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SPE SidePouch Treo Case Review

Given the fact that side pouches are the bestselling category of Treo cases, I was quite curious to review the new SPE SidePouch to determine whether it might prove to be a worthy alternative to the #1 SPE P6 Pouch Case (a model which over 67% of Treonauts choose as their favourite).

Treo Case SPE SidePouch

The first thing to note is that the SPE SidePouch offers a very thick, high-quality, genuine leather.  This makes the entire case feel extremely solid but it also means that the overall thickness of the case is 41mm compared to 34mm for the P6 Pouch Case and 25mm for the new SPE UltraSlim Holster

The SPE logo is also embossed on the front – something which I would have preferred either not to see at all or to have been discreetly put on the back so as to leave a completely smooth leather surface.

Treo Case SPE SidePouch

The overall design of the case is nearly identical to the P6 with a large opening at the bottom to “push” your Treo out with your fingers (pictured above) as well as two side openings.  However, the side fit is just a little bit too tight which makes it that slightly more difficult to insert/remove your Treo compared to the P6 which leaves a few comfortable millimiters more.

Treo Case SPE SidePouch

The top magnetic flap is strong and sturdy but again not as good as the two magnets found on the P6.  Additionally, whereas the P6 has a recessed front covered in ballistic nylon unto which the magnetic flap closes, this SidePouch has a smooth leather front which makes the case some 7mm thicker.

Treo Case SPE SidePouch

The interior of the SidePouch has a smooth felt lining and extra padding at the back provides further protection for your screen and keyboard.

Treo Case SPE SidePouch

The belt clip provides a strong hold but its width is less than half that found on the P6 which makes it that little bit less stable on your waist.

Treo Case SPE SidePouch

Finally, the SidePouch is also available in five different colours from black, tan, beige, brown and red.

Overall, there is no doubt that the SidePouch offers superior leather, a very good design as well as great value but for me its thickness, smaller belt clip, tight fit and smaller magnetic flap mean that I still very much consider the P6 Pouch Case to be the better option.  Having said this, if you’re looking for a side case in a colour other than black then this SidePouch will make an excellent choice.

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Treonauts always find the best choices

Posted by Andrew on May 31, 2007 at 01:25 PM

Treo Case

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by yosarian | May 31, 2007 4:02:24 PM

As much as I liked my P6, after a year of use the belt clip tore off the pouch, rendering it useless. I would buy another P6 if they would strengthen the belt clip attachment to the pouch. This belt clip, while disappointingly small, looks like it is anchored to the pouch much better.

by Ronald Carter | May 31, 2007 4:10:22 PM

I bought a P6 less than a year ago, and it is already falling apart—unfortunately, because I like it a lot. The leather covering of the clip is peeling off. Not nice, and I suppose not worth the repair.

Anybody else had this problem?


by Eric W | May 31, 2007 9:36:33 PM

yosarian, how in the world did you tear off the belt clip? I've used a P6 every day for two years, and its still going strong. The edge of the flap shows considerable wear, but the clip area is still solid.

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