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Yes! Treo 700p Sales Start Today!!!

Palm today has started selling the new Treo 700p for use on both the Sprint and Verizon Wireless networks (who has also begun taking orders directly).

As anticipated the Treo 700p smartphone orders with Sprint service will ship within 1 week – in line with the previously expected May 29 release date – while the Treo 700p smartphone orders with Verizon Wireless service will ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

Prices start as low as $399 for people seeking a new mobile phone plan and $619 to $649 for those wishing to keep their existing mobile phone plan with either Sprint or Verizon Wireless.

Spint’s lowest priced ‘Fair and Flexible’ price plan which includes the essential ‘unlimited data’ to make the most of the Treo 700p’s high-speed wireless data capabilities is $44.99 with 200 voice minutes and rises to $114.99 with 2000 voice minutes.  The price of the Sprint Treo 700p meanwhile is $399 after $100 instant rebate and $150 service credit with a two year agreement.

Sprint’s plan also includes:

  • Variable month pricing based on the number of minutes you actually use
  • Free long distance and nationwide roaming on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network
  • Unlimited night and weekend minutes beginning at 7 pm (or 6 pm for $10/month)

Furthermore, Sprint also offers various pricing options for its ‘Sprint Power Vision Network’ which includes Sprint TV, streaming Live News Channel, streaming radio channel with Sirius Hits for $15 per month.  For an additional $5 you can also include unlimited Picture and Video Mail and for yet another $5 you can add even more TV channels.

Verizon’s lowest priced ‘PDA/Smartphone Voice & Data Choice Bundles’ plan which also includes ‘unlimited data’ (a must with the Treo 700p) starts at $79.99 for 450 voice minutes and rises to $169.99 per month with 4000 minutes.  The price of the Verizon Wireless Treo 700p is also $399 with a two year agreement and the included unlimited data plan.

Verizon’s PDA/Smartphone plan also includes:

  • Unlimited IN Calling—call any Verizon Wireless customer anywhere, anytime, without using any of your minutes
  • Unlimited night and weekend minutes
  • Unlimited data usage (see which regions offer BroadbandAccess)

Verizon also offers another plan called ‘America’s Choice National Plans’ but I would personally not bother with this one as the first offers much better value with its included unlimited data (priced on its own at $49.99).  Also, Verizon Wireless price for existing customers is actually $499 with two year contract whether new or extending.  So if you're planning on going with Verizon and don't already have a contract, you're better off buying direct from Palm for the "$399 with new contract" price. [Thanks Tina]

Congratulations to all the lucky Treonauts who are currently on either Sprint or Verizon Wireless (or thinking of switching) who will be the very first (Cingular’s version is expected late in Q3) to taste the beauty of the Treo 700p’s high speed wireless connectivity as well as the many other benefits that it offers to those upgrading from the Treo 650.  Mine is already on the way and I’m happy as a bunny…

[Updates] Palm is also offering a free 1GB SD memory card (valued at $99.99) to all existing Treonauts upgrading to the Treo 700p valid until June 11.  Also, please note that the Treonauts Shop now includes all Treo 700p accessories – just ‘Select Your Treo’ in the top left pull-down menu.  Finally, to celebrate the arrival of the Treo 700p I have created a 20% Off Coupon valid until May 31 across all applications in the Treonauts Software Store.  Simply enter the promotion code TOP100 in your cart.

Treonauts are always in a cheerful mood

Posted by Andrew on May 22, 2006 at 11:22 AM

Treo 700p

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by JJ | May 26, 2006 8:05:18 PM

Alan above, if you look over at treo central dozens of user have the treo 700p from sprint stores several of which began selling them today. the stores have them.

by CStacy | May 27, 2006 8:03:47 PM

I read somewhere that using the 700p as a digital modem on Verizon doesn't work with a Macintosh: instead of broadband speed, you get a trickle. The problem was said to be in the Palm Bluetooth stack.

Has anyone tried this yet?

by RichC | May 28, 2006 12:30:23 PM

I'm now a Treonaut! It was a big move to give up my Samsung i500 Palm phone but after waiting ... and waiting ... for 700p to show up I picked up the first one at my Sprint store on Friday. Its nice but is going to take some getting use to. Thanks to Andrew and the folks here, I feel like I've made an educated purchase .... now for some new software, a bluetooth headset and some kind of 'skin.' (anything fitted for the 700p yet??)

BTW ... posted the first photo from it with comments on my blog: http://blog.myarchive.us

by John Henry | May 28, 2006 9:47:37 PM

Please pass this petition around, it is asking palm to support SDIO WiFi cards on the Treos:


by CStacy | May 30, 2006 12:12:23 AM

This website is not working correctly -- I did not post the blog entry attributed to me above. I posted the one attributed to "JJ", asking if the modem feature worked or not. I don't know who wrote the "I'm now a Treonaut!" entry. Maybe that was JJ?


by Patlin | May 30, 2006 8:50:10 AM

The names are associated with the comments *above* them.

by Patrick | May 30, 2006 10:49:43 AM

Sprint 700 has mobileTV - is there any software we can buy to add mobile TV to Verizon phones? Any input into this question would be helpful.

by Sue | Jun 9, 2006 7:26:44 AM

Question for the person who switched from i500 - worth the switch? I'm anxiously waiting for 700p to arrive but nervous about size/phone dialing. Would love the more memory, speed, etc. Size phone is the only thing that concerns me. Thoughts?

by golf | Nov 19, 2006 2:12:03 PM

Hi,I am writing this from Dubai

Last week I visited in Italy and bought a new Palm Treo 750v with an Italian operating system (Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0).

I want to convert the O/S to English instead of Italian.

Note: This Palm Model (Treo 750v) is not sold yet in Dubai.

Can you help us (If it is possible) to convert the O/S from Italian to English ?

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