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P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Treo Pouch Review

Following my preview post (See Amazing P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch) I am glad to finally be able to announce that the P5 UltraSlim Pouch – the thinnest, slimmest and lightest leather Treo cases – is now in stock and available to purchase in our Treo Accessory Shop.

I have used both of my P5 UltraSlim pouches daily over the past two months and I can categorically state that it is quite possibly the best leather case that I have yet owned for my Treo.  There has in fact not been a single person that I have shown it to who was not equally impressed and more than one would actually have liked to walk away with it…


What’s really so great about the P5 is that it is the first “form-fitting” case that I have come across that is so slim and uses the shape of the Treo – with rounded top and bottom corners – instead of the typically “square” ones that abound.  For example, below is the P5 next to another of my favourite cases – the foof pouch – and you can clearly see the differences in thickness and overall size.

The P5 is primarily designed to make it as easy as possible to carry your Treo while protecting it against scratches in your pocket, jacket or briefcase/bag.  Additionally, the top side openings allow you to quickly remove it to answer or make a call.  Finally, your Treo will fit just a little loosely inside it so as to avoid the keys being pressed against the case.

The P5 UltraSlim Pouch is now available in two models – one for the Treo 650 (here) and another for the Treo 700 series – and three different colours – black, tan and red.  A model specifically designed for the Treo 750 and Treo 680 will also soon be released (I have personally found that the existing ones already fit the Treo 750 perfectly fine though).

Please read my full review “Amazing P5 UltraSlim Pocket Leather Pouch” for additional pictures and details about this case.

Treonauts are always looking for the best

Posted by Andrew on October 16, 2006 at 12:38 AM

Treo Accessories , Treo Case

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by Fred | Oct 16, 2006 1:30:16 AM

This looks fantastic. Who can improve on leather? Though I'd prefer a hole at the bottom for headphones or a hands-free.

Uh, some confusion here. Your article says that there are two models currently available, for the 650 and for the 700, but in the shop you show one model available for the 650 and 600. Please to clarify.

by andrew | Oct 16, 2006 9:00:57 AM

Fred - there is a separate page for the P5 UltraSlim for the Treo 700...


Cheers, A.

by RichC | Oct 16, 2006 9:45:25 AM

Well its about time. ;-) Looking forward to receiving my back order ... my 700p will appreciate a little protection.

by tcs | Oct 17, 2006 4:02:43 AM

How much is the shipping fee to Singapore?

by Henk | Oct 18, 2006 7:12:39 PM

Is there any difference between the case for the 650 and the 700? I have a 700p and mistakenly preordered a case for the 650 (I didn't know there were different models). I guess what I want to know is whether I should send it back for an exchange. It seems to fit fine though.

by ncb | Jan 20, 2007 2:18:31 PM

"A model specifically designed for the Treo 750 and Treo 680 will also soon be released..."

Any word on when the 750 version will be available?

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