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Treo 5XX (Gandolf) Specifications Leaked

Following the leaked images of a future new form-factor Treo 800 last week, we now get some further details about this upcoming model (codenamed “Palm Gandolf”).

Treo 500 Comparison

For starters, according to the rumours, the naming convention for this line will apparently not be Treo 8XX but Treo 5XX (Treo 500, 500p, 500w?).

  • No Touchscreen
  • Two models running:
    • Windows Mobile Standard (the non-touchscreen smartphone edition)
    • New Palm OS non-touchscreen edition
  • Multiple hardware colors (White, Black, Blue?)
  • 135 grams; 117 x 65 x 13.8 mm
  • 2.4 inch QVGA (240 x 320) screen with 65k colors
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth 2.0 w/ A2DP support
  • 3G + HSDPA
  • 256 MB onboard memory with 64 MB of RAM

Particularly interesting here is the apparent confirmation that the Treo 500 will as previously rumoured be _significantly_ thinner than current models – at 13.8mm thick it is a full one third (7mm) less than the Treo 680 (21mm) pictured below.  This reduced thickness also nicely makes it some 15% (22g) lighter than the Treo 680.

Treo 500 Comparison Side View

Treo 500 SpecificationsAdditionally, whereas I originally thought that the height and width of the Treo 500 would be smaller or about the same as the Treo 680 it now appears that it will actually be longer (by 4mm) and wider (by 6mm)…

A much improved camera (now 2 megapixels), upgraded Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP (which allows the use of Stereo Bluetooth Headphones such as my favourite Motorola S9), memory increase to 256MB and more importantly 3G HSDPA support to provide 600kbps or more wireless data speeds certainly combine to make this Treo 5XX an increasingly more appealing smartphone.

At this stage I don’t know how willing I might be to give up my touchscreen and 320 x 320 resolution but I have to admit that a Treo this slim and light may prove hard to resist – particularly if as expected it will also be considerably cheaper than existing models and aimed at the “texting generation”.  Don’t expect to see a Treo 5XX before the end of the year though.

Palm Gandolf specifications [intomobile]

Treonauts always get the latest specs

Posted by Andrew on June 19, 2007 at 10:40 AM

Treo 500

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by corey | Jun 19, 2007 11:18:58 AM

5xx it should have touchscreen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lets not go backwards,or iphone will be better

by Blake | Jun 19, 2007 11:53:38 AM

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the reason Treos were so thick was because they have a touchscreen. This is why the Blackjack and Moto Q were able to make their phones so thin, becauase they aren't touchscreen. I have a feeling Palm is going to use this same excuse. However, they failed to do their homework AGAIN. The iPhone is thinner (yes, thinner) than the Blackjack and the Moto Q and yet it's touchscreen. I think the only reason why Treonauts compare Treos to iPhones so much is because we love our Treos so much and admire how much they do for us and how reliant we are on them. When new phones are coming out with new ideas and new innovations and our Treo doesn't, it makes us kind of disgruntled. We want Palm to be the leader in new ideas with phones and new innovations. They just aren't keeping up.

by LotusLord | Jun 19, 2007 12:17:44 PM

I agree about the reasoning behind the touch screen. But you're wrong about the iPhone being thinner than the Q. According to Apple the iPhone is 11.6mm thick, while the Q is 11.5mm, a hardly noticeable difference, but still.

I like my Treo for its abilities to work with my documents, and ability to remote access computers. I don't need my phone to play music or videos, though it can, I use it for work.

The iPhone is not a business device, it's an iPod with phone features.

by Dennis DiMarco | Jun 19, 2007 12:25:28 PM

If there is no touch screen capability, then how would one use the dial pad display shown?

I think Palm must be aiming at a different market to remove the touch screen capabilty. I use it frequently and would not buy the 5xx for that reason.

by David | Jun 19, 2007 12:30:25 PM

If this is true, the lights are really out at the Palm R&D dept.

Why would I want a phone without touchscreen and the form factor of an old blackberry? The only good news is the HSPDA speeds (when you can get them).

This is a huge step backwards. Palm (or Handspring) was once the innovator, not the follower. Now it's following *everyone* especially it's former self, somehow.

Palm should build on it's strengths and touchscreen was one of them. This phone should be the 7xx with WiFi and GPS.

I'll have to look into getting the functionality of my 3rd party Palm apps on the Windows platform I guess. Time to jump ship. I've been putting it off too long.....

What a waste

by andrew | Jun 19, 2007 12:35:35 PM

I have followed palm pilots since the original palm pilot and always loved the touch screen. however i have noticed lately that i used the touch screen very little (only to input calendar appt's) Part of that reason is palm spent a good amount of time making that 5 way navigation stellar. it will be interesting to see how things play out. especially since companies are getting better at using misinformation to their advantage.

by Sloop John B | Jun 19, 2007 1:14:45 PM

No touchscreen makes this pretty useless to me. I have big thumbs (and hands), and use Graffiti Anywhere as a supplement to the keyboard for text entry, and use the Navigator only occassionally (e.g., one-handed use).

I sure hope that Palm keeps a line with TouchScreens going. Otherwise, I just as soon move on to another product line...

by mumbles | Jun 19, 2007 1:18:40 PM

Isn't this supposed to be a low price item and not the next generation like an 800 would be?

by Rusty | Jun 19, 2007 1:38:56 PM

I think this is already out. It is called a blackberry.

by George | Jun 19, 2007 1:59:39 PM

No touchscreen = no palm
I've stuck with the 650 to retain battery capacity although I've been tempted sense release to get the 680. This new product is no more tempting than any run of the mill windows product. The UI on the 650 (and I imagine the 680) makes it a very effective tool. On the go, in the car, etc it is easy to make calls, check calander, and make entries.

From the days of my first Palm Pilot I have been a loyal customer, this will change if the 5xx is Palms new direction. As I read the posts above I found myself relating to each of them. George

by Dave Hartman | Jun 19, 2007 2:01:26 PM

This is a lowball Blackberry competitor, and isn't even as good as my Treo 650. Is this supposed to be an improvement? For whom? No touch screen means no easy screen access to various functions, no touch screen games like Go or Chess. Maybe Apple is paying off the Treo developers to design a product that will drive everyone but Crackberry yuppies to the IPhone. What I kind of resent is the mindless reflexive approval voiced on the review, just because it is thinner. There is so much wrong with this design that the complete lack of critical review is almost bizarre.

by The African Nerd | Jun 19, 2007 2:11:47 PM

While i think this is one ugly crap, I think the device specs match the target audience palm is rumored to be targeting(youth and smartphone entry level users )

by Joe Blow | Jun 19, 2007 2:39:54 PM

How many nails does it take to seal a coffin again?

by Alberto Cajigas Jr. | Jun 19, 2007 3:07:32 PM

Why r u guys comparing this Treo 5XX with the iPhone? This is a low end device that will be sold for probably 1/3 the price of an iPhone. This phone is made for a different group of people and I can see lots of people buying it. So no need to compare a Ferrari with a Toyota Echo, just because they both have wheels.


by Christopher Johnston | Jun 19, 2007 3:17:04 PM

I purchased a Treo 700p in December of 2006. I had to have my first one replaced and although I'm not disappointed with it I see so much more avaialable from other manufacturers. I'm in a contract right now but as soon as I am able I'm planning to switch to the Nokia N95. This along with the Foleo is just an example of how out of touch Palm is with the market.

by TazUk | Jun 19, 2007 3:54:00 PM

It's funny when Motorola, (Q), Samsung, (Blackjack) and HTC, (T-Mobile Dash) all bring out thin phones without touchscreens everyone raves about them and yet when Palm does the same they get slated :o\ Seems to me like Palm have listened to the complaints and reacted accordingly, it's slimmer, has more memory, a high spec camera, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support and 3G/HSDPA. The only thing missing spec wise is Wi-Fi, but if this is an entry level model then it makes sense to leave something out if you want to sell higer end ones ;o)

by Blake | Jun 19, 2007 4:05:21 PM

Taz -

I think all those phones you suggested pretty much bombed here in the US though. Moto Qs are now like $59. Yet Palm still follows that path?

by Craig Ritchie | Jun 19, 2007 4:38:52 PM

Sigh. Good night sweet Treo... When are you launching iPhonauts.com?

by forgot | Jun 19, 2007 6:15:20 PM

Blake -

Just becuase they were reduced in price doesn't mean they bombed. Its the same kind of target market, and devices aiming for this won't sell at such high prices. That being said, I see entry level smartphone users using these devices all the time.

People have said it before me, but I'll say it again anyway. The 5xx series is not meant to be perceived as a step up like the 8xx series will be. Its meant to be a start.

by Blake | Jun 19, 2007 6:43:59 PM

Okay. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm right. If I was a huge company like Verizon and my hot new item wasn't doing well, the first thing I would do is lower the price. That's what I see happened. Two reasons you lower the price on an item; 1) It isn't selling well or 2) You have a new device coming out that will be better and is supposed to replace it.

I really doubt Palm is claiming this 5xx will be better than the 8xx series this the reason for starting it off with a "5" not a "9". So I agree with you there.

by Timmo | Jun 19, 2007 10:46:25 PM

Let me point, that unless major chnages occured (which is very unlikely, seeing how the Palm QA and other internals worked hard with 700p firmware update), that Palm OS as we know it right now is *NOT* fully controlable without the touch screen. Grab any treo and try 5-nav. Old apps - no support unless modal forms used. You can't even reach bluetooth or battery icon on the launcher without the stylus...

by John Whorfin | Jun 19, 2007 11:13:33 PM

First off, please tell it's "Gandalf" and not "Gandolf". It'd be impossibly pathetic if Palm can't even spell the damn codename right.

Secondly, is there a word for anti-innovation? Dear God, NO TOUCH SCREEN?!?! Then by definition, this isn't a Palm Treo device! It's an _enormous_, _unfathomable_ step backward. Just think -- all those pathetic bastards who buy this "Palm Treo" will expect a touchscreen, and think their's _broken_. (Care to wager how many returns and support calls this will cause? Welcome to Palm's new nightmare.)

Jeez Louise, _this_ is how Palm responds to the iPhone? By literally _retreating_ on features? Palm has become a sickening parody of itself.

(And please don't get me started on the bad joke that is the Foleo. Ugh.)

by lha | Jun 20, 2007 2:57:21 AM

What a nasty device, I would like to have a Treo 800p as an further development of Treo 600/650/680/755. I need more memory, Multi Tasking ability, GPS inside, and like to use my SD Cards...

by Tommy | Jun 20, 2007 8:43:00 AM

It seems to basically be a T-mobile sidekick or Blackjack with a little less pizazz and a half a year late. I don't much care for the phone design, it's a little plain for my taste and needs something to make it stand out. This comment is ofcourse based on that fuzzy internet picture ;)

However, I think that Palm adding a phone like this makes sense. The Windows smartphone/standard is totally fine in its own right. I've used the Windows mobile smartphone/standard before and preferred it to the full windows mobile on the Treo 750/700w's because it is quicker and easier to use for a phone with a little smarts. But personally, my Treo 680 and palm o/s is still the best solution for me being a full smart phone with a touch screen.

My guess is that Palm is just expanding its lineup with this phone. Which is fine as long as they continue to develop the higher end of smartphones.

I'm hoping for a Treo with a spicy new Linux o/s and improved hardware in the next year!

by allie | Jun 20, 2007 9:53:37 AM

Why would a keypad be shown on the screen of a device that has no touch screen?

Overall, none of the spec's here interest me in switching. Butt ugly phone and a downgrade for sure. The Jury is out on the iphone which does not appear to be a device optimized for business...plus..I would think it would be difficult to type quickly on a touch screen as opposed to the physical keyboard which gives feedback while typing.

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