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Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Treo Pouch Review

I always keep an eye open for new Treo cases in our Treo Accessory Shop that may have something interesting and unique to offer.  On this occasion I’ve just received my new Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Pouch and I must admit that I have been very pleasantly surprised by how much I like this case – particularly as most other Body Glove models that I had tested to date were rather unimpressive.

The Body Glove Rhythm Pouch is made almost entirely of a high-quality smooth rubber providing a very comfortable fit for my Treo (I tested all Treo models from the 650, 700 and also 750 which has the same form-factor as the forthcoming Treo 680) and the front flap is held in place by a large and strong magnet.

I particularly like the fact that the Body Glove Rhythm benefits from a very low profile both across the entire case but also particularly with a very narrow fixed rotating belt clip – features which combine to win a lot of points in my book…

I found the Body Glove Rhythm Pouch to be very comfortable to wear on my belt and its rotating belt clip with 5 positions will ensure that the case is able to move freely when sitting.

Because it’s made out of rubber instead of leather some Treonauts may find it to be less ‘elegant’ than other cases but personally I really like the more modern look that the rubber and this specific model provides Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Pouch.

Treonauts always find something new

Posted by Andrew on October 26, 2006 at 08:00 PM

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by Michael Marano | Oct 26, 2006 9:42:26 PM

Mine arrived from the Treo Shop with a poorly stitched right seam, which ruptured upon inspection. Fine steel sewing needles easily pierce the rubber material, however, and I had it repaired within minutes. My only reservation regarding the low-profile clip is its single piece plastic construction. I hope the static spring holds up as well over time as the metal hinge pin clips tend to.

by Evan | Oct 26, 2006 9:43:04 PM

Closes with a large magnet, you say? Is our data safe?

by Mark | Oct 27, 2006 12:45:30 AM

I was waiting and waiting for them to come out with something to replace my Smartphone Experts pouch case. I tend to treat things rough from daily use so I hope that this one will last longer. I hope the clip doesn't protrude as high as the Seidio holster I got last year. Every time I leaned over it poked me in the side.

by Todd | Oct 27, 2006 11:58:38 AM

This is a great case and has a lot of style. The only thing is with my Treo 700p sometimes because of the snug fit, it will automatically answer an incoming call without my knowledge.

by eric | Oct 27, 2006 1:55:45 PM

Looks quite... how should I say... gay.

by Michael Marano | Oct 29, 2006 7:29:36 PM

To address a number of previous comments:
I've been using magnetic cases with a variety of cell phones using a number of different ROM/RAM configurations and never lost data due to the latch. My treo fits in the case snugly but not overly tightly and I haven't yet experienced spurious call answers, though from time to time I've activated the screen through pressing a key after leaning up against a counter or squeezing through a car door. This could probably be remedied by making the back of the case more rigid. As it stands, the case flexes throughout its profile and hence it's very, very light. The belt clip is very low profile, in fact, it's so comfortable, I often have to check to make sure the case is still on my belt. When the case is empty, the clip snaps securely in any one of five rotating positions. When the weight of the phone is on my belt, however, the rotation is a bit smoother, and I often have to hook a finger over the edge of the case to keep it from rotating around with the phone as I extract it.

by Mark | Nov 3, 2006 2:17:18 PM

Update to my previous post, I received this the same day that my Smartphones Experts pouch finally gave up the ghost (the strong metal clip ripped out of the case.) So I was excited to have a new case waiting for me. After using for a few days, I have to say that I am disappointed in many of the features. For one, the 5 position clip doesn't click from position to positon like the Seidio Holster, but rather is actually rather lose and moves around too easily for my liking. Also the belt clip attachment point is rather flimsey. It broke on me as I was getting into my car (I wear my phone on my left hip.) I was able to pop the piece back in, but now when I brush up against something solid, I worry that that it will pop off (and it has several times already.) I may just glue it in place (which sucks for an item that is less then a week old.)

The case itself is as advertised-decent, quality material (but lacks a hole in the bottom to help pop the phone out of the case like on the Smartphone Experts pouch) and the belt clip itself is strong and tight (for now) and is low profile.

Overall, I am not too impressed with this product, but it will get me by until I find an item that better suits my needs.

by Michael Marano | Nov 3, 2006 6:44:03 PM

Observations, part 3...
Mark is correct regarding the swivel clip being unstable. It often rotates antenna down, which is bothersome and uncomfortable. Unlike in the above side view photo, the pouch's sidewalls obscure the phone jack by nearly 50%, and although the pouches rubberlike material may be trimmed, the seams attaching the rubber to the elastic stretch on the side are too close to permit alteration. The rubber is flexible and flimsy on all sides, so unlike cases with rigid backing, it's possible to wear down the battery by accidentally bumping into a rigid object and squeezing a key to activate the backlight. Overall, I'm not impressed by this case. I work outdoors and need a case which fits these criteria:

1. Protects the phone from scratches and damage from external phenomena, as well as the case itself.

2. Is easy to attach and remove from a belt yet permits rigid rotation from horizontal to vertical position and is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use.

3. Permits easy extraction of the phone, while keeping it otherwise completely secure.

4. Allows full access to the headphone jack, or even provides rigid or supported protection of a wired headset when plugged into the phone.

5. Appears reasonably attractive.

Strangely, so far not one product offered at Treonauts meets all these criteria. Why can't sombody create a case that does its job as well as the Palm?

by Abdrew | Dec 8, 2006 2:30:54 AM

with the belt clip off of course, will this cover with a treo 680 fit comfortably in my pocket?

by rob | Jan 6, 2007 1:50:57 PM

I have just got the treo 680, as many others i have battery issues 2 days max, i read that these batteries need 16 hours first charge and take up to 5 full charge/ discharge to start working properly, have others heard this ?

by Vance | Jan 24, 2007 12:04:29 PM

I have had this case for a few months now and it has wiped my ROM data two times due to the strong magnet. I have recently switched to the Seidio swivel clip holster. It is much easer to get to the Treo and no more loosing my pictures/contacts. Magnets and electronics just don't play well together.

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