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Treo, Centro Sync & Charge Cable: Best Value Accessory

Best Value Treo AccessorySmall and simple is beautiful and this is particularly true for the SPE Retractable Sync & Charge Cable for your Treo or Centro – an essential and indispensable item in my accessories kit as well as that of most Treonauts which has been a Top 5 bestselling product for over two years now.

Treo Sync Charge Cable

The beauty of this Treo and Centro cable is that it is ultralight, small and compact – perfect for taking on the go or simply to use at your desk .

Treo Sync Charge Cable Side

The retractable system brilliantly eliminates the clutter of tangled cables.  It measures just 115mm when closed but extends to nearly 10 times that (970mm) when fully open.  There are also six “lock” intervals so that you can choose other lengths between 115 and 970mm.

Treo Sync Charge Cable Button

The integrated HotSync button (pictured above) and connectors at one end make it quick and simple to sync your smartphone on a regular basis while the use of a USB plug means that you can continuously trickle charge your Treo or Centro while working.

Treo Sync Charge Cable Extended

Another thing that I found particularly useful is the fact that thanks to the long retractable cable I can easily work on my Treo as well as make and answer calls while it continues to be charged.  I can thus ensure that whenever I go out I always have the benefit of a full Treo battery.

Finally, given its price of only $12.95 I have no hesitation giving the SPE Retractable Treo Sync & Charge Cable my Editor’s Choice Award of “Best Value Treo Accessory” – it is an item that I personally feel no Treonaut should be without.

You can buy the cable on its own or as part of the SPE Power Bundle (includes a Wall + Car Charger) as well as the SPE Sync & Charge Bundle (includes a Wall + Car USB Adapter).

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Treonauts are always fully charged

Posted by Andrew on June 25, 2007 at 11:40 AM

Treo Sync Cable

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by JS | Jun 27, 2007 12:11:37 AM

Wow: the day the first iPhone reviews come out and your top story is a sync-charge cable? I'm a long-time Treo user, and I gotta tell you: a hard rain is gonna fall...

by louMacUser | Jun 27, 2007 12:29:54 AM

I agree fully. Love my Treo! But we are really only talking about cases and some accessories we have already seen numerous times. I am. Treo enthusiast however Palm is not providing anything even close to exciting me. When is the 755p coming to Verizon? When will they finally issue an update to the 700p? And neither require major innovations.

I hope we get back on track before my PowerBook gets the itch for a newiSync companion

by Andrew | Jun 27, 2007 7:52:49 AM

Well, I can't disagree either... As I have stated on numerous occasions I have also found recent developments on most "Treo Economy" fronts - hardware, software, services and accessories - to be less than exciting and I am missing the community enthusiasm that existed before. As the leader of this economy it is evident that Palm must provide more strategic direction, take the initiative with innovation and address both its internal and external issues.

As I also stated before, I believe that the iPhone may very well prove to be the wake-up call needed for Palm to get its house in order and I will naturally review it as soon as I get one in my hands - hopefully on Monday.

Cheers, A.

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