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Treo 755p For Sprint Now Official

The next evolution in the Treo line is finally here as Palm today officially introduced the Treo 755p smart device – a new PalmOS Treo for Sprint that will keep mobile professionals even more connected, productive and entertained. 

The CDMA Treo 755p is the first Treo device to offer built-in Microsoft Direct Push Technology email support, Google Maps for mobile and the latest Treo design with integrated antenna, slimmer form factor and mini-SD slot.  Sprint is the first carrier selling the next-generation Treo 755p, which is available for as low as $279.99 with a two-year service agreement and a $100 mail-in rebate, and is available starting mid-May in two fashionable colors – midnight blue and burgundy pictured below.

Treo 755p Midnight Blue & Burgundy Colors

The new Treo 755p brings quick, wireless access to web, email, business, multimedia applications and instant messaging (IM for AIM, Yahoo! and MSN) for Sprint customers nationwide (standard text and Vision charges apply where applicable).  The Treo 755p runs on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network, delivering speeds of 300–600kbps across more than 11,000 US cities and 1,000 airports.

“The Treo 755p is a stylish and powerful device ideal for business professionals looking for the power to do more while on the go,” said Danny Bowman, vice president of customer equipment for Sprint. “Building upon the success of the Treo 700p, we’ve added enhancements such as Mobile Voice Control, a new IM application and Sprint TVSM in the ROM for mobile entertainment and news.”

As the newest member of the Treo family, the Treo 755p smart device combines the sleek, internal antenna hardware design of devices such as the Treo 680 and the rubberized casing of the Treo 750 (see full Treo Comparison Chart). 

Treo Comparison Chart

A unique Treo 755p distinction is a larger capacity Treo battery of 1600mAh compared to the Treo 680/750’s 1200mAh and only 200mAh less than the standard Treo 700p battery – all the while reducing the weight to 5.64 ounces.  Additionally, Palm differentiates this smart device from others in the Treo line by offering the following features and enhancements:

First Palm OS based Treo Device with Built-in Support for Microsoft Direct Push Technology for Email

The Treo 755p offers VersaMail 3.5.4 with built-in Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support for Microsoft Direct Push Technology that delivers automatic updates to Outlook email.  Companies can choose to eliminate costly third-party software and take advantage of their existing Exchange infrastructures.  Businesses connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server get fast, automatic wireless updates of email, calendar and contact information with added IT security and remote manageability.

“The new Treo 755p keeps mobile professionals in touch with coworkers and family while managing a variety of communications and information to stay productive and maximize downtime,” said Caitlin Spaan, vice president, carrier marketing, for Palm, Inc. “The fast speeds of the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network and Palm’s hallmark ease of use make viewing rich applications, streaming live music and video as well as using the web an enjoyable experience.”

First Treo Integrating Google Maps for Mobile

Also new to the Treo 755p is the integration of Google Maps service for mobile. With Google Maps built into the ROM, right out of the box, Treo 755p users can get directions; perform local searches; and view moveable/scalable maps, satellite imagery, and traffic updates while on the go.  This version of Google Maps now also features integration with your Contacts to quickly map any address in your database within a few simple clicks.

“By integrating Google Maps for mobile into the Treo 755p, we’re making it even easier for users to get directions, maps, local listings, and traffic updates for wherever life takes them,” said Steve Lee, product manager for Google Inc. “We’re focused on delivering the best possible mobile experience to as many users as possible, and working with innovative companies like Palm helps us do just that.”

More Treo 755p Features and Benefits

Treo 755p Specifications

  • Ability to watch mobile video directly on the Treo 755p with Sprint TV, which features more than 50 channels of live and on-demand content, including CNN, FOX, ESPN, The Weather Channel, MTV, E! and The Cartoon Network;
  • Dial-up networking via USB or Bluetooth® wireless technology on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network for using the Treo 755p as a modem for a laptop computer (requires an appropriate service plan);
  • Superior phone functionality, including one-touch speakerphone and conference calling, the ability to ignore a call with text messaging, and the option to use the touch-screen dial pad;
  • Support for EvDO (Rev.0) speeds, which make streaming mobile content, such as live TV, movie clips and audio from radio stations, as well as training videos or company communications, enjoyable;
  • 128MB memory (60MB user available) and support for Mini-SD memory cards up to 4GB;
  • Voice-memo application, which can be used to create custom ring tones and add voice annotations to photos or simply record a quick memo;
  • Threaded SMS/MMS messages in a single chat view and out-of-the-box support for Yahoo!, AOL, and Gmail;
  • 1.3-megapixel digital camera and video recorder, and application to organize and share photos;
  • Support for Sprint Picture Mail;
  • Smart, fast web browsing using the award-winning Access browser;
  • Full PDF support using DataViz Documents To Go Version 8.0, which also offers support for native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents;
  • User-friendly and familiar Palm OS platform, including one-touch access to key applications;
  • Color touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard for easier email, messaging and web use;
  • On-device user’s guide, giving customers access to the full user’s guide right from the device; and
  • Default data transfer mode, which allows users to be notified of incoming voice calls while using data services, rather than calls automatically going to voicemail.

I will post more information and an in-depth Treo 755p review in the coming days as well as a providing you with my thoughts on why I feel that this latest smartphone makes a very worthy upgrade from a Treo 700p or Treo 650.

Treonauts always have a reason to rejoice

Posted by Andrew on May 9, 2007 at 08:21 AM

Treo 755p

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by Elam | May 9, 2007 9:29:48 AM

Perfect timing. Looks like I'll be upgrading soon :-)

by Robert | May 9, 2007 9:44:15 AM

When shall we expect the 755p to be available from Verizon....?

by The African Nerd | May 9, 2007 10:33:12 AM

I absolutely love the burgundy. By the way, we are giving away two of these. Learn more at http://www.gx-5.com/specials/winatreo755p.htm

by Jon | May 9, 2007 10:41:21 AM

All in all the 755p looks like a downgrade on the 700p... less talk/standby time, more expensive harder-to-handle SD format.
Sticking with my loved 700p! (Though I wish Palm/Sprint would upgrade the phone UI to the 680p tabbed design!)

by Randy | May 9, 2007 11:36:53 AM

This is a great upgrade for someone like me using a Sanyo-8300 and a Tungsten E. Alomst bought the 700P 6 weeks ago until I heard this rumor.

My question is this. Since Documents to go is installed in ROM, does that mean it can't be upgraded to version 10?

by Gary | May 9, 2007 12:25:33 PM

I would love to see this as GSM w/Palm OS. Any chances of that happening? I would upgrade from my beloved 650 in a heartbeat.

by Tim | May 9, 2007 4:24:44 PM

Gary, go with a 680. It's virtually the same phone but with a VGA camera and different colors. Plus the 680 has the new phone app.

If you are on ATT, you are getting faster EDGE speeds these days becasue they are optimizing for the iPhone. That part is speculation but my 680 is noticebly faster than it was a month or two ago in the same data area (NYC).

by RonPaul2008.com | May 9, 2007 8:32:00 PM

YAWN! Status Quo for this Treo, it should be the 705P! Palm seriously needs to re-evaluate its plans compared to iPhone -- STILL no WiFi, no Bluetooth 2, no 2+ Megapixel Camera, and an OS stuck in the past, still no EV-DO Rev. A, B or C... Why no Palm HSDPA 3G+ phones?! What's with the whimpy RAM out of the box? 4GB should be the minimum... On the flip side, the stupid thing about the iPhone is it will not be 3G from launch -- big mistake, IMHO...

by ronPaul2008.com | May 9, 2007 8:34:15 PM

Also, what's with not bundling Documents To Go 10, and the latest Pocket Tunes? What about the other apps? Seems the new features are very sparse... incrementalism at its worst. Why isn't Palm ramping up to up-stage the iPhone? Palm, are you sleeping?

by Gabriel "Gabe" Godines | May 10, 2007 2:44:42 AM

Ok, so I'm trying to figure out what the heck conference calling is. Is it different than 3 way calling? Of course it is. So as I'm checking out the pal site for more info on the 755p, I come across a demo video which I'm sure we all have seen, and under the roll over bullet for joining three paties on one call, a la iPhone and Cingular service there's a graphic with a Sprint logo phone, but the screen says Verizon Wireless!?!? What gives? New Partnership? False advertising of services available for Sprint? Or just somebody dropping the ball? Treonauts see everything!

by malimal | May 10, 2007 4:45:01 AM

does it support Bluetooth voicedial? If not, no need to upgrade.

by Dave | May 10, 2007 10:49:21 AM

"I will post more information and an in-depth Treo 755p review in the coming days as well as a providing you with my thoughts on why I feel that this latest smartphone makes a very worthy upgrade from a Treo 700p or Treo 650."

I hope this is a joke your playing on us. I dont see how anyone can think it makes a worthy upgrade. It might be good if you had a 600, or maybe a 650, but from a 700p stand point not even worth a penny.

As mytreo.net says....

"This entire review could be written in a sentence: the Treo 755p is the Treo 700p in a Treo 680 body. That's it. No new bells and whistles, no new specifications to hype. I'm disappointed because I would have loved a new high end device. But I'm relieved because I won't have to spend $300 to upgrade. My existing device will suffice."

TOTALLY agree. No one in their right mind would dump a 700p for no antenna, a miniSD and 1oz less. NONE of that makes me more productive in the least. Also too, a smaller battery? I'm using a 2400mAh now and I cant see buying that one for the 1600 when the 700p had an 1800.

Personally the antenna has NEVER bothered me. Sure i'd like to have it off, but i'm not buying a new one just for that. I've carried the thing in slacks and never complained.

And for the software... What a joke. What an honest joke. I have all of that on my phone now. How about a new browser or at least even putting Docs to go 10 on there. Version 8? Are they stupid?

Completely a waste of Palms time except now they can say they have a brother or sister to the 680.

Now it was about 6 months from the 680-755 so maybe in 6 months a 800p. Then maybe it will be worth it.

Until now, i'd save yourself the time and forget the write up about how its a worthy upgrade. I dont know how you can come up with one. And it even has WORSAMAIL on it still. Wow, that company is on their feet.

Let me know when they hire people that actually think. A ROM update long awaited and now this? Who is running that business? Clearly not someone interested in the consumer. No one wants piddly upgrades. Why spend the time on something like the 755p? Let people use the 680 and get us a model worth releasing. How hard is it?

Do they need to be spoon fed at that place or what?

by RonPaul2008.com | May 10, 2007 1:00:59 PM

One more thing, is there a way to do Flash on a Treo P? How can I uses YouTube or Google Video?

by Ruben | May 10, 2007 3:05:47 PM

Dave - You are right on! This is a 700p w/o an antenna. No camera upgrade. No (much needed) bluetooth upgrade. The 755p is no upgrade from the 700p.

by bmoore | May 11, 2007 10:40:18 AM

Wow Dave, my comments seem so insignificant in light of your very thorough review. I totally agree and am sticking with my 700P. I see virtually no differences between the 700P and the 755P in the comparison chart. As for Push E-mail, WirelessSync works perfectly well with my Lotus Notes server.
By the way, am I the only one that actually likes the antenna? It helps me remove the Treo from the holster and also helps me orient it in the dark or when having to keep my eyes on the road.

by Dave | May 11, 2007 12:54:03 PM

I've done the same with my antenna. I'll have it in my pocket antenna towards the top and sometimes i'm in a constraint and I grab the antenna with my fingers. Comes in quite handy.

But yes, its a brother or sister model and nothing more. The Treo 755p does NOT make me anymore productive.

But my guess is it's just here to be along side the 680. Since Sprint should be working on updating towers for faster data soon, this device will not be the only one for the next year.

If WiMax is the future, surely that wont work on any device, so Palm will need a new device. And intel is working with Palm, so it probably goes hand in hand. The next REAL Treo will probably have a better processor, support any new data, maybe EVDO Rev A, and other options as well. Sprint claims to have it all rolled out by 2008, and that is close. So if that is the case, even the end of the year of 2008, a device that can take care of that will need to be released. And what better phone than a Treo to test data on. None of the ones will do it now, so there HAS to be one in the works.

Now if Palm truly does stop with this model, and there isn't another one released this year, they will be at the bottom of the food chain, and I doubt Palm, nor Sprint wants that.

So I suggest everyone save their money and wait another 6 months cause you'll probably see something worth buying, and not this worthless launch of a device.

But hey, if they want to cater to EVERYONE, they have to have a selection for all sorts of people, and now they do. Hopefully their next device will be amazing. Thee is no way it cant be with the type of stuff that keeps coming out. They can't afford to sit back and stay with just what they have.

Treo 800p, where are you? :)

by Gabriel "Gabe" Godines | May 11, 2007 1:19:01 PM

Those are some pretty strong words guys, considering there are about 6,594,445,378 people in the world, and only approx. 7,239,042 Treonauts, get off your high horses because it's not all about you and what you want, you can and will be replaced as a Treonaut by someone else who is content with a step up from their lame littlel flip phone. Get a grip!

by Wai2k | May 13, 2007 3:34:23 AM

I think Palm is not really innovating in these generation of phones anymore and just waiting to put all their efforts in the next generation linux-based ones. I still use a Treo 650 with all its inherent flaws and see no reason to upgrade, as I feel that all the inherent problems are still there. Palm, I'm still waiting, please please don't make me go the windows way.

by Dave | May 13, 2007 10:55:50 AM

"Those are some pretty strong words guys, considering there are about 6,594,445,378 people in the world, and only approx. 7,239,042 Treonauts, get off your high horses because it's not all about you and what you want, you can and will be replaced as a Treonaut by someone else who is content with a step up from their lame littlel flip phone. Get a grip!"

They're strong words because they are true words. What would you like to be said? Thank you Palm, for another awesome release?

Your Treonauts number isn't valid as I know many people who have them and haven't even seen this site, so numbers of people can be thrown out.

It IS about what we want, because we are the ones who have already owned at least one Treo and are solid users of these devices.

Will we be replaced? Katie with her cool pink phone and diamond studded case who sends text messages will NOT replace me.

Jeremy who just talks on the phone and that is it will NOT replace me.

I have 3 family members who have what you call little lame phones, and guess what? They love the phone and dont need anymore than what it does. They can get vision on it, send text, have a calendar, tip calc, etc etc and DO NOT NEED ANOTHER PHONE.

They, as other types of phone users I listed above will NOT be the ones to buy Treos. Treos are not for everyone, and not everyone needs them or wants them.

Palm has done fine with the variety, and they have targeted most type of people who use the phone.

Now they need to step it up and get to those people like us who live off of our phone and is a HUGE part of our daily life and is a business tool.

Doc to go 8? Come on, are you serious? Yes, we want the latest and greatest. We want faster speeds, better blue tooth, more memory, etc etc.

We want to be more productive, be able to surf the net quicker, be able to access more files without the need of an SD card.

What we are saying is that in no way is this new phone an upgrade in the direction the market is going for this type of thing.

As I recalled, Palms market isn't 15yr old Sally and her OMG ILUV U, TTYL. URBST FRND.

by Andrew | May 15, 2007 2:05:08 PM

The IR port would be nice to use with my old IR keyboard from Thinkoutside, only problem is that the IR pick-up is on the side of the treo 755, and the IR transmitter is on top of the keyboard. Is the low cost solution to put the treo in sideway and crane my head 90 degrees? Or just drop another $100 for a bluetooth keyboard? Any reason to pay extra for Thinkoutside ultra slim over the Sierra?

by Brian | May 17, 2007 4:49:45 PM

They shoulda called it the 695P. Or the 700P Lite. Then they could have advertised with the slogan "All the features of the regular Treo--and LESS!"

See, the thing is, I actually use my 700P all day long. The 2400mA extended batteries I have are adequate; the 1800 mA standard battery didn't cut it. The 755P has a 1600mA battery. So why would I want to go to a phone that has exactly the same functionality but 2/3 the juice? I'll be in an airport somewhere on a conference call and the battery will die. Oh yeah, THAT's a nice feature.

My Treo is a tool. I rely on it to get things done. Cool colors and a couple of mm thinner are good--all else being equal. But all else isn't equal this time. I'll be sitting this "upgrade" out.

by Rose | May 24, 2007 5:23:59 PM

Does anyone know when a 755p will be available for Cingular?

by RonPauldeedeedee | May 26, 2007 2:53:09 AM

christ... please, dear jeebus, fling us past the primaries so we can finally be rid of the DAH RON PAUL DAAH-ites

by Aquil | Jun 28, 2007 3:05:58 PM

Bottom Line!!!!!!

P.S. I have used the Kyocera 6035, Treo 300, 600, and 650 with in the last 5 years.

by EP | Jun 6, 2008 11:36:20 PM

Palm developers have screwed us twice now through their lack of trust in their developers, Google Maps and Voicedial. As a result we have NO blue tooth voice dialing from a phenomenal piece of software, and now to top it off No gps support in google maps. All because of Palms stuck up attitude. Thanks for NOTHING palm.

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