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The Joy Of Large Capacity SD Memory Cards: 20GB On My Treo

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the greatest things about both the Treo 700p and Treo 700w is the fact that they support the use of 4GB SD Cards.

Until now I have relied on 10 separate SD cards to provide me with 17GB of mobile storage (with 1 x 4GB, 4 x 2GB and 5 x 1GB cards – see Is 13GB of Storage for my Treo enough?).  However, whenever the price is right I am always looking to reduce the overall number of cards that I have to carry by upgrading to higher capacity ones.

Considering that 4GB SD cards are now available at under $100 (while 2GB SD cards are also down to only $54.95), yesterday I finally decided to streamline my storage and plunged ordering four more of these.  Including the 4GB card that I already own I will now be able to carry an incredible 20GB worth of files with me on five postage stamp size cards.

You might wonder what I will be using these cards for.  Well, the first card is dedicated to business files and acts as my main Treo card to install applications and keep photos while the four others are for 1) US + Europe maps for my trusted TomTom GPS travelling companion; 2 and 3) most of my classical, jazz and other music to listen with Pocket Tunes which keeps me sane on plane, train and car journeys and 4) as many movies that I can to view on the go with TCPMP.

While it’s obvious that not everyone will need or want to have this amount of storage for their Treo I nonetheless have to admit that I am still baffled when I see some Treonauts who do not even own a single SD card when there is so much more fun to be had with even just one small one…

Since I’m on the subject of storage there are two other things that I would like to see coming soon to our Treo.  The first consists of adding support for the 1GB SIM cards that Samsung and others have developed (which naturally only work with GSM models) and/or the second would see the possibility of having an additional Mini-SD card (now also available in sizes up to 2GB) slot below the Treo battery so as to have a higher permanent on-board storage orders of magnitude higher than the 64MB currently on the Treo 700 series…  Hopefully some day this will happen…

Treonauts are always expanding their capacity

Posted by Andrew on August 10, 2006 at 11:29 AM

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by TreoSneha | Aug 10, 2006 12:19:43 PM

So envious of all your storage capabilities. I cannot make my cingular Palm 650 to read a single 2gb card, and here u are can store 4gbs 

by Mike Hardy | Aug 10, 2006 12:43:13 PM

TreoSneha -

I had a problem with the first 2GB card I got too, and since then, I've had another 2GB card that worked at first and then stopped being recognized anywhere.

The bottom line as far as I can tell is that the 2GB cards are unreliable on a piece by piece basis.

I do have one that works perfectly though, so once you find one that works, you're set. They do work, you just have to find the working one.

I myself have had good luck with regular ol' SanDisk cards. Good Luck

by Sal | Aug 10, 2006 1:34:06 PM


Great site. Quick question... Your shop doesn't offer the 4gig SD cards. do you have recommendations on where to purchase. Thanks

by Andrew | Aug 10, 2006 1:47:42 PM

Sal - actually the Treonauts shop does offer 4GB cards... ;-)


Cheers, A.

by David | Aug 10, 2006 1:57:45 PM

Any word if the Treo 650 will support 4GB+ SD cards?

by Andrew | Aug 10, 2006 2:10:22 PM

David - there has been much talk of Palm offering 4GB support in a future firmware update. I believe that the company may be waiting for 4GB cards to become widely available before doing so.

Cheers, A.

by kyle | Aug 10, 2006 2:30:20 PM

you can always do a custom ROM and have the ability to go above and beyond 2GB on a 650.......http://hovav.org/treo650/tutorial/index.html

by Ben Combee | Aug 10, 2006 3:09:29 PM

If you have a 2GB card that doesn't work on the Treo 650, try reformatting it on your desktop machine using the FAT filesystem. If they were formatted as FAT32 at the factory then the older Treo devices won't be able to understand them. The choice of FAT or FAT32 is one of the options in the Windows "Format" dialog.

by earl e adopter | Aug 14, 2006 8:40:41 PM

I recently bought a 4 GB SD card. It works great in my Treo 700p. I still have some old 64, 128, and 512 MB cards laying around, but almost never use them... I'm thinking of giving them to cardless friends. 4GB definitely makes the Treo an Ipod-killer in my book. I can't wait for even-higher capacities!

by Christopher Kraidich | Aug 15, 2006 10:40:04 AM

I have been using a patriot 4gb card in my 700p for a while now. It works well except that the camera and video apps lock up. Has anyone else seen that?

by Ken Moore | Sep 1, 2006 4:37:43 PM

The 4 gigabyte card I just purchased has a maximum capacity of one (1) Gig showing up on my Treo and PC as well. Although it is labeled as a 4 gig, I can only assume it is mislabeled and only has a 1 gig capacity. Do you know if there is any formatting instructions I need to be aware of?

by bgh | Sep 1, 2006 9:42:55 PM

I have a similar problem. I just bought a 4gb card and after formatting it in my 650 it only sees 2gb of storage while my desktop can recognize all 4 gbs...any thoughts or fixes?

by Sal | Aug 11, 2007 9:52:24 AM

I haver a treo 700p, is there a difference between the Dane-Elec 4GB SDHC and the Sandisk 4gb Secure Digital high capacity card? Will both work on the 700p

by Treomains | Apr 19, 2008 12:31:51 PM

Two questions:

I have a 700wx with Windows Mobile 5, does it support 4GB SD Cards?

Is there a difference between 4GB SD and 4GB SDHC or are all 4GB cards SDHC?

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