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Treo Case | SPE Leather TopPouch

Top loading vertical Treo holsters/pouches are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the terrific SPE UltraSlim Leather Holster (finally back in stock and my Editor’s Choice in this category) which I reviewed some six weeks ago as well as the SPE TopPouch available in multiple colours that I will review here below.

Treo TopPouch

The SPE TopPouch is a universal genuine leather case that will fit all Treo models.  It provides a tight protective fit with a solid back and highly padded front as well as a strong magnetic flap at the top to ensure that your Treo does not accidentally fall out.

Treo TopPouch Back

Unlike traditional Treo holsters, the sturdy steel belt clip covered in leather (above) ensures that you don’t scratch your belts – a common complaint.  The only thing is that I found the clip to be positioned too low at the back of the case – the UltraSlim Holster for example stands at only 25mm above your belt while the TopPouch sits at 40mm.

Treo TopPouch Side

Additionally, the extremely thick front padding means that the TopPouch bulges some 37mm compared to the UltraSlim’s 25mm.  I personally feel that both the padding and magnetic flap are actually unecessary for this case since 1) you simply need to place your Treo with the screen facing inwards to protect it and 2) the fit is so tight that there really is no need for the additional flap – it actually looks a lot more elegant without the flap (below) as well and makes it faster to get your Treo out to answer a call.

Treo TopPouch No Flap

Also, if like me you’d like to listen to music on your Treo with a hybrid headset all you need to do is insert your Treo upside down (also works with Treo 650/700 antenna) and simply plug the stereo connector at the back to enjoy music on the go.


As I pointed out earlier, while the TopPouch sits comfortably on my waist and is readily accessible to answer calls it nonetheless rests slightly too high with the clip placed at the centre of the case.

Overall, in this category I personally still much prefer the SPE UltraSlim Leather Holster which provides the slimmest, most elegant and discreet solution.  Having said this, I believe that a future model of the SPE TopPouch without a flap, front padding and a slightly wider and repositioned belt clip could become a strong second choice.

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Posted by Andrew on July 2, 2007 at 10:03 AM

Treo Case

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