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Treo Power Guide | Charger, Cradle and Battery

Given the fact that some 66% of Treonauts buy a case to carry and protect their smartphone, last week I posted a Treo Case Guide to help you make a better and faster choice from within the rather vast selection in our store.

Treo Charger, Cradle, Battery Overview

Today I’d like to deal with an even larger category of Treo accessories that over 72% of Treonauts buy and which consists of all those power products that help you keep your smartphone running all day long wherever you are – from a Treo charger, USB sync & charge cable, Treo cradle, Treo battery and finally Treo battery charger.

In order to better understand this Treo Power category it is always helpful to think about how you answer the following basic questions.

1. How would you like to charge your Treo?

2. How would you like to Sync the data on your Treo with your laptop or PC?

3. Do you need a spare Treo battery?

4. If you have a spare battery do you need a Treo battery charger?

My answers to these questions have always been that I want to: 1) charge my Treo everywhere; 2) sync my data with a USB cable on the go and with a cradle on my desk at work; 3) have one or more spare Treo batteries and 4) naturally have a battery charger for these.  Basically, I want to be fully covered when it comes to powering or syncing my smartphone anywhere I go.

Top Treo Charger, Cradle, Battery

Given my choices above there are six key power accessories that I always have in my kit:

Treo Charger, Battery, Cradle

  1. USB: the SPE Retractable S&C Cable is by far my favourite choice (rated Best Value Treo Accessory).  I own two, carry one everywhere I go, helps reduce the clutter thanks to the retractable cable and has the benefit of both charging and syncing my Treo.
  2. WALL: the SPE Wall Charger provides me with a lightweight and compact alternative and spare unit to the standard Palm charger that comes in the box.
  3. CAR: the SPE Car Charger ensures that no matter how long I’m using my Treo while driving I can always keep it fully charged. 
  4. SYNC: as I mentioned earlier, for syncing I use the USB S&C Cable and separately at my desk also the Palm Cradle Kit – which has the benefit of combining a sync connection, Treo charger and also spare battery charger all-in-one.
    • For my Treo 680/750: my top choice is the Palm 1200mAh Battery but for extended use when I travel I also have a Seidio 2400mAh Battery which provides up to twice the power.
    • For my Treo 650/700: my first choice is the Seidio Extended Battery because it does not require a larger battery cover while adding 33% more power than the standard battery.
  6. BATTERY CHARGER: the new Palm Treo Battery Charger is a light, compact and extremely well designed solution to charge a spare battery at work, home or on the go.  My Palm Cradle Kit also includes a battery charger but because of its weight it is not designed for mobility.

Please note that if like me you absolutely want to have a USB + Wall + Car charger I would highly recommend the SPE Power Bundle or the SPE Sync & Charge Bundle which both offer an all-in-one solution at a great value.

The above power accessories can all be considered to be my “Editor’s Choice” – I use them daily, they have withstood the test of time, are all high quality products and will guarantee that your Treo is always powered anywhere you go.

Treonauts always have the most power

Posted by Andrew on June 4, 2007 at 12:04 PM

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