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Treo 700p on Verizon Soon?

This week is proving to be rather glorious insofar as leaks of future and next-generation Treo smartphones is concerned…

Following the first images barely a couple of days ago of the anxiously anticipated Treo ‘Hollywood’ (that some quarters claim will either never see the light of day or only ever run WM5 – both of which statements I disagree with) we now have pictures below of what purports to be a Verizon Treo 700p (running PalmOS)…

Aside from the fact that all of the leak-ers appear to have gone to the same ‘How to shoot blurry photographs’ school what is most significant about these pictures is that they validate the assumption that we have that Palm will continue to release next generation models running PalmOS and that carriers such as Verizon will promote them.


Also, considering that an announcement of the Treo 700p with Sprint is expected by May 15 the timing of this leak becomes even more interesting as it may be designed to reduce the number of Treonauts switching from Verizon to Sprint in order to get their hands on the first 3G Treo 700p on the market…  There is as of yet absolutely no indication as to when Verizon might release its own but a guess is probably not before the end of the year.



Although I am extremely happy to see both Sprint and Verizon coming out with PalmOS Treo 700p’s I am personally anxiously waiting for the first Unlocked GSM Treo 700p or ‘Hollywood p’ to be released.  I have no doubt that we’ll find out very soon what the future has in store for us…

[Thank you Perry and Jimmie for the tip and Brosen for the actual pictures.]

I’m holding a 700p [Treocentral Forums]

Treonauts always see the future first

Posted by Andrew on April 21, 2006 at 10:04 AM

Treo 700p

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by George Muenz | Apr 21, 2006 12:57:45 PM

I guess this means that here in Canada we can expect to get something in late 2007, sigh!

by opihi picker | Apr 21, 2006 3:06:31 PM

wow check this out, someone leaked the new treo 700xp running a full windows xp! it must be authentic because look at how blurry the picture is


by Antoine | Apr 21, 2006 4:01:22 PM

Just noticed something in your largest pic, the OK and Windows Buttons are discernable. This is a hoax.

by Andrew | Apr 21, 2006 4:08:15 PM

opihi - LOL...

Antoine - thanks, that would not surprise me one bit...

Cheers, A.

by GUest | Apr 21, 2006 5:46:04 PM

Sorry this is definitely off topic.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a stand-alone voicemail application for our Treo 650. This would replace the monthly voicemail fee to the carriers.


by Guest | Apr 21, 2006 6:01:07 PM

Note the different colors of the Hotsync icon--it's different (blue, red & yellow) versus the current (blue & red). I wonder what this means!? I think this is the real thing; no hoax here. I can't wait tho get my hands on it!

by Jamie Dolan | Apr 23, 2006 2:21:52 PM

700W or 700P GSM

Is there a GSM model of either the 700W or the 700P available or one that is becomming available that you know of? Thanks.

by Jeff D | Apr 23, 2006 2:35:30 PM

Someone beat me to it. Windows button can still be made out, this is a hoax.

by unknown treo insider | Apr 23, 2006 4:11:03 PM

Not a hoax.

Treo 700P is scheduled for May release on Sprint and June/July for Verizon unless there are any technical setbacks.

GSM around Oct, nov. :(

by Jim | Apr 25, 2006 12:02:08 PM

700p for the UK?

I'm looking to upgrade my crappy Windows Smartphone and want to return to the Palm utopia (I miss my Palm V and T2) but I live in the UK, what do you think the chances of the 700p coming out over here this side of 2007? How long has it taken things to come over the pond in the past?

by Rollo M. | May 5, 2006 9:30:44 AM

Product cycles of Palm are way too slow. If gsm takes till October this is likely to be the end of my Palm story :-(. I've been waiting a year or so now for a replacement of my Treo 600 of which the sound quality is getting worse from month to month. The improvements of the 650 are way too small to switch. And even the 650 has become outdated in the meantime compared to other smartphones. Ok, if Palm do not want to earn my European money...

by TWO515TY | May 8, 2006 2:09:54 PM

More than likely, somone took a screenshot from PalmOS (from a Treo 650 possibly), then displayed it in fullscreen on a Treo 700w. Why would a Palm OS based Treo have WM5 soft keys, a windows start button, and an ok button? If the 700p is coming out for verizon, it's certainly not the one pictured here.....

by Jaime | May 16, 2006 1:23:55 PM

Does the 700P support direct push?

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