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What Do You Do With Your Calls? Plenty When You Use YourCall.

Like me using your Treo every day you will always find some small things where you scratch your head wondering “There must be an easier or better way to do this…”

One such instance is when one of my existing Contacts calls me from his/her mobile phone but I only have their work number in my address book.  Because there is no option to “Add Number To Existing Contact” at the end of the call I have to go through the tedious process of:

  1. Open ‘Call Log’
  2. Click ‘Details’
  3. Click ‘Copy Phone’
  4. Open ‘Contacts’
  5. Find the relevant name
  6. Open the contact
  7. Paste the phone number…

Another instance is when I am trying to reach someone on their Treo or at work and the number is busy.  I still need to get hold of them and so want to (quickly) send them either an email or SMS which requires me to:

  1. Open my email application or ‘Messaging’
  2. Click ‘New’
  3. Find relevant Contact (if available) or write the email/number manually…

These are but some of the many scenarios that a new application called YourCall is now able to simplify very considerably by reducing the number of steps required to take actions following a call – most of the time with no more than a single click required.

After installing a small PRC file on your Treo (a soft reset may also be required after this), YourCall allows you to take a number of actions at the end of every call including:

Actions For ALL Calls
You have the option to create with only one click a:

  • New Meeting: creates a new appointment (Event) with a note including the telephone number and the date of your call.
  • New Task
  • New E-Mail: opens your default email program to send an email (only for existing contacts with email)
  • New SMS
  • Dial Contact
  • Web Reverse Lookup (using Google): doesn’t work particularly great using Google but nonetheless nice to have

While the above are great I would personally have liked to see a few other options added here such as my most common ones:

  • Send Business Card (via eMail)
  • Send Business Card (via SMS)
  • Send Contact (via eMail)
  • Send Contact (via SMS)

Actions For Calls To/From A NEW Number
YourCall offers you the option to (large lower buttons left to right):

  • Take No Action: Simply press to leave the application
  • Create New Contact: Opens a new empty contact and automatically adds the number called/received
  • Add To Existing Contact (I love it): a pop-up within YourCall (image below right) opens to find the contact that you want to add this number to
  • Call Back


Actions For Calls To/From An EXISTING Number

  • Take No Action
  • View Contact’s Card: open the Contact to view, edit or add
  • Send SMS (Text Message): this intelligently uses the mobile number in the caller’s Contact to send an SMS
  • Call Back


There is no doubt that I absolutely love the added functionality that YourCall provides – it is incredibly useful every day.  It is so good in fact that the only thing that I would _absolutely_ like to add is the ability to have the application not work just on a “One Time Only” basis after a call but to have it _fully_ integrated with all of my ‘Call Log’ so that I can take these actions even after a call has ended.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I consider YourCall to be one of the very best new applications to have been developed for your Treo in quite some time and on top of everything else even the graphics look great which is not always a given for even the top applications.

You can make the most of YourCall by downloading a short trial version or by using a special 20% Off Coupon valid until 31 October that I have created (valid for all applications in the Treonauts Software Store).  Simply enter the promotion code TOP100 in your shopping cart.

Treonauts are always doing plenty with their calls

Posted by Andrew on October 3, 2006 at 01:50 PM

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by mstein | Oct 3, 2006 8:28:47 PM

Wow, I've been looking for something like this since I got my Treo700p. Combine it with Simple Profile Manager and all of a sudden the Treo is doing not only what other phones have done for ages but even more.

At last it looks like the Treo will surpass phones for phoning as it already does for almost everything else..



by jmorris | Oct 4, 2006 9:35:13 AM

A general request: Many of us have 700W's and use windows mobile. Can you add a notation at the top of the software reviews to indicate whether the software is Palm, Windows, or both? It's frustrating to read a whole review and look for the program, just to find it's Palm based only. Thanks

by Adri | Oct 4, 2006 3:55:57 PM

does this work in conjunction with sharkmsg?

by Ink | Oct 4, 2006 11:47:00 PM

The built in phone app on the 700P already allows you to add an unknown number to an existing contract.

by mstein | Oct 5, 2006 5:31:48 AM

Thats true, but you have to decide pretty quickly as the screen disappears in about 4 seconds or if you touch anything other than the buttons (I think).

And why is it that 'add to existing' isn't available in the call log?

by Mark | Oct 5, 2006 3:54:30 PM

I am curious is this would impact TakePhone, which already has some of these features.

by andrew | Oct 5, 2006 7:29:30 PM

Mark - I also use TakePhone and there have been no issues whatsoever. Also, while TakePhone does have similar features for the contacts it does not integrate with either the Call Log or the 'end-of-call' screen.

Cheers, A.

by Jan | Sep 9, 2007 3:04:21 PM

I like the app. it does offer fast and simple shortcuts for some most common tasks. In my case on 700p and yourcall pro i have lost all custom ringtones that were assigned to contacts (they work again if you disable yourcall).... trying to find solution for that

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