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Weekend Special: SPE Treo Power Bundles

As I mentioned in my Top 10 Treo Accessories post, I believe that one of the single most useful and best value Treo accessory is the SPE Retractable Sync & Charge USB Cable to power and Hotsync with your PC or other USB port.  Naturally, to ensure that your Treo is fully powered everywhere and at all times you’ll also need a wall charger and car charger.

With this “power everywhere” idea in mind, Smartphone Experts have now released a series of special value bundles listed below to save you some money while providing all the charging and sync options that you want.

Power Bundle Only $29.95 (Save $8.90 – 23% Off)
This first bundle offers three of the most popular and bestselling Treo power solutions – wall + car + S&C cable – at a greatly reduced price.

Treo Power Charger Sync

Sync & Charge Bundle Only $24.95 (Save $8.00 – 24% Off)
The second bundle provides you with a complete USB solution consisting of a USB car adapter and USB wall adapter plus the Retractable Sync & Charge USB Cable that can be plugged into either of them to charge your Treo.  I’ve personally found this solution particularly useful when travelling as it helps to reduce the bulk and clutter of the accessories that I carry with me (another option is the Mobi DuoCharger plus S&C cable).

Treo USB Power Charger Sync

Power+Tips Bundle Only $34.95 (Save $10.90 – 24%)
A recent popular addition to my personal Treo accessories kit is the new S&C USB Tips (see the recent Treo Charging Kit review) which can be used to charge not only your Treo but a multitude of Bluetooth headsets as well.  This bundle nicely includes this as well as a separate car and wall charger.

Treo Power Charger Sync

Adapter+Tips Bundle (Only $32.95 – Save 24%)
Again this bundle offers a complete USB solution with a USB wall and car charger but the addition of the terrific new USB tips.

Treo Power Charger Sync

If you don’t already have all three accessory combinations in any one of these bundles then there’s no doubt that they all provide terrific value – even greater than that which they already provide on an individual basis.

Treonauts always exude the most power

Posted by Andrew on March 17, 2007 at 06:38 AM

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by Manuel | Mar 18, 2007 2:09:43 PM

Perhaps Palm should improve Treo battery in order to have a true mobile experience not wasting our time looking for mains.

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