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Windows Mobile 6 On Treo 750: Exclusive First Images!

Yesterday at 3GSM in Barcelona, Microsoft revealed details of its new Windows Mobile 6 operating system which features support for rich HTML e-mail, increased functionality within Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile programs, and improved security and device management for IT managers. 

Windows Mobile 6 Treo 750

I’m delighted to bring you the first pictures [Thanks Ethan] of WM6 running on a Treo 750 clearly showing Palm’s unique Windows Mobile enhancements such as the “Type a name or number” in the Today screen below.  How soon will we have to wait to see these in stores?  Well, Pieter Knook, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Devices division, confirms that “Palm is announcing upgrades to the Treo 750 [with Windows Mobile 6]”.  Palm has yet to make its own official statement about this but I imagine that it will be coming very soon.

Windows Mobile 6 Treo 750

According to Microsoft’s press release, Windows Mobile 6 delivers advanced mobile communications, increased mobile productivity and optimized mobile business performance, with a consistent and familiar Microsoft software experience.

Advanced Mobile Communications
Mobile, delivering a more powerful mobile communications experience to the user:

  • Genuine Outlook Mobile experience through HTML support.* Windows Mobile 6 allows users to view e-mail messages the way the sender intended: with pictures, tables, links and formatting. It is the only mobile solution available to offer this experience.
  • Faster access to contacts and communities of people. Windows Mobile 6 helps users stay connected with their contacts and the communities they care about through improved collaboration with their corporate address book and Windows Live services.
  • Searching Exchange Server 2007 for more efficient e-mail management. Windows Mobile 6 allows users to communicate more effectively by automatically “fetching” additional text when users scroll down messages and by implementing new features that can help improve the efficiency with which users can manage their inbox through searching of folders and sent mail.
  • Support of Information Rights Management to help increase protection. To help ensure access to protected content and preservation of the security intended by the sender, Windows Mobile 6 provides built-in support for Information Rights Management, to send and receive rights-managed messages and documents.
  • Optimized and rich Windows Live experience. Windows Live for Windows Mobile delivers a unique and rich experience, combining online services such as Messenger, Contacts, Windows Live Mail and Search.
  • Flexible connections and new e-mail account setup. Windows Mobile 6 improves the new e-mail account setup experience by providing simple and efficient access to new setup wizards.

Increased Mobile Productivity
Windows Mobile 6 provides an increased level of productivity by helping users reach deeper into information available on their devices to places they can’t reach while at their desks:

  • Office Mobile suite. A new addition to the operating system is the Office Mobile suite (Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile) for Windows Mobile 6 Standard, helping users manage and review documents on any Windows Mobile 6 powered device.
  • Enhanced control and visibility of Outlook Calendar information. Windows Mobile 6 increases users’ ability to manage their day through features such as the calendar bar, out-of-office assistant,* and meeting attendees* and status.*.
  • LOB application support. Windows Mobile 6 delivers productivity through one of the largest catalogs of line-of-business (LOB) applications, providing access to existing information and connections to tools.
  • Smart filtering to give users more productivity. Windows Mobile 6 gives users a way to find the messages that they want without having to scan through a lengthy list of messages.
  • PC connectivity technologies. Synchronization is improved with the new Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) for connectivity of Windows Mobile powered devices and Windows Vista powered PCs.
  • Enhancements to Internet Explorer Mobile. Internet Explorer® Mobile enables faster viewing times and better support for many of most popular Web pages browsed with mobile phones.
  • Greater collaboration and interoperability. Windows Mobile 6 increases the ability to collaborate and gain access to information stored on Exchange Server, SharePoint and Universal Naming Convention (UNC) file shares.

Optimized Mobile Business Performance
Windows Mobile 6 delivers increased device control and security, and greater operability with Exchange Server and other Microsoft assets so businesses can efficiently deploy, manage and help secure their mobile solutions:

  • Collaboration with Exchange Server 2007. Windows Mobile 6 working together with Exchange Server 2007 helps make deploying, administering and monitoring a mobile messaging environment simple and cost-effective.
  • Increased device control and security. With new security capabilities and device management policies such as storage card encryption and enhanced PIN strength, Windows Mobile 6 offers users the ability to manage and deploy Windows Mobile powered devices with enhanced security.
  • Line-of-business applications. Powerful mobile versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework and SQL Server™ built into Windows Mobile 6 make it even easier to access sales tools, inventory tracking or any other application from a Windows Mobile powered smartphone, previously only possible on PCs.
  • Internationalization of Windows Mobile. The addition of language provisioning and spell checker for East Asian versions enables users in those regions to better collaborate within their local markets.

*Requires Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft Reveals New Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone Software [Press Release]

Treonauts are always first

Posted by Andrew on February 13, 2007 at 05:43 AM

Treo 750

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by Peter | Feb 13, 2007 8:09:30 AM

Will we be able to upgrade to WM6 from WM5 on our 700w?

by Eric | Feb 13, 2007 9:56:37 AM

Will this come in a ROM update in the near future for our 750s?

by Bart Breslow | Feb 13, 2007 9:57:45 AM

Will we be able to upgrade a treo 700w with mobile 5 to version 6?

by Andrew | Feb 13, 2007 10:01:05 AM

Peter - this is very much the big question waiting to be answered... At the moment all we know is that there will be a Treo 750 released running Windows Mobile 6 but not if existing Treo 750 or Treo 700w|wx owners will be able to upgrade to WM6.

Cheers, A.

by Sal | Feb 13, 2007 2:34:58 PM

I heard that if you utilize the auto update feature on window mobile 5 it will automatically give you the option of downloading and installing windows mobile 6. No idea if it works coz i own a 650. Let me know if it works out.


by clee | Feb 13, 2007 4:31:36 PM

Sal - Interesting comment. I use a 650 as well, but would love to hear if it updates like you said. I imagine it would take several minutes...hmmmm.

Can someone with a 750 give it a run for the money, today?

by wes | Feb 13, 2007 5:26:10 PM

i'm really excited to see future reviews and how wm6 will run on a treo 750 when it actually comes out. the major reasons why I went with a 680 was that wm5 didn't support 320x320 reso and that it doesn't support native word and excel files. looking forward to an unlucked one from palm as well.

by Tracy | Feb 15, 2007 9:57:26 PM

If the Samsung i730 is any indication then there would be no upgrade. The i730 came out on the heals of WM5 and while there were rampant rumors of them rolling out an upgrade it never materialized. I was going to upgrade to a 700 but I think I will now wait it out I don't want to be stuck with an old operating system again for a 2 yr contract period.

by Peter O'Connell | Feb 16, 2007 1:36:42 PM

Does anybody else find it entirely frustrating that the developers are so entirely vague about their release dates?!

I know much of it has to do with competitive advantage et al but I think it ALSO has to do with them not having their technological “acts” together.

So much goes into a product launch from the technology of the product to informing and training vendors on how to sell and use the product...companies like Palm have the time to plan and execute correctly...but they never do!

When the 650 first came out two years ago and I went to the Cingular store to buy it (though I wanted to stay with Verizon...who had NO idea when they were going to release the 650 )the Cingular reps were absolutely clueless as to have the treo operated! I had to teach them!

Though it’s a call that will fall on deaf ears, let’s hope the developers can finally get their act together technologically and operationally so that the 750 launch with Windows mobile will be a lot smoother AND precise.

This rant is now completed :))

by Nick | Feb 18, 2007 3:13:55 AM

Hi all.
Existing Treo 750 owners will be getting an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6. I dont have the exact date for the release and havent confirmed if it is a free upgrade or not. I have been using the Treo 750 since the first day it came out and i love it.

by software tips | Feb 18, 2007 3:51:35 PM

For now it is unclear when this Windows Mobile 6 upgrade will be available but by this announcement Palm sends clear signal "you can buy 750 safely without being worried that it runs outdated operating system because upgrade is coming". Very good decision of Palm! ... (also Windows Mobile 6 upgrade to T-Mobile Dash has been announced) and now it is yet to be seen which other Windows Mobile manufacturers will follow with which handsets...

by Nina | Feb 20, 2007 11:03:41 PM

Does the Treo 750 have 3200 battery and extended case, if so where can I order one?

by Tom | Feb 24, 2007 1:07:13 AM


what is your source for this assertion? I want this to be true because I want to move from the 650 to the 750, but I'm seeing lots of other posts to the contrary.

by Duffyhs | Feb 25, 2007 4:01:58 AM

I had to say just one thing:


look at the second picture, the "palm" and "treo" singns, and you will see what i mean

by Rod | Mar 21, 2007 5:03:09 PM

Duffyhs: The letters are etched onto the metal. They look that way because they go over the bevel and the flash reflects differently on the different surfaces.

by Dipu | Jul 8, 2008 8:55:14 AM

I want to have one but only able to pay cash upon received.

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