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Live Treo Video Broadcast By Fox News

On the very same day that I arrived in NYC last week there was a tragic accident as a small plane crashed into a 52–story building killing Yankees’ pitcher Cory Lidle and a flying instructor [Thanks for the tip Howard, Allan, Emeus].

First emergency and then naturally news crews rushed to the scene.  In this particular case however Fox News Channel was also armed with a new weapon in its technology arsenal – a Treo smartphone – which it used to deliver early live video to its viewers from the crash site thanks to software called CometVision developed by Comet Video Technologies.

I have had the opportunity to discuss the Treo with the Chief Technology Officers of a couple of the largest news organisations in the past.  They were typically interested in finding a portable device to empower their journalists, photographers and cameramen that could be used to rapidly transmit written articles, images, video and now also “live video” as quickly as possible from any location so as to be the first organisation to report on the news – evidently the Treo smartphone appears to have become a great choice for many.

Running on a Windows Mobile Treo 700w, CometVision is “able to transmit video over non-3G networks, using much less bandwidth than would normally be needed” and “[it is] set up so you can push one button and then it starts to work” according to Comet CEO Howard Becker.  The Treo 700w video stream connects automatically to a computer at the Fox News studio and sends an email to a producer or anyone else involved in the live stream.

Apparently the entire setup has worked so well that now every Fox News bureau has at least one or two Treo smartphones so that their team can take them in breaking news or where a standard camera for live coverage is not possible or practical.  Where in the past it has not always been possible to transmit live footage immediately from a breaking news scene (which usually requires slow-moving satellite trucks) a reporter or photographer armed with a Treo can now go live in minutes.

Fox uses Treo to break NY plane crash news [Reuters]

Treonauts always come up with new ideas

Posted by Andrew on October 17, 2006 at 09:13 AM

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by gene | Oct 17, 2006 1:02:56 PM


Does Comet have the functionality to do this with a 700p? Have you tried it with a 700w? How is the video quality/ ease of setup etc?


by mmr | Oct 17, 2006 8:49:04 PM

Your information is incorrect. It was a 50 story building, and really, it wasn't even that. But due to the way developers count, a 40 story building can magically become something higher.

I live across the street from the Belair :P

by Treofrog | Oct 18, 2006 12:06:05 AM

Hell yeah Finally some company is using the treo 700w they forgot about them there for a while

TREO 700W IS THE BEST SMARTPHONE:):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):)::)):)

sorry to hear about the crash though :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

by Danny | Oct 19, 2006 5:51:07 PM

I recently read about Fox News using a Treo Smartphone. I work in Broadcast news and I'm interested in purchasing one for the same reason.

Can anyone give me specs or tips on what I need to purchase to have the same
capability as Fox News in my Treo Smartphone?

I'm a Broadcast Graphic Designer and I work on Mac OSX

Thanks for your input.

by YouTube for cell phones | Oct 31, 2006 11:11:41 AM

Its a shame there aren't more sites that let people download and play video clips directly from their Treo. This site, www.GotoBogo.com, lets you do just that. It allows anyone to just watch and post video clips. Its not specifically meant for journalists, but there is a news section where any amateur journalist can post their own video clips for people to watch on their smartphone. As the number of smartphones continue to grow, this site should take off.

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