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Horizontal Treo Pouch Cases Review

As I wrote in my “Top Treo Cases” post, the most popular category of Treo cases in our Treo Accessory Shop after holsters are pouch cases and since so many new models have been added in recent months I thought that this might be a good opportunity for a roundup of the top 10 bestselling horizontal models (listed below in order of popularity).


1. Smartphone Experts P6 Pouch Case

A combination of price, quality and usability have made the P6 pouch case one of the top 3 bestselling cases for any Treo model.  It’s large and strong front magnetic flap is among its top features but at this price don’t expect top quality leather.

2. Palm Leather Side Case

Palm has recently upgraded the design of its side case and the quality and usability have both improved significantly.  A nice touch is that the inside of the case is lined with a light grey/beige leather but the paddind is a bit too thick for my taste.

3. Prima Lateral Pouch Case

I have unfortunately not yet received a sample of this case but it has rapidly jumped to the #3 position so it is evidently attractive to Treonauts.  It is one of only two horizontal pouch cases to sport a removable belt clip.

4. Milante Fit Case

As you might have noted from my rating above I have been extremely impressed by both the overall build quality and design of Milante’s Fit case.  I also particularly liked it’s very thin profile and high tacticle qualities.  Unfortunately, this model has a magnetic button closure instead of a magnetic flap which simply does not work very well.  I hope that a future model will upgrade this.

5. E&B Company Copilot Case

While the E&B Copilot benefits from a high quality leather construction it nevertheless fails on both the design and usability front with the lack of a belt clip and also a magnetic button closure instead of a magnetic flap.

6. Covertec Horizontal Case

There is no doubt that both the build quality and design of the Covertec Horizontal case are extremely good and until recently this was my favourite horizontal case.  However a relatively thick profile and the lack of a magnetic flap now let it down.

7. Naztech Ultima H5

The solid, slim and well built Ultima H5 could be among the tops in this category but the shiny leather unfortunately looks quite cheap.  I particularly like its slim profile rotating belt clip though.

8. Naztech Boa and Safari H5

If you’re looking for a case to match your cowboy boots and hat then you’ll undoubtedly be delighted with the Boa H5 case which like its cousin the Ultima H5 is solid, slim and well built with the added benefit of a strong magnetic flap.  Alternatively the brown suede Safari H5 will fit your style in the desert, field or mountain.

9. Sena Cases Lateral Pouch

The robust and thickly padded Sena Lateral pouch (available in black, red and brown) will be perfect for those looking to provide their Treo with complete protection.  It’s strong front magnetic flap also makes it easier to insert and remove your smartphone.  However, I found the belt clip to be too small and tight and the lack of an ‘all leather’ construction makes its price a little steep.

10. Krusell Horizontic Platinum

By far the most ‘executive’ looking horizontal pouch case, the Krusell Horizontic Platinum is built with the finest quality leather – black on the outside and lined in beige inside.  However, non-Treo side cutouts reduce its appeal while its magnetic button closure is also less practical than a magnetic flap.  Additionally, it is also the most expensive case in this lineup.

As I’ve mentioned a number of times I have a strong preference in using a holster for my Treo which I find extremely practical and easy to use when making calls regularly throughout the day.  However, holsters are not exactly ‘grand’ looking with their plastic body and thus a somewhat more attractive leather pouch case will prove to be more desirable for many.

There is no ‘clear winner’ for me in this particular horizontal pouch case category but taking a pragmatic view there is no doubt that the Smartphone Experts P6 Pouch Case is terrific value.  I would also very much like to see an updated version of the Milante Fit Case with a magnetic flap soon though.

Treonauts always look at things from all angles

Posted by Andrew on May 1, 2006 at 02:51 PM

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by Doug | May 1, 2006 6:05:42 PM

The Covertec _has_ a Magnetic Clip.

by Andrew | May 1, 2006 7:05:21 PM

Doug - a magnetic 'clip' yes. A magnetic 'flap' no...

Cheers, A.

by Ian | May 1, 2006 7:58:34 PM

I must say I disagree with the rating for the E&B case. I have tried a few of the other pouches before, and anything with a plastic clip is off my list - they just break too easily. I cracked a TungstenT3 screen when one of these clips broke, and I've put dents in my Treo650 as well.

No, I like the sturdy and low profile nature of the belt loop.

As to usability, I can't see what is wrong with the flap and clip - I can whip out my Treo faster than a gunslinger, and put it away just as quickly! ;-) And I have not had to worry about it flipping open when I am running for a train or such.

I'd personally give it a 9/10. The only thing I'd like to see is a version made slightly bigger to allow for a skin like the Speck Grip skin or ToughSkin.

by Brock Tice | May 1, 2006 10:41:59 PM

I love my P6. The clip is snug, it feels well-made, and the magnetic latch closes with a satisfying snap. Before that I used a sedio holster -- it killed my Treo 600. The vertical position was impractical and horizontally it was very prone to being snapped out of the holster as I walked past doorways, radiators, whatever. It gave me an excuse to upgrade to a 650 but I was hoping at the time to wait for the next palm OS model, and couldn't make it.

by Blake | May 2, 2006 2:26:13 AM

Hey I was just bringing up an old subject about the Treo 700P. Is Sprint or Palm supposed to announce it May 15?

by David | May 2, 2006 10:44:25 AM

Think you should mention that smartphone experts runs your online store?

by Ron LaPedis | May 2, 2006 10:46:03 AM

How come you never review the excellent leather case from Teski? Hard leather protects the phone, snap closure helps prevent the Treo from falling out of the case, and the non-removable spring-loaded plastic clip goes AROUND your belt to make it harder to snatch and run (and it doesn't poke you in the side like the bottom edge of metal clips do).


by Tom R. | May 4, 2006 1:34:14 AM

I agree with Andrew. The E&B case was unfairly underrated.
I too have tried several cases/pouches and found the only one that will hold my Treo secure without question was the E&B Co-pilot. You can run, play golf, climb in and out of small cars, and just plain be active without worrying about your small investment hitting the pavement.
The very soft and strong belt LOOP is now the only way I will transport my baby.

by Gary Kephart | May 9, 2006 3:44:36 AM

Hey, you might want to add this to your tests: does it work well for us lefties?

by Russell | May 9, 2006 2:55:31 PM

I'm happy to see some others that think the way I do... with such a pricy device, belt loops are the only way to go. I have a case very similar to #10 which was only $5 (yes, five dollars) on the streets of New York.

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