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Treo 755p Already In Somebody's Hands...

Following the first images of the Treo 755p [now available to buy] back at the end of March as well as the leaked image of a Burgundy Treo 755p a few days later we now have [thanks for the tip Tunji] one of these new Treo display smartphones finally already making it into somebody’s hands at a local Sprint store…

Sprint Treo 755p

As I reported previously, the Sprint Treo 755p is the first CDMA to follow the slim form-factor and antenna-less design of the already successful GSM Treo 680 from Cingular (now available for FREE after rebates) as well as the equally bestselling Windows Mobile Treo 750 also from Cingular (available for $539.95 with no contract or $199.99 after rebates).

I am assuming that the Treo 755p will be very similar in all respect to the functionality currently found on the Treo 680 and the only significant disctinction is likely going to be price and much faster 3G wireless data capabilities – making the Treo 755p the first slim and antenna-less PalmOS smartphone to support 3G broadband connectivity – a welcome relief for existing Treo 700p owners who found their smartphone to be a little bit bulky...  The similarities between both devices also likely means that existing Treo accessories for the 680/750 will work with the 755p.

The original leak of Sprint’s product launch roadmap revealed a potential release in June while others have rumoured a date closer to the middle of this month of May.  Given this latest image surfacing now will undoubtedly fuel further rumours that the actual release date is just around the corner…

Treo 755p in BLUE Very soon [via SprintUsers]

Treonauts always have something new in their hands

Posted by Andrew on May 4, 2007 at 03:13 PM

Treo 755p

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by Blake | May 4, 2007 4:33:11 PM

What do you mean the difference will be price? Do you think this phone will be $600?

by btn | May 4, 2007 5:43:34 PM

It's nice to see that the price of the basic black Vaja case for the 680 is down to $75.

by Matt | May 4, 2007 6:48:20 PM

When will Verizon get this new device though?

by Alberto Cajigas | May 5, 2007 10:57:01 AM

Physically the 755p is more like the 750 and not the 680 since it will have a mini SD card slot unless I'm mistaken. That is the only thing that sucks for me because I have 2 2GB SD cards already and getting mini SD cards is just too expensive.


by Beth | May 5, 2007 11:35:20 AM

I think that the pictures of this phone are great! I can't wait till it comes out. Although my family is already rolling their eyes since I was just able to upgrade to the 700p in October and now I want to upgrade when this one comes out. They just don't understand how much of my life is in my treo and how much I can't live without it. :)

by Borszczuk | May 5, 2007 12:43:46 PM

I am bit disappointed with 755p when we get them (we got some units for a while as we develop here a palm soft for a large "player" on this squizzing down Palm market). It still "features" (at least in ROMs that we got here) old, crappy version of Phone app (v2.5 - same as in 650) instead of much better 3.0 found in 680. The camera still sucks (not that 700p 1,3mpx one rocks, but still), not to mention miniSD. But hey, it got GoogleMaps 1.1.2 (no visual difference contrary to officiall available 1.1.1) and free Bejeveled 1 ;)

by Dave | May 5, 2007 2:28:11 PM

I was told that the Palm OS could not support 3G, or at least simultaneous voice and data--maybe that was only on the GMS network but not EvDo? Anybody know more about this?

by Borszczuk | May 6, 2007 8:13:40 AM

There's no 755p for GSM at the moment.

by Tim | May 6, 2007 11:52:06 AM

From my understanding, the reason why the 680 doesn't have 3G is because Palm OS (Garnet) can't do UMTS/HSDPA techinically. I think that's the main reaason they called it the 680, instead of a 700 series Treo. It was decent upgrade over the 650, but not quite a "next generation" Treo becasue of the problems with GSM 3G internet and Palm OS 5.

I'm sure we'll see a newer form factor for the Treo at some point in the next year (they had better if they want to gain any ground on the consumer perception front). But I don't mind the current form factor at all. And I love Palm OS, despite it's problems, which I think Palms new Linux-based OS will address.

In regard to the 755p, I have some gripes with Palm. Like I said, I don't mind that the treo is not a small and thin as the Blackjack. But don't tell me fitting in a 3G CDMA radio takes up so much space that you have to shave it down to a miniSD card. People that will be upgrading to this phone for this price (probably average $400 after rebates) will be Palm OS loyalists who have invested in the platform. We have SD cards, not miniSD cards. We don't mind the form factor in general, but why take out one of it's unique benefits in the market? No phones use SD anymore besides the Palm OS Treos. But think about what that could mean to the consumer market vs. the iPhone. Invest in the fact that the Treo 680 can READ 8GB SDHC cards. That's awesome! That's an iPhone capacity. Why would they take SD out of the 755p? Makes no sense, except that they are saving money by using much of the chassis from the 750. That's unfortunate.

Give us a 3.5mm headphone jack. Most of us use BT if we are using a headset-- no need for 2.5mm anymore. (Look at what Blackberry is doing with the "Curve"). Let us use the awesome music capabilities of the Treo without an extra clunky adapter for additional charge.

For $600-650 retail, this phone should have a 2mp camera with an LED flash. Come on, entice me to buy it. It wouldn't take much. That's so reasonable for this amount of money these days. And I don't even care about Wi-Fi.

That's my rant! I've had 3G phones on both GSM and CDMA, as well as EDGE phones on GSM. Currently I use a 680, which I love. I live in NYC, and it's just pure speculation... but my EDGE speeds on the 680 seem to be A LOT faster than they were a couple months ago. Blazer pages load really fast. My hunch is that becasue the iPhone is EDGE only, that ATT/Cingular is tweaking it's EDGE networks for optimization for when the iPhone launches. They last thing Apple wants, is for an otherwise great device to be badly criticised for being too slow on the wireless data plan...

by Rafael | May 6, 2007 6:49:41 PM

I wish they did a 2+ megapixel camera with a powerful led flash and stay with SD cards.

by koen | May 7, 2007 4:39:56 PM

I am not convinced either by the new palms. I am a 650 user, tried a 750 in a store. I was not convinced by WM5 and didn;t see the UPgrade in a 680. So i am still stuck to my 650.

by sasq | May 7, 2007 4:58:41 PM

Are you seriously looking at a $600 phone and complaining because you would have to purchase replacementd 2 GB miniSD cards for $20?

I can certainly understand if the issue is capacity (wanting 4 or 8 GB), but its silly to trun away just because you bought a bunch of 2 GB cards of SD, miniSD is pretty cheap for the same size.

by Dave | May 7, 2007 7:11:29 PM

Still though, spending that much money on a phone for what; faster internet speeds and that is it, would be pretty lame. I mean if that is all Palm can do, you can expect me NOT to buy it. Even at $300 assuming my contract was up is still not worth it. miniSD is cheap, BUT if you have a 2GB SD or 4GB SD, guess what? You now have to buy a miniSD,and yes, that costs money. So now instead of a $300 phone, your up to $325. Now I know its not much as NewEgg has some great deals, but its the fact of buying a new device and having to buy new cards when the device isn't worth that much anyway.

I guess I wouldn't care if it had something worth dishing out that type of $$$.

Better Blue Tooth, Wi-Fi, more memory, better camera, or any two of those and yeah, I may see buying it worth it. But no antenna and faster speeds?

Kind of like Tim said. I cant see it worth that much for those 2 things. Again, give us a REASON to buy it.

And with the ROM on our 700p taking so long to get out, its going to have to be quite a bit more than what they are offering as i'm so upset I dont even care to buy a newer one.

What will happen, is that we will all go phone happy, spend our money on the newer 755 and be just as disappointed as we are at the 700p, and then will be sitting here, wishing we had our 700p back (WITH the ROM update), but instead, we have a crappy 755p that is just as bad as the 700p was without the ROM update.

by Carlos | May 7, 2007 9:10:00 PM


It looks like a Best Buy already has the 755p for sale. $299.99 for new customers.


by John Whorfin | May 8, 2007 12:45:14 AM

Well, it's about damn time... but I fear it's (far) too little too late.

The iPhone cometh. Next month.

by mario | May 9, 2007 5:08:43 PM

Sprint's new release web site shows for the first time today the specs on the treo 755P.


by moose | May 10, 2007 12:02:29 AM

Can't believe people are still complaining about cost of changing from SD to mini SD. If that is the real problem, then you have other issues with the phone other than this, like maybe money. The river in Egypt,,, 'da Nile.

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