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Cellet Stingray Treo Case Review

There are surprisingly few Treo cases made of rubber and yet for a number of reasons this is a material that I personally find extremely appealing – particularly when I’m looking for a relaxed, more modern or sporty case.

Back in October I reviewed one such rubber Treo case with the Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Pouch which I found quite impressive and well built.  Now another rubber case has recently also been released with the Cellet Stingray specifically designed for the Treo 680 and Treo 750 and I have to admit that I am equally impressed by it.

Cellet Stingray Treo 680/750 Case

For starters, like the more expensive Krusell Classic Multidapt case that I recently reviewed, the Cellet Stingray offers a full front protective plastic film cover which makes it ideal for people keen to protect the screen and keyboard from scratches or dirty/sweaty hands.  The good thing is that Cellet has also ensure that the profile of this case does not interfere with normal keyboard usage.

Cellet Stingray Case Detail Cellet Stingray Case Detail

The rubber material offers a wealth of design options and the Cellet Stingray case certainly makes use of a great many of these – the detailing is simply superb.  Very nice touches such as the fine grey rubber outline around the case and the various openings (camera, speakerphone and side button above) as well as the raised and rugged sides for added grip clearly convey the feeling of carefully and meticulously designed and manufactured case – something which I always particularly appreciate.

The back of the case (image below) offers a solid connector for the included rotating (seven fixed positions) belt clip and sports cutouts for the camera and speakerphone.

Cellet Stingray Treo 680/750 Case

Although I am not generally very keen on cases that place the Treo with the screen facing outwards (below) there is no doubt that I feel a little bit more secure about this particular model since it offers the full front plastic cover.

Overall I really like the Cellet Stingray case – at only $12.95 it is extremely good value, it has a superb build and I personally find the rubber construction very appealing.  In fact this case is the closest to my ideal sports case and the only thing that I wish now is to see a future model released which has the option to attach an arm band instead of the current belt clip…

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Posted by Andrew on April 4, 2007 at 09:26 AM

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by Dukat | Apr 5, 2007 6:02:40 AM

Why should there be infos about new applications that help you increase your Treo experience (the freshly released DocsToGo 10 comes immediately into mind) when we can have another case review?

by MB | Apr 9, 2007 1:45:04 PM


I've been a fan of form-fitting cases with clear plastic covers for a while, and own the Palm Treo brand form-fitting case, the Body-Glove rubber case, and the Monaco Rubber Trim Case ( http://cgi.ebay.com/MONACO-GREY-RUB-TRIM-CASE-FOR-TREO-650-700wx-700p-700w_W0QQitemZ290103237610QQihZ019QQcategoryZ108605QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ).

By far, the Monaco case is my favorite (for Treo 650). It works perfectly with the Seidio skinned holster, so I took the belt clip off the back of the case by cutting the sewing thread around it. It was a breeze and left the back of the case intact. Having the belt clip knub off means the case keeps a VERY LOW profile (better than the other two cases mentioned, as low profile as a skin case) for pocketability.

The reason I love these cases is that I hate facial oil on the screen of my Treo, and these offer 24/7 protection against this. My Treo is also continually surrounded by soft rubber material that increases grip and provides protection when dropped.

Overall, the Monaco case is very well worth it and may be my favorite case (I also have a Seidio skin case, Innopocket Magnum, and pouch case). I cannot comment, however, on how it would compare to the Cellet case above.


by Jim | Apr 12, 2007 3:05:46 PM

I purchased and just received one of these based on the review and am not very pleased with it for my Treo 750. First, it sits way off my belt and will catch on just about anything. Second, the top flap doesn't quite line up with the mute switch and third, the case provides no access to the miniSD/reset bay. The touch screen is usable but requires alot more pressure to get through. The last thing is the bulk, this case adds enough that I can no longer put it in my Palm GPS mount in my car. Overall it's a nice case but doesn't quite fit the 750 correctly.

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