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Treo Case | Cellet Elite Treo Holster Review

Until now my favourite Treo holster (and undisputed bestselling Treo case in our Treo Accessory Shop) has been the Seidio Shield Holster.  However that was before having had the opportunity to experience the superb new Cellet “Elite” RH7 Rubberized Treo Holster.

What distinguishes the Cellet “Elite” Treo holster is its meticulous design attention to every detail which delivers one of the smartest new accessories for our Treo in quite some time.  The Elite Treo holster is constructed with PC grade plastic and then coated with smooth black rubber (exactly the same as that used by Palm on the Black Tie Edition Treo 650) to ensure that your Treo will not scratch and also to provide a much more refined look.

A closer inspection of the Cellet Elite Treo holster also reveals four other innovative design elements.  For starters, instead of the tipical large top ‘lip’ which holds your Treo into place the Elite holster ingeniously distinguishes itself with the introduction of a new system that uses the tiny groove next to your SD card to securely clip your Treo (image above left) – however please note that with your Treo 700 you will need to press it against the holster until you hear a ‘click’ indicating that the clip has latched to the groove.  The second design innovation is the fact that the Elite holster has been form-moulded with the exact front shape of the Treo to provide a perfect fit throughout (image above right) with the added benefit that the mould around the antenna is designed to prevent your SD card from accidentally ejecting by covering a corner of it.

Next is the important design, high quality and low profile of the swivel clip (image above left) which on the one hand rotates 180 degrees to allow your Treo to be worn either vertically or horizontally (images below) and on the other is also covered in rubber so as not to scratch your belt.  Finally, the lower holding portion of the Elite holster (image above right) provides both easy access for charging and synching and is designed to ensure that your Treo will not fall out once you have released the top latch (the only drawback from this is unfortunately that it impedes the use of corded headsets and hybrid headsets which is a real shame considering the otherwise phenomenal amount of smart design effort that has evidently been put in).

Leaving aside my disappointment regarding the corded headset issue (which I hope will be resolved in a future version), overall the Cellet “Elite” RH7 Rubberized Treo Holster is impressive and I am particularly delighted to see this much attention to detail and innovation (so often lacking elsewhere) for a Treo accessory.  Considering that the Cellet Elite costs the same as competing holsters there is no doubt in my mind which one I will choose – it’s an absolutely terrific holster which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Treonauts are always looking for innovators

Posted by Andrew on July 25, 2006 at 09:44 AM

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by Juts | Sep 2, 2006 11:21:08 AM

I bought the Verizon version a couple of weeks ago which, from the pictures, is the exact same thing. I'm on my second one and about to be on my third. While I like the overall design and functionality of the holster, the tiny little tab piece that locks in place broke off twice. The good news is that I can just take it back and get a new one for a year. My co-worker has the exact same problem. Verdict: cheap plastic design, good functionality.

by David Star | Sep 4, 2006 8:20:25 AM

BEWARE - THIS CASE DAMAGED THE BODY OF MY TREO. The small rubberized plastic piece whose job it to retain your phone in the case was strong enough to snap off a small piece of plastic from the Treo (on the ridge by the SD card right in from of the 'silece' icon). Then, the cheap little plastic piece that's part of the case broke too. Not only is the case ruined, but I can never use this case again for this phone b/c there is nothing for the case to latch on to!

by Aaron Krizik | Sep 12, 2006 3:44:55 PM

Initially this unit was excellent, but I must reiterate Mr. Wilson's experience with the latching mechanism on this holster. It is a small, feeble little plastic nub that clearly was not tested for continuous use. It wore out or broke after 2 weeks of (above average or heavy) use and now my Treo will not remain secure. Stay away from this product (I have the Verizon version), unless you don't mind purchasing a new one every month.

by Ed Jerum | Sep 23, 2006 4:30:46 AM

Used the Cellet for a week. Slightest bump and phone dropped out. Returned.

by Ken | Oct 5, 2006 12:39:43 PM

For a first time Treo user at the Verizon store, I decided to buy this very same holster except it was Verizon branded.

Maybe I don't use my holster enough but so far, it works fine. I don't wear mine on my belt which is probably why it hasn't broken yet, also I don't wear it on my belt after hearing all the horror stories how they have popped out. But for in my pocket or attached on the inside of my bag, it's not bad.

For $20, it's not the end of the world and is world's better than anything else I saw at the Verizon store.

by ckelly33 | Oct 7, 2006 4:32:34 PM

Although I haven't tried this one, I haven't found anything better than the original Seidio holster. As everyone knows, the problem with that particular holster is than it scratches the paint off your Treo.

The big plus to this one is that it does not. Seidio now claims to have a second generation hloster with a spring-loaded clip. Has anyone (Andrew?)tried it? How does it compare to this unit?


by Fred | Oct 12, 2006 5:16:38 PM

I bought this case based on the review by this site and not the user comments. I wish I had read these user comments before because I have had many of the same problems.

I love the feel of the rubberized case and I seems to fit the treo very well. HOWEVER, if anything bumps the tab the treo will drop to the ground. Which has happened 3 times--the last time the screen went blank and I needed to change the phone (the one thing my company did well--replaced it with no money out of my pocket). It also digs in my side and is uncomfortable.

by fondoo | Oct 22, 2006 1:59:04 PM

i've had the cellet holster for about 2 month now and i've had issues where it's been falling out of the holster and landing on the floor. the slightest bump releases the treo from the holster. also, heavy use of the holster will leave a tiny dent on the top of the treo and resulting in paint chip. i stopped using the cellet holster, afraid the one day i'll loose my treo phone.

by Frank deBros | Nov 13, 2006 1:54:37 PM

I have had the same problem that several people have mentioned here: after about three weeks of using the holster, the plastic of my Treo700 has been worn off right where the clip holds on to the Treo. From what I can tell, it's because the 700 doesn't fit the case perfectly (my old 650 does, but I bought this when I replaced the 650 from falling out of my Seidio holster too many times). I love holsters, I think they are the best way to clip a cellphone onto your belt, but I have yet to find one for the Treo that doesn't start dropping it on the ground after a while. I now have some pretty garish dents and scrapes on my relatively new Treo700p, which doesn't make me happy. I don't know how it would fare on a Treo650, but for a Treo700, it doesn't fit well enough, and Cellet should really look into making a custom version. As far as the plastic poking into my side, I solved that problem by rotating the clip upside down. The hook grabs onto my belt to keep it from falling off, and no more poking.

I really wish someone would make a holster on par with Blackberry or Nextel phones. I've had both, and the holster really is the only thing I miss, but I sure do miss it a lot.

by Eric S Harrison | Nov 20, 2006 3:14:47 AM

Well,... I won't get this one. So,... where to now!?!?!?

by dm | Nov 20, 2006 7:52:08 PM

I've had two of these. The fit is great and the ease of use is outstanding. My problem is the clips break when any amount of pressure is applied...for instance getting out of the car and getting hung up on the seat belt. They break easily so be prepared to get a new one every couple of months. Kind of like a "subscription plan".

by KK | May 18, 2007 2:24:08 AM

I am user in Thailand,..So I would like to have it?

It there available now?

by Athan | Mar 28, 2008 1:10:23 PM

Great design, horrible execution, the clip breaks far too easily, went through two before switching to a helix, which lasted a bit longer but also broke at the clip. It broke just sitting down. If the angle is just right, it takes very little to break these, just look at the way the clip is attached at the spring, hardly a centimeter of plastic surrounding the wire spring.
Does anyone know of a holster that doesn't break like this????

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