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Treo 750 Unlocked HSDPA-Ready Now Available In Europe. US soon?

Treo 750 UnlockedPalm today announced that it will make an unlocked version of the Windows Mobile Treo 750 smartphone that will specifically have HSDPA (3G) capability available across Europe starting tomorrow Feb. 6.  It is estimated to be priced around £429 ($850) and hopefully a US version will also become available shortly.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the Treo 750 is probably the first Windows Mobile smartphone that has even remotely made me consider switching from the PalmOS.  Even though I am still very much in the PalmOS camp I am nonetheless delighted to hear so many Windows Mobile fans tell me how they consider the Treo 750 to be the best choice in its category.  Over the weekend I even had the opportunity to catch up with a friend who was previously an avid BlackBerry user but has now seen her entire company (a large financial services firm) make the move to the Treo 750.

There is no doubt that the Treo 750 smartphone, which has been available on Vodafone's 3G/UMTS network since September 2006 in Europe and also recently announced with Cingular Wireless in the US, holds enormous appeal to the corporate market.  The Treo 750 combines the hallmark Palm experience of a multifeatured mobile phone with email, messaging, web browsing and organization software all in a compact design.  It runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition, offering users access to Outlook applications as well as the ability to view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files and view PowerPoint and PDF files. The touch screen makes surfing websites, gathering data and navigating forms and applications much easier.

Additionally, the Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP) is available out of the box with the Treo 750 and includes Direct Push Technology, which gives users connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server fast, automatic wireless updates of their email, calendar items, contacts and tasks.  It provides added security features for IT administrators, such as over-the-air password policy enforcement and remote wipe for lost or stolen devices. MSFP also gives users over-the-air lookup of a company's Global Address List (GAL), providing employees with quick access to colleagues' email and contact information. The Treo 750 offers mobile professionals other corporate email options, including streamlined access to Microsoft Exchange.

Unique to the Treo smartphone on Windows Mobile 5.0 is a suite of software enhancements developed by Palm that underscores its brand promise of fast access, ease of use and simplicity. Examples include the following:

  • Threaded chat view for text and MMS messages;
  • Today Screen enhancements, which feature the ability to "dial by name" with a few keystrokes on the keyboard, perform a web search directly from the Today Screen and perform one-touch dialing with personalized photo speed dials;
  • Ability to manage a call directly from the Today Screen and stay on top of voicemail with on-screen, VCR-like icons, such as rewind, delete and fast-forward controls for easy navigation; and
  • Capability to ignore a call and quickly send a text message such as "In a meeting" or "Can't talk right now" by selecting the "Ignore with text" option from the incoming call screen.

Among the additional software on the Unlocked Treo 750 will be Microsoft's Pocket MSN, giving users access to MSN services, such as instant messaging and support for MSN Hotmail accounts within Outlook Mobile.  The device will be compatible with 3G UMTS/HSDPA networks (UMTS/HSDPA is a global standard and natural 3G evolutionary path for GSM providers).

Roy Bedlow, vice president, Palm EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) said that "The Treo 750 smartphone continues to expand our customer reach globally.  There are over 5 million Treo smartphones sold globally to date, and continuing to expand the Treo footprint is a key focus for Palm.  The addition of HSDPA is just one of the great benefits the new Treo 750 smartphone has to offer professionals who want a strong mobile computing experience."

Palm Announces General Availability of Windows Mobile-Based Treo 750 Smartphone in Europe [Press Release]

Treonauts always have the best mobile computing experience

Posted by Andrew on February 5, 2007 at 06:13 PM

Treo 750

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by Joshua Ochs | Feb 5, 2007 6:19:17 PM


by Andrew | Feb 5, 2007 6:27:29 PM

Oops... Thanks Joshua.

Cheers, A.

by Brian Stein | Feb 5, 2007 9:52:22 PM

Andrew -

You continue to rave how the 750 is the first WM5 Treo that makes you consider switching from Palm and how it differentiates itself from the other Treo's as being more attractive to corporate IT departments. However, the big differences between the 700wx and the 750 are form factor and threaded SMS, neither of which I can see corporate IT departments puting much value on.

Are there other diffentiating factors beteen the 750 and 700wx that make it more appealing to you, or have you just taken some time to warm up to the idea of a WM Treo?



by Scotty | Feb 6, 2007 2:21:57 AM

GSM (750) vs CDMA (700w/wx)

by Martin Egholm | Feb 6, 2007 2:48:24 AM

£429 is not ~$850 - it's $550.
// Martin

[Edited: actually it is Martin. The rate of exchange is 1.96 these days and therefore £429 is roughly $850. Cheers, A.]

by Martin Egholm | Feb 6, 2007 8:22:03 AM

Oh, unfortunately the $850 was correct - it was the Euro part that was wrong: it should read: £650 ;-(

by Kie | Feb 6, 2007 10:21:37 AM

been pondering to change to 750v from my 650.. don't see much changes from the 750v to this unlocked 750 except for pocket msn, do you guys think it's worthwhile waiting for this, that is, if it's coming to singapore?

by landoncube | Feb 6, 2007 11:09:44 AM

"Ability to manage a call directly from the Today Screen and stay on top of voicemail with on-screen, VCR-like icons, such as rewind, delete and fast-forward controls for easy navigation..."

I have had my 750 for 30 days now and I love it! I cannot, however, find anything like the 'VCR-like' voicemail controls.

Also, Andrew, any speculation on the upgrade benefits of Windows Mobile 6? (I can't recall the new name.)

It is worth noting that BATTERY LIFE IS SPECTACULAR!!! I have no explanation, but it is BETTER than my 650. Maybe I had a bad 3200 650 battery...


by jl | Mar 1, 2007 10:40:42 AM

So why would anyone get an iPhone when this phone has SO much more? Seems stupid to come out with it- all I see is watching movies and no keyboard which I prefer.

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