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First BlackBerry Connect Treos Released

As I wrote back in February from the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, the PalmOS and Windows Mobile versions of RIM’s BlackBerry Connect for Treo have been ready for a while now but without the benefit of a launch by any US carrier.

Late last month Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan confirmed this and noted that “In partnership with RIM, we completed the core client software for Blackberry Connect on the Treo 650.  [And] Interested carriers are now in the process of certification testing.”

Considering the delays to date [attributed to RIM’s patent dispute with NTP] it is perhaps not surprising that even now the first carrier to finally have released BlackBerry Connect for a Treo is not in the US but instead in Asia where SingTel yesterday jointly with Palm announced the immediate availibility of BlackBerry Connect for the Treo 650.

According to the press release: “BlackBerry Connect for the Treo 650 smartphone enables users to benefit from many popular features of the BlackBerry "push"-based architecture via BlackBerry Enterprise Server. For corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino and works with existing enterprise systems to enable secure, push-based wireless access to email and other corporate data.”

BlackBerry Connect for the Treo 650 smartphone supports the following features:

  • "Push" Corporate Email delivers messages automatically -- and wirelessly -- to the Treo 650 smartphone's VersaMail(R) inbox.  Changes to the inbox, including read/unread status and deletion, are automatically synchronized between the user's PC and the Treo 650.
  • Wireless Calendar Synchronization keeps the Treo 650 smartphone's built-in Calendar up to date remotely, allowing users to receive, accept or decline meeting requests on the go.
  • Attachment Viewing lets users view Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents while on the road.(1)
  • Remote Address Lookup (RAL) allows users to search their corporate directory wirelessly for email addresses without the need to download every name to the Treo 650.
  • Extends the benefits of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the Treo 650, including centralized device management; IT policies, such as over-the-air device disablement and password device lock; and Triple DES encryption, supporting end-to-end security.

Interestingly, even though many other ‘push’ email solutions aside from RIM’s BlackBerry are entering the competitive field, a Standard & Poor’s Equity Research analyst promptly upgraded shares of Palm from “hold” to “buy” stating that “We have long believed that a push e-mail service was key to broader adoption of the Treo” adding also that “Palm has become more flexible in opening up its Treo platform, first with Microsoft Windows Mobile and now with BlackBerry.”

Evidently what I and most Treonauts would really like to know now is when Verizon, Sprint and Cingular plan to finally release their own versions…

SingTel is World's First Carrier to Offer BlackBerry Connect for Palm Treo 650 Smartphone [Palm Press Release]
Blackberry Available On Palm Treo For First Time [Forbes.com]

Treonauts always want instant connections

Posted by Andrew on April 13, 2006 at 09:55 AM

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by Felipe | Apr 13, 2006 11:31:46 AM

I have an unbranded unlocked 650, where/when can I get this update?

Or can I just forget about it ever being available for my device?

Someone posted on treocentral, that cingular told him they wouldnt be doing this update because the next treo will have it. for what that is worth.

by Christopher | Apr 13, 2006 11:35:58 AM

It totally is disadvantageous that you have to have your computer connected at all times in order for your emails to be instantly forwarded to your Treo 650. That makes no sense for Mac users and it makes little sense to anyone wishing not to send their electricity bills through the roof. Moreover, your entire connection to email is hinged on the fact that no one/no force shuts down that computer. If someone/something were to bring it down, or if your computer lost tcp/ip connection, that would leave your Treo 650 once again in the dark.

Not very useful...

It has to be fully 'push' compliant, meaning autonomous, for it to be good.

by Andrew | Apr 13, 2006 4:34:46 PM

Christopher - you don't need to have your PC turned to use BB Connect. It synchs with MS Exchange Server not your PC.

Cheers, A.

by s.elements | Apr 14, 2006 2:24:23 AM

I'm curious about BB Connect, but can't stand the thought of having to go back to Versfail...

by edwardo | Apr 15, 2006 10:27:51 AM

Hey all this push stuff sounds great but what about the mac user with no corporate server. just a plain old pop 3 mail accont. no imap using snappermail. And if you use palm desktop software how is that supposed to sync wirelessly? just curious. great site andrew!

by Felipe | Apr 17, 2006 3:44:51 PM


if all you are using is POP3, you may still be able to get push if your carrier offers it.

The way it works with a regular blackberry, is that the carrier has blackberry connect web, where you punch it your email server data and it (the web site) will check your server every 20 minutes and send any new email.

It isnt as quick, put it is push.

This wont help with getting your palm desktop synced wirelessly, but neither would having a blackberry enterprise server (bes). Since BES hooks into your corporate email system (exchange, notes, gw), one would assume you would be using those systems to hold your calander.

by Ken | Apr 20, 2006 2:05:56 PM

Im also curious when the US vendors are going to release BlackBerry Connect? Also, when it will be availiable for GroupWise mail servers? I've tried calling the verdors myself and I keep getting the run-a-round. Perhaps you guys at Treonauts will have better luck getting the info.

by Chris Taylor | Apr 25, 2006 9:36:16 AM

You can download the SingTel version for free from Palm Singapore's website (with your Treo serial #), and try it with a US carrier. A few dozen people have tried it across North America, check treocentral.com forums and blackberryforums.com.

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