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Good News About Vodafone's Treo...

An image of Vodafone’s soon to be released Treo (above) was apparently inadvertently released by Microsoft in one of its corporate presentations.

The image of this first antenna-less, 3G, Windows Mobile powered Treo shows the Today screen fully customized to Vodafone’s official red and white colours.

More importantly, Treonauts have been particularly excited by this image because it appears that this new Treo ‘may’ also be the first to benefit from built-in WiFi as one of the icons at the top center of the screen indicates a “WiFi connection in progress”…

Additionally, some have suggested that the matt black color of Vodafone’s Treo is strangely reminiscent of Palm’s recently released Black Tie Edition Treo 650 (my current GSM model) which sports a very cool rubberized black casing.

Furthermore, MSMobiles notes that “it is possible that BlackBerry Connect software for Windows Mobile will be available for this Treo” so that the large installed BlackBerry customer base already with Vodafone could switch quickly and easily without disruption to their existing service.

As I have stated before, I believe that Vodafone’s forthcoming (ETA September?) Treo is likely going to become one of Palm’s single most successful launches worldwide.  This will likely be closely followed by the anxiously awaited launch of Cingular’s PalmOS _and_ Windows Mobile Treo smartphones in the US and hopefully also by a PalmOS Treo for Orange in Europe.  I want one ASAP!!!

First OFFICIAL photo of Windows Mobile Treo smartphone for Vodafone [msmobiles]

[Thanks for the tip Tunji]

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Posted by Andrew on August 1, 2006 at 12:43 PM

Treo 750

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by json | Aug 1, 2006 2:47:56 PM

Wow!!!!! What a smack in the face to american customers who have been dying for wifi built in (me included) Even though i have my unltmd. data plan through sprints sero on my 700p i would still like the option of which to use,EVDO or WIFI. Then again all we have seen so far is another WINDOWS treo that already supports wifi.

by json | Aug 1, 2006 2:50:27 PM

Lets see if if WIFI is built in in the new 700p's abroad.

by name | Aug 1, 2006 6:56:24 PM


by Kevin | Aug 1, 2006 7:18:41 PM

Because this photo has been magnified probably 700%.

by James | Aug 2, 2006 1:58:08 AM

I think it's about time that Palm paid attention to its European Treonauts...I changed networks to Orange to get my treo - and I love it...but no-one seems to know what they're talking about - and all the websites are US-centric!

Good on Palm - and I'm waiting with bated breath for the new Treo on Orange!

by Kevin | Aug 2, 2006 9:22:54 AM

@json: I think one thing people forget about why more devices don't have built-in WIFI on American networks is that WIFI lets you connect to the internet without paying for data through the carrier.

For example, the Cingular 2125 doesn't have WIFI afaik because Cingular doesn't provide WIFI hotspots, whereas the T-Mobile SDA (which is basically the same phone as the 2125) does have WIFI since T-Mobile has a hotspot network in the United States.

by julio | Aug 2, 2006 9:07:00 PM

no, if it is magnified 700% it would be very pixelated, not blurry.

by Tom | Aug 2, 2006 9:08:46 PM

kevin, so are you saying that the t-mobile sda that has the wifi built in will only work at these hot spots? so if i am at home and have a wireless network setup, i wouldn't be able to connect because the t-mo sda would only recognize t-zone hotspot wifi?

by Tom | Aug 5, 2006 12:17:47 AM


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