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The $175,000 Police Supercar Snapshot...

It seems that I am more than lucky stumbling upon exotic cars lately… 

After the $440K silver Porsche Carrera GT and the $450K black SLR McLaren it’s now the turn of a bright yellow $175K Lamborghini Gallardo “Police Edition” which is currently on display at their showroom in London and which I naturally snapped with my Treo 650…

I have no idea whether this model is ‘for real’ or just for show but I can imagine that there might be some situations where London’s Metropolitan Police can find a use for a four wheel drive, aluminium frame, 520bhp, 196mph, 0–60 in 4.0 seconds supercar such as the Gallardo to catch some baddies…


I certainly wouldn’t mind being chased or even pulled over by one of these cars – I would undoubtedly be more than cooperative…

UPDATE: I finally discovered that this car was not quite a joke after all…  It appears to be a genuine police car for the start of the Gumball3000 race that started out of London yesterday and which will finish in Los Angeles in 8 days…  You can see this Gallardo among the many other supercars on flickr. [Thanks for the tip Shiro]

Treonauts always look for something unusual

Posted by Andrew on April 30, 2006 at 08:55 AM

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by Evan | May 1, 2006 3:12:22 AM

Hell yeah I loved to have that car.

by mmr | May 1, 2006 7:56:51 AM

Lambo donated several Gallardos to the police force to assist with emergency organ transport as well as taking down speeders. Yellow that is not though, its orange.

by s.elements | May 1, 2006 8:30:20 AM

I'm beginning to think this is a site about exotic cars, rather than Treos...

by Dzuy Nguyen | May 1, 2006 8:55:56 AM

Can we please limit the number of exotic car postings? There are plenty of those on the net already...


by Esquire | May 1, 2006 12:28:42 PM

I love the car pics, keep'em coming.

by Hugo | May 1, 2006 12:45:53 PM

More cars please! How about shots from the passenger seat?

by s.elements | May 1, 2006 2:32:08 PM

You guys should probably start frequenting other sites then...

This is TREOnauts...not Carnauts(although the latter IS kinda fun to say:-P).

by Roberto | May 1, 2006 4:01:33 PM

In Italy the police has 2 Lamborghini Gallardo. One is always used on highway A3 (Salerno-Reggio Calabria), the other is used in north/center. I saw one only one time.


by duane | May 2, 2006 11:52:42 AM

Was that police car painted by the Partridge Family? Definately not for an undercover/unmarked police assignment.

by robbie | Mar 13, 2007 9:10:48 AM

nice cop car

by Kitty91 | Sep 3, 2008 8:42:23 AM

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by chris | Oct 26, 2009 3:22:51 AM

I have had both the f430 and the gallardo and i can honestly tell you, the f430 is in a league of its own

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