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SPE FlipCase Treo Case Review

As you know well it takes quite a bit to impress me and get me excited.  It’s doubly hard for a Treo flip-lid case to do so since I’m not generally keen on this type of case.  I was therefore pleasantly surprised when upon closer inspection the new SPE FlipCase for the Treo 680 & 750 (available in both Brown and Black) was able to break through the clutter and leave a very positive impression indeed.

Treo 680 Case SPE Flip Lid

Like all cases in this category one of the immediate benefits of a flip-lid model is that your Treo will be completely ‘enrobed’ in leather – in this particular instance very high quality soft leather – protecting all sides and offering a very clean front lid.  Whenever you pick your Treo up you’ll immediately receive a tactile reward as your fingers clutch the case and come in contact with this leather – it just feels great.

The back (above) is equally well designed and built with excellent and elegant stitching (detail below right) as well as leaving the necessary openings for the speakerphone, camera, stylus, side buttons and bottom connectors but strangely none for the side SD card slot.  Additionally, there is also a strong belt clip attachment (see further below).  The only thing that I personally feel could be improved and which I have complained about with other manufacturers is the clip-on top latch which I would much prefer to have completely covered in leather instead of having the clip sticking out.

Fully opened (below) the SPE FlipCase lid also offers a convenient slot for a spare SD card.  The Brown model pictured here has a beige suede interior while the Black model has a black leather interior.  Additionally, the thing that I really like is the fact that when closed the lid is held in place by two small circular magnets hidden under the leather at the top of the case which makes it extremely easy and convenient to flip the lid open (identical to the more expensive Sena MagnetFlipper).

The other thing that I like is the fact that 99% of the keyboard remains easily accessible (below) with a very good low profile and the only two keys which remained mildly obstructed were the Return and Menu buttons (below right).  Hopefully SPE will be able to fix this very minor matter in an updated model.

Additionally, another thing that sets the SPE FlipCase apart is its relative low profile (below) compared to other flip-lid cases which have the bad habit of seemingly doubling the thickness of your Treo.  Thankfully this one is very slim and feels extremely comfortable in your hand.

As I mentioned earlier, the SPE FlipCase also benefits from a removable belt clip (below) which is similarly very slim but personally I would prefer to use this case without it.

Overall, if you are looking for a high quality, elegant and slim leather flip-lid case for your Treo 680 or Treo 750 that also happens to offer terrific value (it’s priced at only $29.95) I have no doubt that you’ll be extremely pleased with this SPE FlipCase.

Treonauts are always impressive

Posted by Andrew on February 8, 2007 at 03:20 PM

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by newtreouser | Feb 9, 2007 9:30:58 AM

How easily is the phone retrived form the case when using the belt clip? It appears like it might be akward. Otherwise it seems like a great case.

by Kristen | Aug 15, 2007 11:21:24 PM

I am new to treos. I just bought a 755p. This looks like a great case and it came up as an option for my model, but your review says it's for the Treo 680 & 750.

I would like a black one very much, but am not sure it will work.

Thanks for the great site.

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