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Treo Charging Kit: SPE ExtraPower 5in1 USB Tips Bundle

As I mentioned recently (see Top 10 Treo Accessories) the SPE ExtraPower+Sync USB Retractable Cable is quite possibly the single best value accessory that you can buy.

The second one is now without a doubt the just released and equally small, light and durable SPE ExtraPower 5in1 USB Tips Bundle (pictured below) which gives you the same benefits as the standard ExtraPower+Sync (to charge and HotSync your Treo via your PC’s USB port) plus also four additional charging tips to for example charge your Bluetooth headset and GPS Navigation receiver.

Treo Charger SPE ExtraPower

From left to right below, the first tip is designed to fit all SonyEricsson Bluetooth headsets and accessories, the second offers a miniUSB tip that can among many others be used to charge most Motorola headsets (such as my favourite Moto H700), the third provides a Power+Sync tip that fits all Treo smartphones including the new Treo 680 and Treo 750, the fourth is a standard Palm charging tip with which you can again power your Treo or the bestselling Palm Wireless Headset and finally the fifth tip offers TomTom Navigator owners like me the option to power the GPS receiver at their PC.

The retractable USB unit itself extends to about 40” (100cm) and offers male/female connectors to attach the bundled tips but also any other USB cable or tip that you might already have - such as the Mobi DuoCharger, USB Car Adapter or USB Wall Adapter.  Additionally, if you would like to charge two units simultaneously (for example your Treo and BT headset) you can also purchase just the USB Male-Female Retractable cable and just plug a tip from the bundle.

As always, what makes these retractable USB solutions so incredibly practical for me is the combination of their small size, no messy cables, ability to power/sync from my laptop and light weight – they’re absolutlely ideal for taking anywhere.  The SPE ExtraPower 5in1 USB Tips Bundle is without a doubt one of the best additions to my Treo accessories kit in a while.

Treonauts always have the greatest kit

Posted by Andrew on February 21, 2007 at 09:48 AM

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by Cripple | Feb 22, 2007 10:43:14 PM

I wonder if you can plug in an USB Hub and charge many devices at once? Looks like the Tips are just standard USB so it should be no trouble.

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