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Treo Accessories: Andrew's Essential List

I am told that Treonauts spend an average of $150 and more to enhance their “Treo Lifestyle”.  However, with a selection of over 100 Treo cases and nearly 1000 other accessories in our Treo Accessory Shop it is becoming increasingly more difficult to decide which particular ones to choose. 

I still get emails almost on a daily basis asking me to recommend a particular accessory and so I thought that I should once again create an updated list of my current overall personal favourites and essential accessories below.

The Cellet RH7 Rubberized Holster ($29.95) is my top
case for the Treo and now also the bestselling one.
[Review: My New #1 Treo Holster]

With a built-in charger for both your Treo and a spare battery
the Palm Cradle Kit ($39.95) should be first on your list.
[Review: My Palm Cradle Kit]

Screen Protectors ($14.95) are a simple but essential
solution to protect your screen against scratches.

A set of spare Pen Stylus' ($12.95) will prove particularly
useful on the go when you need a pen at the ready.
[Review: Saved By The Treo Pen Stylus]

Enhance your battery life when speaking on your Treo for
hours in the car with this essential Car Charger ($19.95).

An ultralight spare Wall Charger ($14.95) for the office, home
or on the road is all you’ll need to quickly recharge your Treo.

A high capacity Extended Battery ($39.95) is all you’ll
need to keep your Treo going for many more hours.
[Review: More Power For Your Treo]

Most Treonauts now use a Bluetooth headset and the
Jabra JX10 ($99.95) continues to be the most popular.
[Review: Jabra JX10 – Absolutely Stunning]

The thin, light and transparent CrystalCase ($19.95) has
fast become one of the top protective Treo cases.
[Review: Clear As Crystal – The Best Case Yet]

Another protective thin and light hard case is the new
RB1 Rubberized Fit Case ($19.95) with belt clip.
[Review: The New RB1 Rubberized Fit Case]

If you own either a Crystal, Rubberized Fit or Skin case
then you’ll want the Skinned Shield Holster ($29.95).

For those who prefer leather the P6 Pouch Case ($19.95)
will prove to be the ideal choice for comfort and protection.
[Review: Reopening the Treo Case]

Possibly one of the single most useful accessories for your
Treo, a Retractable S&C Cable ($15.95) is a must have.
[Review: Small and Inspensible]

I am an avid music listener and there is no doubt that I could not live without my Retractable 2in1 Earbuds ($29.95).
[Review: Four New Hybrid Headphones]

You will need a Stereo Adapter ($5.95) if you want to
use your existing headset to listen to audio on your Treo.
[Review: New Treo Headphone Adapter]

I could not experience many of the benefits that the Treo
offers without one or more 1GB+ SD Cards (from $39.95).
[Review: The Joy Of Large Capacity SD Cards]

To easily transfer files to your SD cards from your PC while on the go I have found no better than the MobileMate ($19.95).
[Review: Three Mobile SD Card Reading Options]

The TomTom GPS ($299.95) receiver and software bundle has
often saved me from getting utterly lost around the world. 
[Review: Traveling with a Treo GPS In My Pocket]

Make the most of the Treo in the car by adding a Vehicle Mount (from $19.95) for more convenient hand and eye-level access.  [Review: Treo Car Mount & Charge + GPS]

Treonauts always have the right gear for every situation

Posted by Andrew on August 12, 2006 at 11:25 AM

Treo Accessories Guide

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by Muhammad | Aug 12, 2006 1:21:38 PM

I'm terribly sorry but that is just way too much crap to be hauling around. The first thing on my list is the indispensible retractible S&C cable with hotsync button. It's USB so it allows me to recharge my palm whenever there's a computer around and when there isn't I have a car USB adapter and a Wall USB adapter that solves at least 2 extra dangly cords. As for the Mobile Mate that can be solved with the Retractible cable and Card Export a Must have utility one less thing to carry around. SD cards are must haves but you don't have listed nifty things to store them. I would agree with the P6 pouch case the rest of them I can do without. The stereo adapter is a must have. I use shure headphones ic2 or whatever they're called. I don't talk nearly enough on the phone to justify a bluetooth headset. Screen covers, Batteries, and stylii are also must haves.

by Andrew | Aug 12, 2006 1:39:06 PM

Muhammad - I did not imply in this list that one should own _all_ of the above accessories but merely which ones in various categories I consider to be best.

I also very much like your combo of the Retractable S&C Cable + USB Car Adapter http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/5-19--4.htm + USB Wall Adapter http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/5-19--3.htm

As for the MobileMate, I have personally found it to be a lot faster (Treo 650 only supports USB 1.0) to use than the Card Export software but my review covers all three available solutions.

I'm glad you agree with me on all the rest though... ;-)

Cheers, A.

by adetunji Afonja | Aug 12, 2006 4:07:12 PM

Its not too much crap if you get yourself one of those scottevest cargo pants ;-)

by Vincent | Aug 12, 2006 6:41:37 PM

Haha, Just love the humor you people have.

by Josh | Aug 12, 2006 10:45:39 PM

These are great.... but they are not upadated!! You don't have the Palm GPS in stock nor the Arkon CM910 vehicle mount, the headphone link doesn't work and the only bluetooth headset mentioned is (nearly) the most expensive. I would think that "essentials" would have good, "normally" priced headset to look at, in the near $50 range as that is where a number of your headset models lie. As stated above, the reviews need to be updated. I was completely sold on the Arkon unit AND the Palm GPS system, but neither are in stock. I guess I'll check back later, or go to a different site.

by Andrew Scott | Aug 13, 2006 12:17:20 AM

"I did not imply in this list that one should own _all_ of the above accessories"

Well, you do kind of imply just that by the use of the word "essential" ~ "a thing that is absolutely necessary" :)

Anyway, nitpicking aside, this is a helpful list to cut through the plethora of options out there. Thanks for putting it together.

by Ruben | Aug 14, 2006 1:06:22 AM


As mentioned above, the hybrid headset link in the article is not working.. can you fix?

[Fixed. Cheers, A.]

by PLEASE FIX | Aug 15, 2006 2:23:27 AM


by TreoDude | Aug 15, 2006 9:26:18 AM

YOur blog does not display correctly in safari, either

by John Caruso | Aug 15, 2006 9:59:01 AM

You'll have to update your TomTom link to TomTom 5.

Look's like VoIP & Gadgets blog just wrote about TomTom Navigator 6 being launched today. Though he couldn't find it on Palm's online store yet.


by Andrew | Aug 15, 2006 10:26:20 AM

Fix & TreoDude - we're working to get our redesigned blog to work perfectly with all browsers within the next couple of days...

John - yes, I am aware that the TomTom Navigator 6 is due to be released shortly but it is not yet available.

Cheers, A.

by Boomer0081 | Sep 21, 2006 4:07:56 AM

Please assist with a Bluetooth headset recommendation. Really like the higher end Plantronics headsets but need opinion on sound quality and integration. The Treo headset gets great reviews but perhaps latest developments from Plantronics make them equal or better.
Using Treo 650Palm OS. Thanks.

by hank | Nov 28, 2006 6:03:35 PM

any software to provide voice comand from a bluetooth ear piece. I understand the 700w from verizon does not have that ability

by DC | Jan 24, 2007 7:28:09 PM

Anyone know of a cradle other than the Seidio Innodock Jr. that supports a skinned treo 700?

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