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P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Treo Pouch Prototype

It’s funny how we always get to see leaked images of forthcoming Treo smartphones and so rarely of Treo cases and other accessories in our Treo Accessory Shop.  It was therefore a welcome surprise to get my hands on a prototype sample of the soon to be released P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch which is the thinnest, lightest and slimmest leather case that I have yet come across for my Treo – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch is entirely covered in fine, soft, real sheepskin on the exterior (available in black, brown and red) and an equally soft suede lining on the interior.  Additionally, a stitched leather band running from side to side has been added to provide an elegant finish as well as to provide more lateral rigidity.

However, even though the leather is undoubtedly great the best part of the P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch is the polypropylene shell around which it is built.  Not only has the shell been ‘form-moulded’ to the exact contour of the Treo but it also happens to be only fractions of a millimiter thick.  Furthermore, the real beauty is that the structural properties of polypropylene and its thinness here allow this case to automatically ‘reshape’ after it is squeezed (see images below) providing an even softer overall feel – where other such Treo cases are extremely rigid the P5 is completely flexible.

Amazingly the combination of the outer sheepskin, inner suede and shell are all so thin that the case only adds about 1mm of thickness to the Treo (2mm on the sides where the extra stitched leather band runs).  The P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch can therefore without a doubt be ranked as the “Slimmest & Lightest Treo Leather Case”.

Because this case is designed primarily to protect against scratches when carrying your Treo in your pocket, jacket, suit or bag it is smooth all around and does not have any clips of any kind – your Treo simply slides smoothly in and out of the case via the top opening when you need it.  Having said this, I am told that a version specifically designed for women as well as one with a belt clip are in the works.

I wish that I had a sample of another case at hand to show you a comparative thickness image but since I don’t I can only say that any other leather case will be at least 5mm thicker than this one.  Additionally, the fact that the P5 UltraSlim case is rounded at the bottom further enhances the sense of ‘compactness’ that it offers.

Overall, the P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch is exactly what I and many other Treonauts have been looking for – great design, great leather, great protection in an ultrathin, slim and light package that I can easily put in my pocket.

Finally, if you are looking for a different type of case such as a holster or skin case I recommend that you read my Top Treo Cases post to look at the currently bestselling options as well as my Favourite Treo Accesories List to discover other items to enhance you Treo experience.

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Posted by Andrew on September 8, 2006 at 03:04 PM

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by Pall Gestsson | Nov 24, 2006 9:53:34 AM

This case is the best I have come across and I highly recommend it to all Treo phone users.


by Bill | Nov 28, 2006 10:55:42 AM

I just received mine after waiting for it to come back in stock and have to agree that I am terribly disappointed with the fit. I have a 700p, and ostensibly this is indeed the 700 case version, but it is simply too lose. I love the case design and quality, but it is simply too loose both in width and depth, particularly width. My treo can slide at least 3mm side to side, allowing it to jiggle in the case. I have already sent it flying to the floor once when I grabbed the case too quickly and my poor Treo came flying out. I guess I can understand allowing some leeway for depth, but don't understand the width gap. Personally, I would prefer a tight fit as I feel that the keys are more likely to be hit by my jiggling treo than a tight case.
Unfortunately, the poor fit will keep me from using the case.

I have a virtually identical case for my old HP 1910 which fits tightly and never had such problems.

by Bill | Nov 28, 2006 11:07:09 AM

I guess as an addendum, I would like to point out that when comparing my fit to that of Andrew's pictures, there is a noticable gap between the sides of my Treo and the case, unlike the posted pictures. Thus, the 600/650 version may have a tighter fit. I wish I could post a comparison picture here.


by Alan Johnson | Jan 3, 2007 8:46:52 PM

Hmm, the loose fit is definitely discouraging me from investing in this case, especially since there is no latch of any sort on it. I also fail to see how putting a window on the case would disrupt it's "structural properties". Lastly, buying this case is definitely a no-go if I can't use a hand-free kit while my phone's inside the case.

by Richard Spitz | Jan 19, 2007 5:39:25 PM

Any info when the 680 version will be available? Thanks.

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