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P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Treo Pouch Now Available To Pre-Order

A quick note following-up on my review of the terrific forthcoming P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch (available in black, brown and red) which is the slimmest, thinnest and lighest leather case to fit in your pocket to date.  Additionally, judging by the number of Wow! comments that I have received from the people that I have shown it to it is also one of the most striking Treo cases in our Treo Accessory Shop.

The P5 UltraSlim is now ready to pre-order in the Treonauts Accessories Shop and will begin shipping in a couple of weeks.

Treonauts always wait to get the best

Posted by Andrew on September 14, 2006 at 02:42 PM

Treo Accessories , Treo Case

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by Curtis | Sep 15, 2006 9:25:10 AM

Wow, my Treo just arrived yesterday and I desperately need a case... this would be perfect but I'm afraid of waiting for stock of this item and carrying the Treo w/out any protection. Right now it travels w/ a small, thick sock. :)

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