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Samsung WEP200: One Really Tiny BT Headset

I had been told that the new Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth headset was ‘tiny’ but I nonetheless still managed to be completely surprised by just how small it actually was (measuring a mere 40mm long and 17mm wide) when I opened the packaging.  Alongside the Jabra JX10 (still my preferred BT headset) which measures 37mm by 20mm the Samsung WEP200 stands out as one of the top 5 smallest and lighest (a mere 9gm) BT headsets on the market today.

Aside from very good inbound and outbound sound quality (including tests in extremely loud environments) the Samsung WEP200 distinguishes itself with a few unique innovations.  For starters, the ear hook (provided in S, M and L sizes) offers an ingenious new design (image above left) consisting of one circle and a semi-circle rubber band to ensure better grip in your ear (a simple variation on the hook of the Bluespoon AX headset which works surprisingly well).

Additionally, the Samsung WEP200 headset includes a charging/carrying case (images above).  Using it as a carrying case is extremely useful to protect your headset (I am still annoyed that nearly all manufacturers fail to include one) but I have to admit that the combination of the (large) charger and charging case as the only means to provide power to the headset is a big minus for me (why doesn’t everyone just standardize around USB?).

Above, the small Samsung WEP200 pictured in the middle alongside my four other top BT headsets the Jabra JX10 (nearly perfect all around), Palm Wireless Headset (good and cheap but not light), Plantronics Discovery 645 (innovative, light and comfortable) and Motorola H700 (only headset that switches off when not in use).  Below is a comparative chart of all these top 5 Bluetooth headsets.


Overall, the new Samsung WEP200 is an extremely good, comfortable, small and light BT headset.  Having said all this, my undisputed favourite BT Headset remains the Jabra JX10 but any Treonaut looking for the tiniest of headsets at a slightly lower cost should look more closely at the Samsung WEP200.

Treoanauts are always for the best, smallest and lightest options…

Posted by Andrew on July 27, 2006 at 01:24 PM

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by Jerry Ballard | Jul 27, 2006 2:17:59 PM

Just thought I would pass on a nice addition to the 700w. I got one of your
Seidio 2-in-1 Hybrid Adapter for Treo, and started my research. I tried the ety's and the westone but could not get the bass I wanted, then I tried the ultimate ears 5eb. It is amazing how they block out outside noise, and the bass is great. The other earphones sounded fine when powered by a stereo but not by the treo. The 5eb's sounded just they way I wanted with the treo 700w! The music downloads sound awesome!

by Jerry Ballard | Jul 27, 2006 2:20:55 PM

Ops, guess I put this in the wrong place.

by RichC | Jul 27, 2006 4:28:37 PM

I'm still very disappointed in the microphone sensitivity of the Jabra JX10. I've gone around and around with Jabra in trying to see if this is unique to my headset (send me a new one) or if it is a tweakable item. In comparison to the Motorola ___ it picks up every background noise from a mouse sneeze at 30 paces to a muttered voice of irritation. Sort of good for a quiet environment but terrible when driving in a car or working in an office enviroment. Anyone else noticing this?

by Glenn | Jul 27, 2006 4:50:23 PM

How about a pic next to a quarter for comparison? Thanks!

by jakekelly | Jul 27, 2006 9:15:36 PM

When will you review STEREO bluetooth headphones? (if ever)


by Brian | Jul 28, 2006 12:48:32 PM

Are all 5 headsets mentioned in the July 28 post 100% compatible with the Treo 700P? I've noticed several general complaints about the bluetooth connections using a 700P. I have a 700P and I am about to buy a headset.


by Ben | Jul 28, 2006 3:12:47 PM

I think all blue tooth headset are super sensitive. Even the 640 is like that too. You don't have Volume Care do you? It has a MIC sensitivity in there. You might wanna turn that down a bit if it's too loud.

by Agento | Mar 14, 2007 12:54:52 PM

I own the plantronics 640 and had used it with my Treo 650 (loved it), however when I upgraded to the 700p it wouldn't stay connected. I would make a call, worked great, then poof...it disconnected. Tried to get it to work for months, to no avail. Decided to go with the Jabra JX10 as is was recommended on this site. Long story short, I hate it. Uncomfortable and very poor sound quality. I'm starting to think that there are few if any good BT headsets out there (I've owned 4 now in less than a year, and excluding the Plantronics I think they are pretty much sucked). If anyone has had good luck with a certain brand and model for the 700p, please let me know. Don't worry I won't blame you if it doesn't work good, I'm starting to get used to it.

by Spann | Feb 16, 2008 1:20:12 PM

Did they pay you for this review. This thing does not fit snugly in the ear. It falls out all the time. You have to almost stay stationary for it not to fall out. Don't get up and take a few steps or its out of your ear and on the ground.

by Jacks | Aug 7, 2008 2:11:17 AM

I just bought this Samsung bluetoothe (WEP200) and It can't seem to connect to my Treo 700w. Are they compatible? Does anyone have any info/feed back. Please advise I would appreicate it & thank you in advance.

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