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Hours of Fun with the New & Improved Tetris

Among the top end of the ‘10 Must Have Games’ for your Treo sits Tetris – a game which has now become even better thanks to a recent v2.0 update that delivers significantly improved high resolution graphics, excellent sounds and overall gameplay.


Considering that Tetris is one of the most ubiquitous electronic games around I think that it’s safe to assume that I don’t need to explain how it is played…  I can however tell you that this version offers four play modes: Marathon, 40 Lines, Ultra 2min and Ultra 3min.

The objective of the first one is scoring highest, the second is to complete 40 lines as quickly as possible and the last two are perfect if you’re the ‘addictive’ player type who wants to ensure that he’s not glued to the game for hours on end (something which can happen all too easily).  Additionally, you also have the option to start any one of the four play modes at ‘Starting Level’ from 1 to 15.


Something which I had not previously seen is an option (set to ‘On’ by default) to see a ‘ghost’ image a Tetris block (called Tetrimino) as it falls down and you move and rotate it – it’s a bit of cheating really but nonetheless very useful for beginners…  In terms of controls the entire game can very easily be played with only the 5Way buttons – Left/Right to move horizontally, Center to rotate and Down to accelerate the descent.


With the old version of Tetris for our Treo clearly showing its age I am absolutely delighted that this update keeps true to the original while making so many improvements.  There is no doubt that it gets top marks in my book and I have therefore added it to my Top 100 Treo Software list (where I have also extended our 20% Off coupon offer).

Treonauts are always at the very top

Posted by Andrew on June 9, 2006 at 02:09 PM

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by Wendi Wells | Jun 13, 2006 4:01:22 PM

Hi, please tell me I can get Tetris for my new Treo 700w.

I am very new to Treo. It's my very first camera phone and my very first PDA. I have had it for less than a month, and even though I can't get it to sync (at all) with my computer, I love it. (I'm sure I will figure out the error message I am getting when I finally have time to get on the phone with Palm tech support.)

Am I the only female using one, though??

Also, this is a great forum. I have learned a lot by reading all the posts. Thanks for keeping it so up to date, and having new things to read almost everyday.

by Rainer | Jun 14, 2006 11:53:19 AM

Hi Wendi,

I read your "help" request in the case comments ssection. Thus, I thought I should quickly check this out for you.

It seems to be the case that there is a Tetris version for your 700w.

Please check the following link


Kind regards,

by Wendi Wells | Jun 14, 2006 1:16:06 PM

SWEET! Thank you so very much for the link, Rainer. It is truly appreciated.

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