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UltraSlim Treo Leather Holster Now In Multiple Colors

Best Treo Leather HolsterThere is no doubt that I absolutely love the UltraSlim range of Treo cases.  I have used the UltraSlim Executive PocketPouch daily for nearly a year and the recent addition of the UltraSlim Leather Holster (now finally available in an additional four colours below) has given me yet another reason to add it to my collection of favourite Treo cases.

UltraSlim Holster Colours

Like its sibling pouch, the UltraSlim Holster offers an elegant and slick fine leather front while the back (below) simply sees the addition of a leather covered sturdy metal belt clip.  Additionally, the interior is lined with felt to provide scratch protection and two neoprene bands have also been added to the sides to ensure a snug fit for your Treo.

UltraSlim Holster Colours Clip

However, the fact that the the UltraSlim Holster looks great is merely a bonus and the real benefit continues to be the fact that it offers the thinnest, lightest and slimmest Treo case – barely adding a few protective millimeters all around your smartphone (image below).

UltraSlim Leather Holster Profile

This means that instead of having to put up with a huge bulging case you can have a considerably more discreet but equally comfortable and accessible solution by your side – one that I personally much prefer to the traditional plastic holsters available today.

Finally, it is worthwhile noting that although a few people have reported experiencing some issues with the UltraSlim Leather Holster like nearly all products in our store you’ll be covered by both a 30–day 100% Money Back Guarantee as well as an additional full six month manufacturer replacement warranty.

Treonauts always find the smartest solutions

Posted by Andrew on July 24, 2007 at 08:56 AM

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by allie | Jul 25, 2007 6:50:01 PM

Best case so far and I think I own almost all of them. Finally, a wider color choice for a few extras to have. Fit is perfect for my 680. It stays put even when upside down. But where is the gray? The white is too....well... white :/ Gray is perfect for girl wear. Bring it on!

by Titus | Jul 30, 2007 10:42:25 AM

These squishy cases are fine if you carry your treo about in a
breifcase or backpack. However, for years now, I have kept my
treo's in solid metal cases. I kept the 650 in an InnoPocket
Magnesium case. The 680 is in an aluminum case. The 680 case
does not really measure up to the InnoPocket case, but it seems to be all that is currently available.

Treo's are *not* milspec devices. I knock mine ass over tea
kettle almost every day. And that doesn't count the times
that I misplace it and it is off getting into trouble on its own.

Let's review some serious (and realistic) cases. Enough with
the "its skinny, its light, its pretty".

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