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Treo 680 Case Of Cases: Review Part 6

>>> Please view the complete range of Treo 680 cases in our Treo Accessories Store for the most up-to-date listing of products.

Treo 680 Cases

Following my Treo 680 Accessories Guide last week, as promised here is the next part which specifically addresses the issue of Treo 680 cases [Please note that most of the cases below also fit the Treo 650 and Treo 700p|w].

Preparing for this review I first looked at the current Top 25 Bestselling Treo 680 Cases (select ‘Treo 680’ from the top left pull-down menu + click on ‘Cases’) and then gathered all of my existing favourite Treo 650/700p cases and tested them for compatibility with both my new Treo 680 Unlocked and Cingular Treo 680.  Below is a list of the ones that I found to best fit the Treo 680.

Horizontal Pouch Cases
As always, this type of cases appear to top the charts and I will therefore start here.

Smartphone Experts P6 Pouch Case ($19.95)

The bestselling case for the Treo 650 and 700 series now also becomes #1 for the Treo 680.  The slim high quality leather, solid construction, strong double magnets at the front, great value price as well as extremely positive user opinions will undoubtedly help to keep it there for some time.

Treo680P7PouchCaseSmartphone Experts P7 Pouch Case ($19.95)
Following the lead of its younger incarnation, the P7 Pouch Case has almost identical hallmarks to those that made the P6 such a bestselling case.  The two main differences are that the P7 features a cream leather interior whereas the P6’s is fabric and also that instead of the two magnets found at the front flap of the P6 there is only one on the P7.

Body Glove Rhythm Universal ($19.95)
Treo680BodyGloveThis is a case that I personally really like and which I reviewed recently. 

As I mentioned then, the Body Glove Rhythm Pouch is made almost entirely of a high-quality smooth rubber providing a very comfortable fit for my Treo and the front flap is held in place by a large and strong magnet.  I particularly like the fact that the Body Glove Rhythm benefits from a very low profile both across the entire case but also particularly with a very narrow fixed rotating belt clip.

Additionally, if you would like to consider more Pouch Case options I can recommend the high leather quality of the RexRegina Stanton Classic Case ($54.95), the E&B Company Copilot Case ($34.95) which is the only horizontal case with a belt loop and no belt clip as well as the Milante Fit Case ($19.95) that benefits from a very thin leather profile.

Skin Cases

New Smartphone Experts S680 Slim Case ($19.95)
Treo 680 Skin Case Treo 680 Skin Case

Treo 680 Skin CaseAlmost as popular as the Pouch cases are Skin Cases and the newly released S680 Slim Case is no exception to the rule.  Custom shaped to the Treo 680 the S680 provides all the right openings for the keyboard, SD bay, speakers and camera at the back.   The S680 Skin Case is available in two models – with belt clip or without – as well as four colours – Frosted Clear, Lady Pink, Executive Grey and Future Blue.  Both models also include a convenient hand strap.

Although many people had stated that the existing Treo holsters would not work with the Treo 680 I discovered to my delight that both the Seidio Shield 2 Holster  and Helix Holster both fit the Treo 680 very well (I found the Helix to provide a snugger fit though).

Seidio Shield 2 Holster ($29.95)
Treo 68 0Holster Seidio
Treo 680 Holster Seidio

The Seidio Shield Holster range has been the bestselling Treo holster for some time and now it can also be used with the Treo 680 even though it does not provide quite a ‘perfect’ fit.  As always, the ultra slim clip is great and the large top center release lever provides for easy access.  Overall however I would more highly recommend this holster to Treonauts who already own one and direct new Treo 680 owners to the Helix holster below.

Helix Holster ($19.95)
Treo 680 Holster Helix Treo 680 Holster Helix

The rubber-coated Helix Holster not only provides very good protection for your Treo 680 but as I’ve also now discovered is a solid and perfect fit for it – albeit minimally too tight on the sides.  Also, since the SD slot has been moved to the side, you no longer have to worry that the Helix’ top release lever might accidentally eject your SD card.

Please note that in both cases I expect a new completely custom-fit Treo 680 holster to be release at some point in the future but probably not within the next two months.  Therefore, if you need a Treo 680 holster today my recommendation will be to get the Helix Holster.

Skinned Holsters
Treo 680 Skinned HolsterMuch like the normal holster, I also discovered that the Seidio Skinned Shield Holster ($29.95) can be used in combination with your Treo 680 and the new Smartphone Experts S680 Slim Case in exactly the same way that this had been previously done.

The fit is good but not perfect.  However it is currently the only skinned holster solution available.

Pocket Pouches
An increasingly popular case category are Pocket Pouches and the four models below are both my favourites and bestselling ones.  These cases do not have a belt clip and are designed to fit primarily in your pocket, jacket, bag or briefcase.

SPE UltraSlim Leather Pocket Pouch ($34.95) + RexRegina Harrison Nouveau ($49.95)
Treo 680 Case Pouch Treo 680 Case Pouch

As its name suggests, the SPE UltraSlim Leather Pocket Pouch (above left) is both the slimmest and lightest case yet produced for the Treo – it’s also the one that I use daily.  It feature as high quality leather construction combined with a thin but hard inner plastic shell.  There have been some complaints that it does not provide a ‘tight’ fit for the Treo but I have found that in order to remove your smartphone one-handed it is actually best not to have this – the flipside is that if you turn this case upside down your Treo will obviously fall out.  A custom Treo 680 model is expected within the next two months.

Treo 680 Case PouchThe RexRegina Harrison Nouveau case (above right) is a similar high quality leather pouch case.  It’s not as thin as the previous one – thus more bulk – but it does hold your Treo 680 extremely tightly which will be good or bad depending on how quickly you want to remove your smartphone and whether you’ll be using one or two hands.

The foofpod Fabric Pouch ($19.95) shown here on the right is one of the more ‘funky’ cases to have been released for the Treo and although I have now upgraded to its closest leather version (the SPE UltraSlim above) I still find it to be an extremely good and fun protective pocket case for your Treo.  Also, now that the Treo 680 is so much slimmer and lighter it makes it that much easier to slide this pouch in your pocket.

Vertical Pouches (With Clip)

SPE VP7 Vertical Pouch ($19.95) + Nutshell Natural Leather Case ($54.95)
Treo 680 Case Pouch

The vertical version of the bestselling SPE P6 case, the VP7 (above left) offers the same type of high quality leather construction and perfect fit for your Treo 680.  At the same time, the Nutshell case which I had previously found too tight for the Treo 650 and 700p now appears to be just right for my new Treo 680.

There are still too few custom made cases for the Treo 680.  I expect many to be released in the coming months but at least this review will help to show you those existing ones that will already fit well.

Treonauts are always chasing a case

Posted by Andrew on December 5, 2006 at 01:05 PM

Treo 680 Review

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by d3x | Dec 16, 2006 11:36:02 AM

I'm currently using the vaja iVolution (black) for my treo 750V (which btw, I've sold because I'm getting the 680 shortly. I prefer the palm OS to Windows. Long story) ANYWAY, back to the vaja iVolution, which fits both the 750V/680. In short, the vaja is excellent.
Previously owned the 650, I also used the iVolution for it too. Comparing btwn the two, the new iVolution has been greatly improved in terms of design. The older design for 650 was bulky and the elevated sides made it difficult to press the keys around the edges. However. the new iVolution, with its new facelift, has eliminated this problem. All keys are now easily accessible. Build quality is excellent, expected of vaja. The vaja also does not add any weight to the new 750V or 680.
I would fully recommend anyone to go out and order one now. Nothing beats a vaja.

by alisa | Dec 16, 2006 1:07:30 PM

Hi, I know this is going to sound odd but can anyone recommend a way to remove the 680 from a horizontal case without accidentally touching the screen? I love my case and treo but whenever the phone rings and I reach into it to retrieve it, my fingers inadvertently touch the screen-usually in the wrong place-and my caller goes to voicemail. It seems I end up hitting ignore when reaching for it! I used to use the antenna of my 650 but now my sweet 680 is antenna-less and when I try to reach lower on the keys whatever I hit-ends up performing a soft reset-HELP!

by Tom McElvy | Dec 16, 2006 3:03:44 PM

I purchase a pouch case from Vaja cases. Wow! It was pricey, abuot $100 USD shipped. Well built, and looks great. The EB case with a LOOP on the back is also a great case, but the Vaja Case has them all beat!

by HNanton | Dec 18, 2006 11:29:58 AM

These are some prelminary comments on the SC680 Case from Smartphone Experts. I ordered this case based on the review here and due to the protection offered by the skin PLUS the fact that it also comes with a removable belt clip.

Firstly let me say that this is my first skin case so my expectations may have been off the mark. While I like the case, I find that it does not fit as snugly as I expected. Maybe they are all like that, but my expectation was different. The main beef that I have with the unit though (and it is a major one), is the belt clip. My Treo has jumped out of the clip on 2-3 occasions! Imagine my horror on a 2-day old phone!! I initially thought that I was accidentally pressing down on the release button when sitting, but later found out that at the 'right' angle, you can remove the phone from the clip without pressing the release button. This is obviously an alarming find, and I am hoping that this was just a problem with this one unit. I have contacted the supplier and the unit is being replaced. I will see how that functions and send a follow up review. In the meantime, I would advise some caution with this unit.

by row | Dec 19, 2006 4:15:06 PM

I ended up going with the vaja i-volution for my 680. I orderd the black case since it was available for immediate delivery and I received it within the week. One note, they ship via FedEx and require a signature so keep that in mind. The case is beautiful and does not add weight or bulk to the 680. It's a perfect fit, truly! I've had no problem getting access to the keys and all ports are accessible with the exception of the SD card slot. This may be something to consider if you frequently change cards. Not an issue for me. I ordered the case without the clip, so I can't give any feedback on that issue. Contrary to other posts, I had no problem getting the 680 in and out of the case. The case was pricey but given the perfect fit and the fact that the edges are semi-rigid thus offering added protection makes it well worth it. The leather is of exceptional quality. I would definitely recommend this case. One more note, my case was shipped with a free leather SD card holder that holds 2 SD cards.

by Kitty | Dec 22, 2006 11:16:54 AM

Folks..thanks for the tips. I just bought a 680 because I dropped my 650 in water! I want to go with Egrips and a holster. Has anyone tried the Helix or Seidio holster with Egrips? Thanks.

by Andrew | Dec 22, 2006 11:51:27 AM

Kitty - yes, I can confirm that you can use the Helix holster with your Treo 680 and Egrips without any problem.

Having said this, I strongly suggest that you consider the excellent new SPE SafeGuard Holster that holds your Treo 680 perfectly and which is entirely lined with rubber for added scratch protection.


Cheers, A.

by HNanton | Dec 22, 2006 12:18:11 PM

This is a follow up comment on my post a few days ago concerning the SC680 case with belt clip. As indicated, I was to receive a replacement case. Sadly I can now say that this has the same problem which I now believe to be a design flaw. Again to recap, the phone when pulled outward and up is able to come out of the clip without actually pressing the release button. This has caused my Treo to slip out on quite a few occasions (I am now using the supplied neck strap to arrest the potential falls).

I cannot recommend this unit when used with the belt clip, but will like to know whether anyone else has had the same problem. The Treo 680 is new, but there have been variations of this case for the 650 out some time now. I would imagine that the clip mechanism is the same...anyone out there experience similar problems?

I am now also looking for a skin case with clip to replace this unit. Suggestions from anyone will be truly appreciated.


by Suzanna | Jan 6, 2007 11:55:45 PM

Any solutions to the battery issues....i bought a treo 680 yesterday and it already needed charging b4 4pm and i woke up at 2pm! Yikes...should i take it back and try another pda?? This is weird...and without looking really good at the handbook, is there anyway to block my text messages to be displayed for all to see before i even get to the phone. Several times today..i walked over to the phone not hearing it beap and low and behold there was something from my friend for all to see...this could turn into trouble!

by J | Jan 24, 2007 2:03:34 AM

Hi folks - I wonder if you could kindly help with a couple of questions.

Are the Boxwave Flexiskin (for Treo 680) & Smartphone Experts S680 Slim Case exactly the same? The Boxwave comes in an additional color: Aluminum Grey. Other than that I haven't spotted a difference...

Does the iPod Carrying Case with Belt Clip work with a skinned 680?


by J | Jan 30, 2007 2:32:30 PM

I bought Boxwave Flexiskin (for Treo 680) and it seems extremely similar to the S680. Comparing it to the S680 pictures, I'd say the Flexiskin rubber is thicker. Other than that the speaker grille at the back of the Flexiskin is square with diagonal holes and there is a discreet Boxwave logo on the back.

Without being able to compare which is "better" (which is subjective anyway) I'm happy with it. I hope the sturdy rubber offers good protection (the 680 case is very easily scratched and chipped). It isn't too bulky and isn't at all sticky - so it's still possible to pull it in and out of my pocket OK, (minus lint).

The iPod case should show up soon, so hopefully that'll work too.

by J | Jan 31, 2007 1:14:46 AM

Not entirely surprisingly, the iPod carrying case does not work well with the 680 in a Flexiskin. It's a 2 handed wrestle to get it in and back out. If I wanted to do without the skin, the 680 fits securely in the case, but as I'm concerned about dropping it when it's not in a case - that's not an option for me.
P.S. Just ordered a retractable USB charge/sync cable to help with the unimpressive battery life. I installed the camera update that's supposed to help too: http://www.palm.com/us/support/downloads/treo/680cameraupdate.html
P.S.S. I still can't believe they didn't put a better camera in the 680...

by chrystene | Feb 8, 2007 1:54:50 AM

anyone try out the hard cases yet for additional protection for the 680. i use my 680 all day long and feel like it's always banging into things. i'm looking for something with easy access to all the keys, including the touch screen. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

by Ken Williams | Feb 13, 2007 3:01:40 PM

Has anyone tried the Treo case made by "Just Wireless?"
I bought two at Target for $12.99 a piece. Since it's expandable, it shoule haold any Treo. I have two for my 600(work) and 650(home). They work great, have a hard front and back to protect the screen, and you can plug the Treo's accessories in with it upside-down in the case.

by Mike Augenblick | Mar 21, 2007 6:28:44 PM

Definately a problem with 680 & battery life. I love the device, hate I need to constantly charge it, Albeit using a trickle charge via USB seems to last much longer than the tradional AC adapter.

by Terri | Apr 30, 2007 1:37:20 PM

I am considering buying a TREO 650 but am asking for some help in deciding which one will serve me best. I now have a VX6700 which for a pocket PC is very nice but for a phone stinks. I have a hard time reading the screen and making phone calls is a challenge for me with the small touch screen. The slide out keyboard is nice if I need to use it but it just slides open all the time and is a pain. Also, something happened a few weeks ago (apparently Verizon overall had something happen) that erased all my settings and blocked verizon wireless from working at all on my phone. So, to make a long story short I either need to go back and have my VX reset or take the opportunity to switch to a new phone. My friends have the Treo 650 and 700w and are happy with it. I heard the 650 was better for a phone than either one of those (problems sounded similar to the ones I had with the VX). My main concern is that my VX used to sync with my email account at work which runs off Outlook (not express). I need to know if the Treo 650 can be setup to have my email download directly onto it. Also, what is the ease of setting this up because literally it took our IT person 2 days to figure it out. Therefore, when I lost my settings, my IT person said they can't waste their time with setting it up again. And finally, your website is the first that I saw mention of the new 680. Is that available now and would you recommend it over the 650 or 700w? Thanks for your help. It seems like the technology on the phones is advancing to the point that I need a computer degree just to figure all this help. Websites like yours are very informative and helpful. T

by Rolly | May 20, 2007 12:00:46 PM

Is the P5 Ultraslim Leather specifically for Treo 680 already available in the market? Thanks.


by Linda Ireland | Jul 2, 2007 7:14:43 PM

My favorite is the E&B Cases eNOVO case for the Treo 650. I had bought one of E&B's "slipper" cases here for my 650 (http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/4-22--237.htm), and loved it, so when I upgraded to the 680, and didn't see anything I liked especially, I went looking for E&B. For some reason, Treonauts sells an E&B case for the 680, but not the one I like. Mainly, what is great about it is:

Comes with a flip lid, with a magnetic closure, so it has fast access.

There is no median "bar" separating the screen from the keyboard to ride up and hide the keys.

Has a tight fit, with a little inserted elastic to make it hard to slip out, nice and secure.

Has cutouts in the appropriate places for charging, camera, etc., without removing the case, but the corners are completely covered. This is the main reason I didn't buy a Vaja. I think they're beautiful, but if I dropped my Treo, I'd want the corners to be protected. Almost every case I've seen leaves the corners exposed, which defeats the purpose of having a case at all IMHO.

Has a slot in the lid to carry a spare SD card, and comes with a clip if you want it, and a leather circle to lock into place if you don't.

Treonauts: why don't you carry this case: http://www.ebcases.com/-strse-3374/eNOVO-Treo-680-r-fdsh-clip/Detail.bok

instead of:
http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/4-120--87.htm (looks like this is a Treo 650, not a 680, with the antenna in the picture, anyway.)

Only problem, a little pricey, 69.95, but I think it's worth it, comes in black, brown or red, and it has just plain stitching to match the leather (I hate white stitching on black leather, it looks tacky and just gets dirty and then looks worse.) The leather has a nice fine graining, maybe not butter soft, but it feels like it will stand up to wear, which my last E&B case did for well over 2 years (it's now going on to a new life with a friend who has a 650 and coveted my case.)

My only possible complaints: my old case had a pocket in the lid to keep a business card in, and I wish they had put one under the SD card slot, and I guess I'd prefer they not have put their corporate "bug" on the cover, since I'd prefer a nice, totally smooth feel, but I think almost every manufacturer does this.

by Eric | Jul 4, 2007 6:57:32 PM

Regarding the eNOVO Treo 680 r clip model that Linda Ireland mentions above, I wanted to add some comments. I own this case in brown leather as well as the snakeskin model and have to recommend the snakeskin.

The snakeskin one came free with the purchase of the 680 from the Palm store(google for the coupon code). I think snakeskin is cheezy looking and won't hold up as well living in my pocket for several years, but it was free so why not. Turns out it was exactly the form factor of case I wanted - something that will cover the screen and buttons in my pocket but flip out of the way, and with no snap or velcro.

But I wanted it to look nicer so I ordered the leather model. The leather one is almost exactly the same but is worse in two ways. I've switched back to the snakeskin and may return the leather one.

I think most importantly, the leather is slightly thicker, and it comes out a bit further past the keyboard than the thinner snakeskin model. This extra height and thickness means it's difficult to press the buttons in the outermost columns on either end of the keyboard while it's in the case. No trouble at all with the snakeskin model. It is low and flush along either side of the keyboard.

The other issue is the removable flipcover. The snakeskin model doesn't have this. The leather one does, which would seem like a plus but the thing that holds the flipcover on is a flimsy little piece of metal wire that slides into a tiny nylon sleeve. It slides back and forth in there and doesn't want to stay put. I see that being the weak point of this thing over time. I see it bending or the sleeve ripping under stress.

An advantage of the leather model is that it has an SD card holder slot on the underside of the flipcover. This comes at the expense of a bit of added thickness, however.

Otherwise either of these cases is a good choice. There are cutouts in all the key places (side buttons, LED, earpiece, camera, speaker, ringer on/off, connector area), the main body of the case is reinforced with some thin metal inside the leather, and there's an optional plastic belt clip assembly you can screw onto it if you're a belter not a pocketer. It's not bad - locks in place and has a release button.

I ordered it from the Palm store and they sent me a model that had been opened before and had the wrong gauge of screw to screw on the clip assembly (too small), so if you get one that doesn't want to screw in, send it back for an exchange.

by charisse | Aug 4, 2007 12:11:01 AM

ey m also having a prob with my treo 680's battery life..i charge everyday n twice a day sometimes.but i recently found out that u can have it 'reformatted'/...technicians told me that the program for the camera patch that comes with when u buy 680 is like eating up ur battery ALL THE TIME even if u log out from camera use.this also contributed to the fact that i cannot recieve picture images by bluetooth since camera patch is always turned on .so when i had it reformatted both that prob was solved.n my battery life now lasts up to 3days...2 days heavy use..

by charisse | Aug 6, 2007 5:24:58 AM

vaja case for treo 680...does it come in one design only?i mean i just saw it in their website and well its extremely nice..comes in all color combinations plus leather type..its just that your screen is so exposed and so more chances of it getting damaged.the design is like a slip-on case but without a cover....can we ever suggest to vaja to make an alternative case???...one with a cover please..

by Scott | Aug 6, 2007 5:30:01 PM

I'm looking for a good belt case for my Treo 680. I used to have a 650 but lost it. That version had an antennae that made it easy to get it out of the side pouch I used on my belt. Unfortunately the 680 no longer has an antenna and getting it out of the common cases is a bit difficult, fussy and often resulting in missed calls. Anyone else having this problem or am I just clumsy?

by Mandi | Sep 5, 2007 10:51:58 PM

Nothing beats a Vaja! I have one now for my 650 and when I upgrade to the 680 I'll get the vaja again. Shame that they do not have a flip case for the 680 like I have for the 650.

by Kay Blake | May 4, 2008 1:22:59 PM

I looking for a case for my Treo 680 with entended battery that has a shoulder strap. Does anyone know of one? Kay

by abdurrachman | Dec 13, 2011 1:39:18 AM

cari chasing palm 680 di indonesia dimana atau saya harus cari dimana

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