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Treo 8GB HDSC Memory Card Great On My 680 + Hack For Treo 700p

I have recently discovered that the Treo 680 natively supports the new 8GB SDHC cards (the Treo 700p also works via a simple hack) and naturally I just couldn’t wait to to get my hands on one and take it for a spin…

Treo 8GB SDHC Card

Over the years I have amassed quite a large collection of SD cards – the ones above are just ‘a few’ of these – which have been key to help me really enjoy the digital entertainment capabilities of my Treo – with music (Pocket Tunes Deluxe), movies & TV shows (CorePlayer), photos (SplashPhoto) audiobooks (Audible), ebooks and podcasts. 

To date I have typically travelled with some ten SD cards (see The Joy of Large Capacity SD Cards) giving me close to 30GB of mobile storage but I will now very happily change this to four 8GB SDHC cards (the fact that their price keeps dropping and is now below $75 per unit at places like Newegg also makes it affordable).  Another plus is that I am now finally able to put the _entire_ contents of my PC’s personal and business files (excluding music and movies) on just ONE 8GB card and access these on my Treo on the go (with DocumentsToGo and other applications) – absolutely amazing.

Treo 680
Getting started using an 8GB SDHC card with your Treo 680 simply requires you to insert it in the SD card slot.  However, there are two things to note. 

First, when you check Card Info in your Applications you will see that it will state that your card has 3602.4MB Free (image above left) instead of 7602.4MB but don’t worry as this is just a small reporting error and does not reflect the storage capacity that you have available – all applications on your Treo will have access to the full 8GB storage capacity.  For example, in the image above right my card actually has 7044.3MB used but it only reports 3044.3MB.

Secondly, unless you have recently purchased an SD Card Reader that specifically works with the new SDHC cards you will be unable to use your old card reader to transfer files.  I personally chose to get the small SanDisk MicroMate SDHC Card Reader (pictured here) which I like a lot and is backward-compatible to work with all previous SD cards that you might have.  Some people have also reported some success using the Softick Card Export II software (which turns your Treo itself into a card reader) with SDHC cards but I personally prefer the simplicity of a standalone card reader.

Treo 700p
Enabling the use of an 8GB SDHC card on your Treo 700p is a bit more complex but even a novice user should be able to do this within a couple of minutes.  You’ll first need to:

  1. Download and install the free FileZ application (or a similar one such as the great Resco Explorer)
  2. Download but do NOT install and do NOT HotSync this SDIO-sdsd.prc file
  3. Have a standard (not SDHC) SD card of any size ready
  4. Have your new 8GB SDHC card ready

Then do the following:

  1. Copy the SDIO-sdsd.prc file to your standard SD card (not SDHC)
  2. Insert the standard SD card in your Treo 700p
  3. Open FileZ, browse to your SD card, select ‘Copy’ the SDIO-sdsd.prc file and ‘Paste’ it to your ‘Internal’ memory folder
  4. Exit the application and soft reset your Treo

After all this you should now also be perfectly able to use your new 8GB SDHC card with your Treo 700p.

It may not be ‘super’ easy to get started with these new 8GB SDHC cards but the fact is that our Treo is actually one of the very few devices out there that is actually able to even use them so I think that the small trouble and some patience is well worth the effort.  To be honest I haven’t yet quite absorbed the fact that I now have an incredible 8GB on a single SD card on my Treo!  Amazing…

Treonauts are always amazingly amazed

Posted by Andrew on February 7, 2007 at 06:31 PM

Treo Accessories , Treo Memory Card

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by RonyG | Jul 31, 2007 2:48:04 PM

Doesn't the new Palm firmware update 1.10 I think, not clear up the 4 gig SDHC card issues?

by Cliff | Aug 2, 2007 3:07:54 PM

I tried to install this hack on my Treo 700p with the 1.10 update. It would not install. Anyone have this issue?

by Tom Cook | Aug 6, 2007 11:18:40 AM

Has anyone tried the update for the 700p and the 8gig patch?

by John | Aug 8, 2007 8:28:56 AM

this is great to know - many, many thanks - now I too can throw away multiple 2gb SD cards of music ;-) I think the only question in my mind now before i rush out and stock up on 8gb cards is 'has anyone tried this with a palm TX?' - having 8gb cards in my TX would make it an extremely nice portable video player ;-)

by Winston Reynolds | Aug 10, 2007 9:32:32 PM

Help! Please!

Talk to me like I am four years old.

I too have a Treo 680 and newly purchased Transcend SDHC 8 gb card. When I insert the card a Handheld Error "The startup application for this card cannot be run" appears. In Applications - Card Info, the card is recognized. When I select "Format card" it displays "Formatting" indefinately. I am unable to write anything to the card.


Winston Reynolds (Cyber dummy)

by Cookefan | Nov 13, 2007 4:28:16 PM

This Works Great!! Was shopping at Fry's Electronics and saw the 8 gig card. Asked a salesperson if it would work in my Treo 700P and they said no. I googled the same question right there in the store on my Treo with my internet service which led me to this page. I showed it to the saleperson and they tried to play me off like a sucker. I bought the card, went home, pulled up this page on my laptop, followed the instructions and now I have a Treo 700PalmOS with 8 gigs of space on the card!! I love it. I have already put movies and TV shows on it and was watching one while relaxing in the car at lunch yesterday. This just goes to show, never trust an idiot behind the counter when you are trying to think outside the box, and always google a subject when you run imto a brick wall of ignorance. I purchased the A-Data 8GB SDHC Combo kit which comes with its own High Speed Reader so I did'nt have to schlep around to the other side of the store and pick one out. Total was about $79.00USD but it was worth it to me b/c I dont have a lot of time to shop. I did have the same problems with the display of memory on the system...but who gives a crap? I still watch my movies, run all my programs, read all my textbooks and talk on the phone....Who needs a freaking iPod!!!!

by PRINCE | Nov 30, 2007 6:46:55 PM

The third degree

by RHester | Dec 7, 2007 7:25:02 PM

Hi Andrew,
Did you ever figure out a hack for using a 8GB SDHC card in a Treo 650? Thanks.

by John Oxley | Dec 26, 2007 11:37:25 AM

Is there any way to get a 4 gb or even an 8 gb card to work on the treo 650.

by Craig | Jul 8, 2008 11:53:16 AM

I just purchased a 8GB SanDisk SDHC Card. Like a dummy, I didn't verify if my Palm Treo 700 would accept the memory. My phone did not come with a card as I bought it off a bid site.

Is there anyway for me to get my 8GB of memory to work without already having a card?

Thanks in advance

by YChow | Jul 28, 2008 11:01:55 AM

i have a plam tx. i use it tonnes and need tonnes of info on my device memory. I bought a 4GB SDHC SanDisk card. Neither my Palm Tx, nor my Dell Axim x51v nor my Dell Axim 5 will recognise the card. Anyone can help?

by Greg | Aug 8, 2008 7:52:46 PM

I accidently installed the SDIO prc incorrectly Now when I try to delete it I get "An error prevented the file from being deleted. 539"

Please advise

by Ron | Aug 9, 2008 2:11:28 PM

I have a Treo 700p I got the 8 gig sd card. I put the file in the internal memory. It says it's there but I don't see it on the list. I then soft reset puled out battery. When i pt in the 8 gig it just freezes up. Any help would be appreciated. I am new to the treo world.

by Axel | Aug 19, 2008 6:59:28 PM

Hi there. I have a TREO 680 and just bought an 4Gb SDHC card. Do you know a simple method to access the SDHC card thru the PC (as if the TREO was a removable HDD) without removing it from the TREO? My laptop doesn't detect the SDHC. I transferred some MP3 directly to Pocket Tunes via Windows Media Player as directed in: http://www.palm.com/us/support/treo/treo680cingular/guide/Sec06mediaaeq.html but it didn't create a folder to file the album properly, so it became a mess. I want to order the MP3 in albums so I can find them easily. Pleaseeee heeeeelp!!!! Thanx.

by Erb | Aug 21, 2008 11:34:18 PM

Response to YChow and others. Watch these 2 sites:


by Erb | Aug 21, 2008 11:37:30 PM

WARNING TO COMMENTERS: Contrary to what it says, your e-mail address is NOT kept private when you post. There is a mailto: link on your post with your address in it. Suggest you use a fake address.

by BJ | Sep 29, 2008 10:39:07 PM

Any word on making an 8gb sd card work on a Treo 750?

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