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Treo 755p Case Guide

Treo Cases

There was a time when looking for a Treo 755p cases was pretty straightforward as the selection was limited to just a couple dozen choices and you could quickly scan our Treo Store to find the one that would best fit your needs. 

Lately though I have found it increasingly difficult to quickly recommend a case as there are now not only multiple Treo smartphone models (650, 680, 700, 750, 755p…) that can each require a unique Treo case but also fourteen different types of cases categories in plastic, leather, rubber, metal and other materials. 

In total there are in fact over 100 Treo cases to choose from and this is why I thought that the time had come for me to write this Treo Case Guide and help Treonauts make a more informed decision when selecting to buy one or more cases.

Top 5 Treo Cases

If you’re looking to make a quick choice about which Treo case to get then perhaps the fastest and easiest method is simply to choose among one of the five most popular and bestselling models below.  (Note: the top four cases fit all Treo smartphones)

Bestselling Treo Cases

  1. The SPE P6 Pouch Case is not only the #1 Treo case (see my review) but also the #1 Treo accessory overall
  2. The recently released SPE UltraSlim Leather Holster has rapidly risen to the top and is one of my favourite cases
  3. Because it provides a perfect fit for the Treo 680 and Treo 750/755p, the Helix Holster has proven to be an increasingly popular choice
  4. The Palm Side Case continues to be a favourite choice for people who prefer a horizontal pouch
  5. The UltraSlim Skin Case offers complete silicone protection against scratches and has proven an ideal solution for many

Three other personal favourites include:

If you have a particular type of case in mind then you may prefer to look at one of the top 4 individual case categories below and select the one that best matches your needs:

Treo Holsters

Helix HolsterHolsters have typically been the most popular because they offer one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach for your Treo with one hand.  They are also light, comfortable and often have a rotating belt clip.  However, holsters typically leave the front or back of your Treo exposed and this could result in unwanted scratches after regular use.

Top Choices:
Helix Holster
SPE SkinHolster Combo
Seidio Spring Clip Swivel Holster

Treo Side Pouches

P6 Pouch CaseSide pouches offer an elegant (typically leather) solution to completely wrap and carry your Treo by your side.  These side pouches all offer a horizontal design and provide cutouts for easy removal as well as access to the audio connector.

Top Choices:
SPE P6 Pouch Case
Palm Side Case
Body Glove Rhythm Universal Horizontal Pouch

Treo Skin Cases

UltraSlim Skin CaseSkin cases made out of silicone have proven extremely popular – particularly now that new UltraSlim models are considerably less “sticky” thanks to an added spray.

Top Choices:
UltraSlim Skin Case for Treo 755p, 750
UltraSlim Skin Case for Treo 700p, 700w|wx
UltraSlim Skin Case for Treo 680

Treo Hard Cases

Seidio Super Slim Hard CaseHard cases are increasingly proving to be an excellent alternative to skin cases.  They typically provide a hard plastic or leather “shell” that protects the entire body of your Treo against scratches and minor drops.

Top Choices:
Seidio Super Slim Hard Case (Treo 680)
SPE SnapCase (Treo 750, 755p)
SPE LH7 Leather Hard Case (Treo 700p, 700w|wx)

Although over 70 percent of Treonauts choose a case from one of the above individual models and categories the remaining 30 percent will make their selection from within one of the other ten categories available which include body skins, organizer cases and workout cases.

Bestselling Treo Accessories

Naturally, getting a case is only a small part of the overall Treo accessories kit that most people will get and below you’ll find my own top choices:

Treonauts are always looking for the best guides

Posted by Andrew on May 29, 2007 at 12:40 PM

Treo Case

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by Al | May 29, 2007 2:19:03 PM


I like your reviews, but I keep seeing this case: Smartphone Experts UltraSlim Holster for Treo 755p over and over again so much that I want to buy it, but it is on backorder. What's up with that? Any ideas when is it going to be available?


by Lynn | May 29, 2007 4:57:00 PM

I would love it if you could recommend cases which fit the Treo 700 with the fat extended 3200MH battery with special battery cover.

I've been buying cases which do not fit the fatter Treo. I need a case that I can clip onto my waist. I cannot use cases which clip onto belts. I bought a horizontal case that has a clip meant for belts. The clip is too short and consequently, the Treo hangs forward precariously from my waist.

Please reocommend cases to fit my Treo 700 with extended battery.



by Andrew | May 29, 2007 8:10:33 PM

Al - unfortunately demand for the SPE UltraSlim Holster has ar outstripped supply but I expect it to be back in stock within the next two weeks.

Lynn - I plan to write a review that will specifically address the issue of cases that can be used with the large extended batteries soon.

Cheers, A.

by Robbie | May 31, 2007 10:51:16 PM

Love you reviews! I'm looking for a drop-protective case in leather from which I don't have to remove my Treo 700p to use. Any Treo in my hands is best left in the case for full protection. I currently have a Speck Toughskin which has protected well but tends to stretch and retain heat. Do you have an opinion on the Smartphone Experts F7 Flip case or something similar that will protect but still be functional?

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