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Treo 680: Finally A Treo For Everyone

This post will be updated following Palm’s unveiling of the new Treo 680 today and I will write a more in-depth review tomorrow Friday even though you will undoubtedly already have been able to tell that I am extremely excited about this latest addtion to the Treo family – one which will become my preferred smartphone as soon as it is released towards the end of this month...

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Details and specifications for the Treo 680 are now available at Palm’s website.

The most beautiful picture of the day for me…  I love the fact that Palm are releasing the Treo 680 in multiple colours for their “Unlocked” model while each carrier will choose their own individual colour(s)…  Click on the image for a full size picture.

Treo 680 All Colors_resize2

I am equally super excited by Palm’s new partners which include no less than online heavyweights ebay, Google and Yahoo! as well as blog leader TypePad/Six Apart and photo king Flickr (part of Yahoo!) – for now the only big one missing in my opinion is YouTube…  These kinds of mega-partnerships are exactly the type of deals that I have been waiting for and these sample ad campaigns below should give you an indication of how attractive the Treo 680 will become…

You might recall that I had previously written about my strong belief that both Google and Yahoo! may very well decide to launch an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and obviously the Treo would be the ideal smartphone for them to have.  We’re probably still a little while away from seeing this but it’s certainly not too far-fetched…

Experience the Treo 680

Please click on the image above to view a short tour of some of the many experiences that the Treo 680 offers.

Treonauts are always enjoying themselves

Posted by Andrew on October 12, 2006 at 11:42 AM

Treo 680

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by liveswithmom | Oct 13, 2006 4:09:23 PM

'A Treo for everyone...' The 680 is for anyone who doesn't already own a 650, if you own a 650 then I wouldn't even bother thinking about spending money on the 680. Now a 750... that would be another issue... Anyone been over to Engadgetmobile recently? They have an unlocked 750v connecting to Cingular... (http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2006/10/12/treo-750v-unlocked/)

Now, the next question is: how can I get my hands on a 750v without having to go thru Vodafone...

I still want something smaller, lighter, with wifi, blahblahblah and I wish it could be a Treo, but if Treo refuses to pioneer, then maybe it is time to start looking elsewhere...

by Lush | Oct 13, 2006 11:40:23 PM


I mentioned the Blackberry because I've read that the new 8800 will have Wifi. I realize you're not the one complaining about the Treo not having Wifi......but MANY people are. It seems to be the primary gripe in almost every post about Treos (at least that I've read).

All I want is a PDA/phone that doesn't use Windows Mobile (since I hate Microsoft with every fiber of my being) and that has Wifi because campus and the hospital where I work is all Wifi. I can get email, update patient info on the fly and stay connected.

All in all, I'm just disappointed in Palm....again. I really want to like the company and I really want to buy one of their products. They just seem so backwards. I honestly don't know what they're thinking most of the time.

by Jeff | Oct 14, 2006 2:36:10 AM

Lush, have you considered the Nokia E61? It fulfills all of your requirements.

by Borszczuk | Oct 14, 2006 12:38:44 PM

Hm ontreo.com they show on the banners does not work ;)

by Sp | Oct 29, 2006 2:35:47 PM

I tried the E61, and to be honest, symbian is pretty awful. i had it on a nokia 6600 ages ago and dumped that for an orange C550 (HTC Hurricane), with windows CE. Quite slow but it does the job. I was hoping to go over to the 750 once Orange or T-Mobile released it in a few months once it's no longer exclusive to vodafone but the reviews this thing has been getting seem a bit shocking. Windows mobile 5 sounds slow, slow, slow, not very user friendly, and the 750 just doesnt seem to be the Palm that everyone was waiting for. Being new to the Palm range i thought it was a pretty amazing form factor without the aerial, but if if Palm are just not stumping up with goodies under the hood...

Now with this 680 coming out, i saw a ray of light in the form of the palm OS, which i have never had an opportunity to try, but which i'd heard was pretty amazing and considered by a lot of people (the ones i'd read reviews from, anyways) to be a better choice than WM5.

But after reading all of the above, i'm already hovering between Nokia's dreaded Symbian and HTC's new crop of phones once more. At least until someone spews out an attractive, groundbreaking, compact, affordable, utilitarian, practical phone.

by Alex | Nov 8, 2006 3:17:29 AM

I've tried just about every damn HTC that was ever released and I'm sick of WM5. How can they still not fix alarms after 2 full OS updates? What good is a PDA if it doesn't actually run the alarms after 4-5 months of usage. And innvotation from blackberry? What are you people talking about. its the same stupid qwerty fat bricks that they have been releasing since ever. And HTC? Slide out keyboard anyone? How is the Samsung any different from the Motorola Q? Oh it has slightly larger keys.. no wait it doesn't!! Good luck with wifi on a motorola q, or even the samsung.. who cares anyway, not like there are any decent programs for it anyway. So stop saying palm has no new innovation and all the other manufacturers are. Not they aren't! Just because HTC releases 6 different devices all with the same body and slide out keyboard, doesn't mean they innovated anything! As for all you wifi folks, I can definitely see where your coming from, but I've never had the need for it. Why browse on a tiny screen when I have a laptop that does full wifi? What are you going to view anyway? As for the emergency times when I need quick internet, well ,wifi isn't there for me anyway so I don't care. And whats with all this, whoever has the most features wins. More features = higher price. People asked for a lower priced treo they got it. But now everyone is complaining, saying palm isn't listening.. we didn't really mean lower priced, we meant more features, bigger wheels, bigger SUV (unrelated I know). I'd say you people don't know what you want. If you want all the features of world in a phone, just go with the i-mate jasjar.. vga, wifi, everything you could wish for. So 680 for me all the way!! JUST RELEASE ALREADY WILL YOU PALM?

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