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BodyGuardz & ScreenGuardz: A Great Treo Skin & Screen Protector

There’s a reason that Treo Screen Protectors have always been among the Top 3 bestselling accessories for your smartphone – they’re simply one of the smartest and best value investments that you can make to ensure that your expensive touchscreen does not get scratched.  Basically, for nearly all Treonauts getting a screen protector is a complete no brainer.

Treo BodyGuardzI was therefore extremely curious to explore the concept of “body protectors” offered by the new BodyGuardz kit (available for all Treo models) which includes a set of transparent scratch-proof films that have been cut to precisely fit around particular sections of your Treo (for example the 680 version pictured here on the right offers six cutouts to be applied on the front, sides and back), as well as a water-based solution in a small spray bottle to apply the film and a ‘Squeegee’ to remove excess bubbles if necessary.  Additionally, the kit conveniently also includes three separate ScreenGuardz screen protectors to provide a complete scratch-proof solution for your Treo.

Treo BodyGuardz Kit

The BodyGuardz can be considered to be the thinnest ‘skin’ case available for your smartphone – albeit one that comes without any of the hassles typically associated with other Treo skin cases.  BodyGuardz are made from the same material that is used to protect the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements.  Once applied it offers a tough, durable and completely transparent ultrathin shield for your Treo (I later also discovered that it enhances your grip as well thanks to the material’s slightly sticky properties).

I have to admit that I was initially somewhat sceptical about the above claims and it took me a little while before taking the plunge to apply the BodyGuardz to my own Treo.  In the end though, I am _extremely_ glad that I eventually did.

Application Instructions
Applying the BodyGuardz is quite simple but does require just a little bit of patience.  In my experience, you should set aside some 15 minutes to apply the body film + screen protector and another 30 minutes to let the film dry and settle on your Treo.

  • Before getting started you should ensure that your Treo is thoroughly clean – free from dust and dirt.  I personally recommend using a Microfiber Cloth for this.
  • Wet both your hands by spraying some of the application solution two or three times and keep them wet whenever you are handling the film.
  • Slowly remove one of the film cutouts from the liner, place it on your left hand with the sticky side up (see image below) and spray the application solution once or twice on it so that it fully covers the film.

Treo BodyGuardz

  • Lay the film on the relevant section of your Treo trying to get as close to the final position as possible.  Don’t worry about getting it just right on your first try as you can easily lift the film and reposition it.  Additionally, try to ensure that no bubbles remain at the center of the film but don’t worry about the sides not sticking perfectly as this will happen automatically when the film dries.

Treo BodyGuardz

Once applied and fully dried you will barely be able to notice that the BodyGuardz now covers your Treo.  You will however have the benefit of a nearly invisible scratch-proof protection and also better grip thanks to the natural anti-slip properties of the film.

Overall, considering that the BodyGuardz kit includes not only a set of two full body films but also three separate screen protectors I personally found it to offer excellent value and a terrific solution for any Treonaut who like me typically prefers to use his or her Treo ‘naked’.  Additionally, since I’ve never been a particularly big fan of traditional skin cases I found this to be an excellent alternative.

Treonauts are always exploring new options

Posted by Andrew on March 27, 2007 at 10:15 AM

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by Paul Miner | Mar 27, 2007 11:50:46 AM

Have you seen the Invisi-Shield protectors for Treo's?
Looks almost the same but has a lifetime guarantee. Check out the video... I put it on my IPOD and Garmin GPS as well as my Treo. Outstanding product!

by Andrew | Mar 27, 2007 12:05:51 PM

Paul - yes, I also like the InvisiShield http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/4-133--1040.htm

Unfortunately it is not yet available for all Treo models as the BodyGuardz are.

Cheers, A.

by jso | Mar 27, 2007 12:35:23 PM

Hey Andrew - I know this won't match up with the subject matter, but I'd really like your opinion. I'm thinking of getting a treo for the first time - the 700p. Would there be a compelling reason ( s ) to wait? New products for instance. I like the price I can get from Verizon right now - $299, but would also hate to regret not waiting for an improved product.


by MH | Mar 27, 2007 1:30:57 PM

Has anyone found a good holster for the 750? I have tried a few that are build for the older Treos and the 750 doesn't fit very snug in them.


by RichC | Mar 27, 2007 3:16:15 PM

Speaking of holsters, how does the bodyshield handle the slipping in and out of the SPESlipcase or the variety of holsters and car mounts?

by David | Mar 27, 2007 4:39:26 PM

When I had the Invisible Shield, it was a tighter squeeze using the Palm cradle. I would also slide it into the Piel Frama leather case and Seidio spring holster (or whatever it's called) and it worked fine, but again, was a tight fit.

by jberger | Mar 27, 2007 5:33:48 PM

Perhaps I'm missing something here, is this just like the egrips that have been around forever?

I've been using them on the treo since the 180/270 models. Is this something different?

by Andrew | Mar 28, 2007 6:22:14 AM

jso - there is always a reason to wait but it depends on your budget (new models will always be a little more expensive at first) and just how long you're willing to wait. I do not currently know of a new Treo becoming available on Verizon and don't believe that one will appear much before June. I hope this helps.

MH - Please try the Seidio 750 Holster http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/4-24--1782.htm

jberger - the main difference between the BodyGuardz and egrips ( http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/4-133--553.htm )is that BodyGuardz are _much_ thinner and therefore offer much better compatibility with cases. Additionally, I personally found that with the egrips it is nearly impossible to easily slip a Treo into my pocket because of the "extreme" adhesion properties.

Cheers, A.

by alisa | Mar 30, 2007 11:56:14 AM

I have a 680 with the extended battery/cover. Will this fit over the extended back cover as well?

by JCB | Apr 2, 2007 12:55:46 AM

Same question here. No case fits my 750 with extended battery. It would be great if they could fit. Then I wouldn´t have the need to use a rubber skin that really doesn´t fit. I really don´t like to case my treo.

by Andrew | Apr 2, 2007 8:39:01 AM

JCB - one of the cases that will fit your Treo 750 with the extended battery is the SPE UltraSlim - http://shop.treonauts.com/content/accessories/4-132--1752.htm

Cheers, A.

by Jason | Apr 3, 2007 12:56:52 PM

I just wanted to say that I installed the bodyguardz on my 680 this weekend. I love it. Nothing more that I can add to the review. Just a cosign on the value, ease, added grip and thickness. Top notch

by Rob | Apr 6, 2007 6:15:39 PM

I bought the same kind of skin for my Treo 700p for $7 at www.bestskinsever.com

Here is a link - http://www.bestskinsever.com/servlet/the-16/Palm-Treo-700w-and/Detail

They also sell a version for the 680.

It doesn't come with a spray bottle and squegee but I just put a milimeter of water in a small plate and wet each piece as I applied the skin to the phone. I used a credit card as a squegee. Took a while to get it just right (as I believe it does with all of these) but it looks great (transparent and barely visible). It also has the added benefit a not easily sliding off of things.

Anyway, 1/3 to 1/4 the price and cheap shipping (especially if you buy more than one - $1.50)

Just my 2 cents.

by Waylo | Apr 10, 2007 3:43:15 PM

Just to summarize for the thrifty shopper... (btw, having all these options is now just way confusing!)

Bodyguardz = $25, free shipping, 2x body, 3x screen
InvisibleShield = $25, lifetime replacements, free shipping, 1x body and screen
Bestskinsever = $6.99 + shipping, body, ? screen protector

Bestskinsever claim to be the same thing as Invisibleshield. Bodyguardz also appear to be the same thing.

Myself, I'm waiting for my Bodyguardz to arrive (comes with 2 guardz for myself and the sig other).

by Waylo | Apr 12, 2007 10:07:23 PM

A couple of comments after receiving my Bodyguardz for the 650:

1. Surprisingly, the cutout piece for the back battery panel does not fit well. All the other pieces are of excellent specifications. I realize this is probably a difficult piece to design for, as it is curved, and includes corner edges, but I was unable to get the piece to lay flat without bunching up in different places, or extending too far off the battery panel. This of course will lead to problems if a user needs to remove the battery panel.

2. I had been using a generic plastic holster to carry my Treo. Now with the bodyguardz in place, it is basically impossible to squeeze it into the holster. Given the choice of holster vs. Bodyguardz, I'm going to choose the Bodyguardz! And buy a different carrying case.

by cartogary | Apr 26, 2007 10:41:10 AM

I've gone with the egrips on my 650 and my former 600. Though I don't know if the Bodyguardz is thinner, the egrip has a nice texture that makes the Treo less likely to slip out of your hand or any type of case. Yes the added thickness make it tough to use the Palm Cradle but my Seidio InnoDock Jr. accommodates any skin or case on the Treo. No problems using a pouch case, my choice by Covertec. Additionally, the egrips is a good value at 12.95, an excellent fit and durable, 2+ years of use.

by kent | Sep 12, 2009 11:56:53 AM

Just installed "bodyguardz" on my LG enV Touch. I had read all the horror stories that people had in putting the "bodyguardz" on their iphone...didn't read anything about the "Touch." I took my time and used ALL the spray in the aapplicator. There were many pieces for the "Touch", but all fit perfect! Went slow with corners and it looks like I'm going to be very happy. I'll let it dry for a day, but corners are laying down, air bubbles are almost non existant.
I don't know how the groves on the back will look, but at this point they look ok.
Keep your hands sprayed with the solution!

by LG ENV3 skin covers | Jun 26, 2011 12:43:52 AM

Skin cases are right over your phone for a new look and great protection. Most of the skin cases are designed to fit the phone perfectly. I also want similar LG ENV3 skin covers which will Open full phone functionality.

by LG ENV3 skin covers | Jun 30, 2011 1:36:03 AM

I had recently bought LG ENV3 and it is well featured phone that I had ever used. I want to install LG ENV3 skin covers to provide it stylish and cool look. Blackberry skins also help to keep my device new and chic.

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