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World Cup 2006 Soccer Fever On Your Treo

In less than two weeks one of the most anticipated sports events of the year will begin.  You guessed it, I am referring to the FIFA World Cup 2006 which will pitch 32 nations (including the US) against each other playing soccer (‘football’ depending on where you are…).

As was to be expected a few smart developers have released applications for your Treo to help you track all of the scores and relevant news.

After reviewing a few I settled on one which is available for free thanks to Palm’s sponsorship called Football 2006 that provides a wealth of information in five main categories.


The first ‘Scores’ section lists all 8 groups (from A to H) of four countries (with their respective flags) that will be initially competing to make it to the ‘Round of 16’.  Each group opens to an individual score screen that you can update wirelessly by selecting ‘Get Wireless Scores’ in the menu without the need to manually input these yourself.


The second ‘Stadiums’ section provides in-depth data on all of the cities that will host the games across Germany – including dates, statium size and location, directions and city tourist information.  The third ‘Matches’ section provides a calendar that highlights which countries will play on any particular date – starting on June 9 and ending July 9.


The ‘Groups’ section offers a quick two screens listing all eight groups with their respective flags while the last ‘Teams’ section has more detailed country by country data with initial game dates (for example USA on June 12, 17 and 22) and team players.

Given that Football 2006 is free it’s dificult to fault this application and the wireless update capabilities for the scores is particularly useful to keep track of the overall World Cup if you’re not planning to stay glued to a TV set watching every single game.

Treonauts always keep track of the scores

Posted by Andrew on May 29, 2006 at 03:09 PM

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by Sherrelle | Jun 10, 2006 9:44:56 AM

I am new to Treonauts...a new Treo user. I spent a few hours looking for a case and I settled on the Sena Leather Skin Case with the belt clip (trying to go for style & function...it was between that and the other skinned cases, but I didn't like the colors). It has not been delivered yet, but really I hate belt clips. Mainly because when I don't have it on my hip and in my purse or on the table--I only wear it on my hip if I am in loud places or in the park with my kids--I hate the bump on the back of the case; it doesn't lay flat and it feels weird in my hand. My question: does the Seidio Skinned Sheild Holster work with the Sena Leather Skin Case (if I were to exchange the belt clip model for the non-belt clip one)? Also, does this leather skinned model protect like the other skinned models?

by Alex Njinju | Jul 11, 2006 3:16:07 AM

I donwloaded the application just after the start of the tournament and I must say that it was just the best. I wonder if the authors could consider writing a similar one to track scores for major football leagues like the English and Spanish premier leagues.

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