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Motorola H800 Slider Bluetooth Headset: Cool But Overpriced

Over the past two weeks I’ve had a highly unusual experience.  Namely, people have been repeatedly telling me that they can actually hear me better when I’m using the new Jawbone headset (see my review) than when speaking directly into my Treo…  This is quite a statement as no other wireless Bluetooth headset that I’ve owned and used to date has ever quite managed to achieve this feat and I have typically had to make a compromise of one sort or another to select my preferred headset.

Motorola H800 Headset

Given the fact that the Jawbone performs so exceptionally well paired with my Treo it has naturally significantly raised the bar for my reviews of any future Bluetooth headsets trying to compete at the top end of the price and performance scale.  This is therefore what was on my mind when I set out to review the new Motorola H800 Bluetooth Headset (pictured here).

Motorola H800 Headset Back

From a product design perspective there’s no doubt that the H800 is an extremely appealing, highly ‘pocketable’ and comfortable to wear headset – it’s thin and has a ‘solid’ and elegant build with no loose bits that could potentially go missing.

 Motorola H800 Headset Closed Motorola H800 Headset Open

Additionally, a feature which now appears to set all the latest Motorola Bluetooth headsets apart is their highly useful “power switch” functionality which quickly let’s you completely switch your headset On/Off instead of letting it drain precious battery life in Standby mode.  In the case of the H800 the power switch comes in the form of a “slider” – you simply press the Call Button (silver bar on the left above) which lets the microphone slide out (above right) and automatically turns your headset On and connects to your Treo.  To turn Off you simply push the microphone slider back in and there’s also a side Lock button to protect from accidentally switching your headset On in your pocket.

Motorola H800 Headset Charge

The H800 comes with a Micro USB wall charger which (somewhat inconveniently) plugs at the bottom of the headset (image above).  A small Mini USB adapter is also included to use other Motorola chargers.

 Motorola H800 + Jawbone Motorola H800 + Jawbone Motorola H800 + Jawbone

Finally, the H800 is also almost identical to the Jawbone (comparative photos above) in terms of size, shape and weight.  However, as I mentioned earlier, once you go beyond mere looks and delve into the rather more important matter of inbound and outbound sound quality the Jawbone wins the contest by a wide margin with its far superior (rather amazing) noise shield capabilities.

Additionally, given the fact that the Jawbone Noise Shield headset is a mere $20 more expensive than the Motorola H800 Bluetooth Headset there is even less of an issue in my mind as to what headset I would choose.  Having said this however, I will again repeat that I really like the ‘power switch’ capabilities of the H800 as well as its highly pocketable format – future generations of Jawbone could do well to copy some of this to make an even more superb headset.

Treonauts always look for the best of the best

Posted by Andrew on March 23, 2007 at 10:03 AM

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by Jerry | Mar 23, 2007 1:32:55 PM

I have yet to find a blue tooth headset that wil work with the Treo as weel as a regular phone. I have the H700 and the HS850. The 850 sounds better then the 700. The 700 does seem to enable some features that the 850 will not allow. Last number redial and voice dial if you have the software. I am still told by callers that I sound strange on the 700. The range with both is very limited. Sometimes 4 ft. Sometimes right next to the phone. Any ideas?

by BenJoe | Mar 23, 2007 6:47:08 PM

Treonauts has done a great job profiling these when they come out, and I keep going back to the Original Treo Bluetooth headset. For me it has worked with out fail. In fact I own three of them and my wife has one.

by John Galt | Mar 27, 2007 3:48:11 PM

Where does the H800 stack up compared to the H700 on sound quality with a Treo 700P?

by John Galt | Mar 27, 2007 3:48:34 PM

Where does the H800 stack up compared to the H700 on sound quality with a Treo 700P?

by John Hamilton | Jul 19, 2007 8:35:15 PM

i have the pokect pc 6700 aka ppc6700 and my H800 one day started play the music in the head set instead of the speaker. Know it plays out of the speaker how do i quick it back?

by John Wickenden | Jan 17, 2009 1:28:40 PM

I have purchased four of the Motorola H800 headsets but all have failed to charge, when the charger is plugged in and switched on the headset light flickers green. The book says it will turn red after about 1 minute, this does not happen, it stays flickering green, even after 2 hours. Hence I can not switch it on or pair it with my phone. Any ideas please!

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