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Treo Software Special Offer

This month brings many new and updated Palm software titles to our Treo Software store with CorePlayer rising to #6 in our bestseller list and TreoWeather jumping in at #7. 

As we’ve done in the past, to help you make the most of these terrific applications we’ve created a 20% off coupon valid until June 30 – simply enter the coupon code BESTSELLERS in your cart [please note that this coupon is not valid for use in the Treo Accessories Store].

You can use this coupon to purchase any application found in the software store but I strongly encourage you to start by looking at the 10 bestselling Treo titles below, the full list of bestsellers in our store or my previous Top 100 Treo Software list.


 VolumeCare Pro CallRec Butler Treo Software
1. VolumeCare Pro
Many people have complained about low volume input and output while on a call in different environments.  As usual, it should not be too surprising that a small third-party utility called VolumeCare has sprung up to correct this issue becoming one of the bestselling Treo applications in the process – one which countless Treonauts bless every day.  Read my full review: Loud & Clear with VolumeCare             
2. CallRec
CallRec is a small and extremely easy to use application that will record important phone calls, a voice memo or any other sound coming in or out of your Treo at the simple push of the Side Button so that you can listen to them later.  Read my full review: Treo Call, Sound & Memo Recordings with CallRec

3. Butler
Butler is the assistant who thinks of everything with Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard, Hide Popups, Business Card Beam and much more it is no wonder that it has been a top 10 bestselling Treo software for nearly two years now.  


 Ringo Pro VolumeCare Basic CorePlayer
4. Ringo Pro - Treo Ringtone Player
The obvious practical aspect of Ringo is that it will allow you to bring your Treo alive with amazing MP3 ringtones - and set personal tones and pictures for friends and groups.  Read my review: Ringo – Personalize your Treo with Ringtones
5. VolumeCare Basic
VolumeCare Basic provides the same functionality as the Pro version above but limits some additional customization such as volume boost levels.  Read my full review: Loud & Clear with VolumeCare

6. CorePlayer (Not Yet Rated)
CorePlayer is simply the best video player available for your Treo and one of the absolutely essential applications on my smartphone.


 DialByPhoto TreoWeather Phone Technician
7. DialByPhoto
I am always looking for faster or simply different ways that I can make or receive calls and one of the features that the PalmOS Treo still lacks that DialByPhoto delivers is the ability to let you speed dial using pictures and people icons.  Read my full review: DialByPhoto & Making A Better Phone App

7. TreoWeather (NEW)
Until now most weather information applications were anything but graphically pleasing.  TreoWeather finally corrects this with a simple program that displays precise weather data for most world cities with rich graphics and backgrounds.
9. Phone Technician
There will always be some small but irritating things that your Treo can’t or won’t do well or at all – this is when ‘enhancing’ applications such as Phone Technician come to the rescue and empower you to do more and better things with your Treo.  Take control of your Treo with Sound booster to boost your volume so you can better hear your calls, Mp3 Ringtones, escalating ringtones and more.  Read my full review: Phone Technician – You Always Need One  

TreoMemo10. TreoMemo
TreoMemo is a must have replacement for the default memo application that offers today much of the functionality that I expect future versions of the standard PalmOS Memo application will/should incorporate.  Any Treonaut used to adding or accessing memos on a daily basis will undoubtedly like me praise the terrific enhancements that TreoMemo offers.  Personally, the Smart Links functionality alone has completely won me over – it was about time that someone had the wits to add this to our Treo..  Read my full review: TreoMemo – Turbocharge Your Memo Productivity       


Also, if you’re looking for new Treo accessories to complement your existing kit my own latest additions include:

– Treo Battery Charger
– SPE UltraSlim Holster
– Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headset
Treonauts always have the best and most unique applications

Posted by Andrew on June 8, 2007 at 07:31 AM

Treo Software Guide

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by Ed | Jun 9, 2007 1:10:56 PM

I have owned my 650 Cingular for almost two years. Rocky start but learned to fix and/or live with certain quirks and now it is an indispensable business tool. Pairing my Bluetooth to Treo headset and BMW worked fairly well for a year until about one month ago when I suddenly couldn't answer incoming calls using either mode. Haven't changed anything nor have I added any apps. I hear incoming ring but when I push answer button - the call is disconnected. I've shut everthing down and tried re-pairing numerous times. Everything appears normal in the Bluetooth wizard setup. I installed the Cingular 1.51 upgrader a long time ago. I thought it was a BMW problem until I tested a couple compatible headsets I have [that worked fine previously] and the same thing happens. Therefore-it must be in the 650. Cingular reps are no help. Ideas?

by Jorge Costa | Jun 11, 2007 12:18:26 AM

Ed, I had a treo 600 with a similar problem. Dropped calls. Cause: worn out battery.

Try buying a new battery for your 650, I recommend the seidio 2400 mAh. If you've been happy with the 650, don't go for the 680. Just replace that battery.


by Ed | Jun 14, 2007 6:10:28 PM

Jorge...thanks for your help but I may have figured out my problem. [It's not the battery-already have the extended life installed]. I went to preferences and changed handsfree auto answer from immediate answer to one-ring option. [I never changed that feature before so I don't know why this worked...but hopefully I stumbled on a long-term fix.

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