Treo 650 and Treo 700w will fit comfortably in either cradle but even though you may not be able to tell from the pictures the Arkon on the left is nonetheless better.

Naturally, once you’ve mounted your Treo in the car you’ll undoubtedly also want to be able to power it with a car charger (from $12.95).

If you don’t currently have either a car mount or car charger for your Treo (with a combined value of some $50) and have been considering the purchase of a GPS navigation kit for your Treo 650 (see Treo GPS: My Favourite Accessory of the Year) then you should undoubtedly consider getting the Palm GPS Navigator Bundle.

With the Palm GPS Navigator Bundle ($239.95) you’re essentially getting a very good GPS unit for only $40 when you consider the value of the included software and accesories below:

However, if money is not an issue then like me you may prefer:

To either of the above I would then recommend you add the Arkon Vehicle Mount Kit and a separate Treo car charger (for a total of some $350).  You may also need a Dual Vehicle Outlet Splitter at $14.95 so as to be able to charge both your Treo and GPS unit simultaneously.

Treonauts always find the right solutions…

Posted by Andrew on March 7, 2006 at 01:55 PM

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by Patmac01234 | Mar 7, 2006 5:12:20 PM

the BEST car mount for the Treo can be found at www.proclipusa.com.

i have mine hard wire installed, and it just slides in and out with ease, and chargers the battery too. Very simple, and well made.

Check it our Treonauts

by Andrew | Mar 7, 2006 8:02:55 PM

Patmac01234 - thanks, they are indeed interesting but they are not useful if like me you plan to take your car mount when travelling as they will only fit one car brand/model.

Having said this I will definitely check them out.

Cheers, A.

by Ekauq | Mar 7, 2006 9:18:41 PM

Another alternative could be this:


There are also other methods on that site for air vent, dash mount and windshield.

And as universal as the windshield mounts can be...my dad has one for his GPS when he's on trips, but you notice the ugly rings from it on the windshield that have to be cleaned almost everytime it would be used.

Kind of annoying to me :)

by Patmac01234 | Mar 8, 2006 12:13:50 AM

Well, I only drive one car -- and found this proclip usa mount to work perfectly well for me. My phone is always charges, and I can use one hand to slide the Treo in and take it out again. Anyway -- i would suggest other Treo-lovers check it out.

by s.elements | Mar 8, 2006 1:56:44 AM

Andrew - I know this is off topic, but I'm afraid you won't see this comment otherwise: Please review ChatterEmail ASAP. Thank you.

I'm not concerned with car mounts, because I'm not currently driving. GPS is awesome though.

by Andrew | Mar 8, 2006 8:34:53 AM

s.elements - I see and read all comments posted to the blog... ;-)

ChatterEmail is on my definite list of reviews.

Cheers, A.

by Dabbith | Mar 8, 2006 9:55:36 AM

The PDA mount I use is also from Akron (CM700), but it also charges my PDA, charges my GPS, has an amplified speaker, and can even be used to connect a serial GPS to the Treo. If you like to use your GPS with your treo, this is definitely a great choice.


[Thanks Dabbith - I changed the link to point to Arkon directly. Cheers, A.]

by Andrew | Mar 8, 2006 11:27:44 AM

Dabbith - I'm glad to hear that you the Arkon CM700.

Until recently, their model CM775 for the Treo 650 was also sold in the Treonauts Shop. However, I found it so poor in quality and performance that we stopped stocking it while Arkon works at making design improvements to it. We will sell it again once their redesign is complete.

Cheers, A.

by bill | Mar 9, 2006 11:15:58 AM

do you think that the Palm GPS Navigator would work well for a hiking or boating GPS?

by JJ Beh | Jul 17, 2006 8:06:38 PM

Hi! it looks like the akron cradle pinces at the side button and maybe the bottom volume button as well? Has this been an issue? Thanks!


by Paul V | Feb 1, 2007 8:52:12 PM

Andrew, It's been almost a year since your post on the CM775. I'm interested in the Arkon CM775/776, the BT339 GPS and Mapopolis Navigator software. Have the quality improvements you discussed in your March 06 post been made to the mount? How does the performance of the Mapopolis software and GPS compare to the Palm navigator software package?

By the way, I use the Rugged Equipment leather pouch to hold my Treo 700P. It is available at the following link. It works great and provides good security. http://www.alternativewireless.com/palmone/treo-700p.html

by Robert | Mar 22, 2011 6:44:07 AM

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