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Jabra JX10 Series II Review

After nearly two years on the market the Jabra JX10 remains not only one of the best designed, smallest and lightest bluetooth headsets available today but also consistently one of the top 3 bestselling models.

The new Jabra JX10 Series II now continues on this tradition but takes it a small step further with the addiition of Multipoint software to connect the headset with two devices as well as an upgrade to Bluetooth 2.0 profile and improved audio quality.

Jabra JX10 Series II

The exterior styling and design of the Series II remains virtually identical (albeit now in elegant black) to the original crafted by world-renowned designer Jacob Jensen who delivered a beautiful headset that is ultralight (only 10 grams) and ultrasmall (only 1.5 inches long) while providing a very healthy 6 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time.

Jabra JX10 Series II - Back View

Like its predecessor the Jabra JX10 Series II can be worn comfortably with or without its removable ear loop (above).  However, the ear loop has unfortunately not been redesigned in this latest model which means that it remains as fragile as before and rather prone to breaking or getting lost.  Having said this, most Treonauts have learned to live with this small flaw by simply getting one or more Jabra JX10 spare ear loop.

Jabra JX10 Series II Kit

The Jabra JX10 Series II comes with an impressive and extensive kit (above) which in addition to the previous wall charger, beautiful charging cradle and extremely convenient USB charging cable now also offers a small and light car charger to ensure that there isn’t a single spot where you will not be able to power your headset.  In this respect Jabra’s is probably the best overall accessories kit that I have come across.

Jabra JX10 Series II On Ear

Insofar as sound is concerned I found both the inbound and outbound quality to be as good as before – it’s loud and clear thanks to its DSP technology which adjusts automatically to ambient noise levels for automatic volume control and reduction in background noise.  Having said this the Jabra JX10 Series II is unfortunately still not in the noise cancellation league of the Aliph Jawbone which remains far superior and the leader in this area at the same price.

Overall, it may not offer the noise cancellation benefits of the Jawbone but it’s nonetheless easy to understand why the Jabra JX10 continues to be such a popular bestseller – it is beautifully designed, ultralight, ultrasmall, one of the most pocketable headsets around, extremely comfortable to wear, comes with a great accessories kit and offers excellent battery performance as well as sound quality.  The Jabra JX10 Series II now nicely adds a few more touches to make it even better.

Treonauts always look for something new and better

Posted by Andrew on August 29, 2007 at 09:28 AM

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by Michael G | Aug 29, 2007 9:58:29 AM

I just bought the Series II a couple of weeks ago and love it.. Mine didn't come with a car charger though.... very interesting..


by Dave Hartman | Aug 29, 2007 11:39:44 AM

I had the earlier version of the Jx10. After a week, the little switch fell off. I put it back, it fell off again. I put a dot of superglue on it, and the unit worked fine for another week, then the case split in half. I've never had a more fragile and poorly designed bluetooth receiver and unless Jabra has made this sturdier, I wouldn't go near this unit.

by Tron | Aug 29, 2007 3:23:08 PM

Great review. Keep up the good work.

by RichC | Aug 29, 2007 9:45:42 PM

Thanks for the excellent review as unusual Andrew and although I only have the original JX10, I can't really agree with the 'pocketable' comment ... well yes it is definitely easy to put in ones pocket, it doesn't hold up well to the occasional bumps and smooshes if I'm careless enough to put it in any pocket besides my shirt. The earloops are poorly designed and don't look to have been improved??? (the 'clips' break easily) On my JX10 the small case is now also beginning to flex apart at the seams under the pushes/pinches of the button.

I can't speak for sound quality of the Series II, but hope it is better ... the 'in a tin can' and 'background noise' my clients hear from my JX10 paired to my Treo 700p makes it all but unusable IMHO. Is the series two really better?

by zee | Aug 31, 2007 11:12:39 AM

i bought jabra jx10 from amazon.guess what happen it was a fake item.to find out which i1 is real or not you got to CE symbol.if it is written EC this means it fake.and specaily the pouch cover.if it is with a string this means its fake.original pouch is magnet one.i got my new jabra from ebay it has everything in it car charger.


by Jack | Sep 1, 2007 11:50:41 AM

How does the Jabra II compare to the BlueAnt Z9 Dual Microphone Bluetooth Headset? Just wondering.....

by Elisabeth Edgerton | Sep 8, 2007 11:22:44 PM

Too fragile for this gal. I've owned three Jabras, including 2 JX-10 models. I have gone through at least a dozen of the earclips, which Jabra appropriately replaces for free when you email them. The little clips break off at the point where it attaches to the body of the instrument. I take off my earphone when I am in meetings or in a conversation, as I think it's distracting, at least in professional settings. Whether I put it in pocket or purse, the clips break. And the switches have come off, both on the top and bottom, for some reason. I am a girlie girl and am not really all that tough on my accessories. I would like to invest in one more, because I like the functionality, but dealing with how fragile it is has sent me somewhere else for my next headset. I shouldn't have to be using superglue and emailing the manufacturer. Also, one of the JX10's I bought through Amazon was a fake. Amazon gave me immediate credit and replaced it with an authentic model, verifiable by the impossible to read, without a magnifying glass, little number under the rubber grommet.

by Dave B | Sep 21, 2007 6:42:30 PM

Many of us got tricked by JX 10 knockoffs.
Many, many, many fakes from China flooded the US.
Call JABRA, learn how to tell real from fake.

Real ones are awesome.

Fakes ones.... I have a couple fakes I'll sell you cheap!

by Rolan | Dec 9, 2007 10:27:10 PM

I have the original JX10 a little over 1.5 yrs now and I am very happy with it. I first used it with my Razr V3 & now with my T-Mobile Dash WM6. I am still amazed by it and it's ease of use. Yes, the weak point is the fragility of the ear hook but I requested & received 6 free pairs of the ear hooks. It secures best with the hooks and not in ear w/o the hooks as it is marketed. I primarily use it (98%) when I am driving, as NY State requires a hands-free headset while using a cell and driving. The digital volume enhancer works great & I am very happy with my headset. I will definitely buy another of this type when this one craps out on me.

by Walter | Dec 25, 2007 3:35:38 AM

I've had many bluetooth headsets over the years. This is my second JX10, the first (Series I) lasted for more than two years until it just wouldn't hold a charge anymore. I've tried the Blueant Z9, the Jabra BT 800, 125 and 250, the LG little one, the plantronic's discovery and the Jawbone and none of them worked as well for me as the JX10. The secret, at least for me is to buy the Jabra eargels. The JX10 speaker fits perfectly inside the eargel as is, you can trim the silicone for a more custom fit and never worry about the earclip again. Just my opinion but I've tried a bunch and this is the best one made in my opinion. Great review.

by Dave | Jan 11, 2008 3:58:04 PM

I received the version 1 in silver last year for Christmas and it was awesome until the ear loops started breaking. Jabra sent me more for free which was a plus but then they all broke which prompted me to just wear it without the loop. That was ok until at certain intervals the Jabra would just fall out of my ear and hit the floor. After a dozen or so falls, the headset started to come apart. I thought it was not going to work but to my surprise the darn thing still worked as usual. I even dropped it in the toilet and it still worked, even though the cover was kind of separated from the insides! I started using my Girfriends NOKIA BH800 and it cannot compare to the Jabra JX10 in terms of performance and ease of use. With the Jabra you pinch it to answer or make a call, with the Nokia you have to push a button real hard which pushes the whole earpiece into your ear which in my opinion is not very comfortable. Also, the Jabra is more responsive on answering calls and receiving them. For some reason, the Nokia lags and isnt as responsive. What I like about the Jabra also is that it gives you a beep prompt when you answer and disconnect from a call. The Nokia does not. The only thing the Nokia does that the Jabra doesnt is that it will notify you when you have gone too far away from your phone. The Jabra also is louder than the Nokia if you need it to be. To sum up, the Jabra JX10 is a sturdy, good looking, and superior headset. The only improvements that Jabra needs to improve are the build quality of the headset, the design of the earloops, and more cushioning around the earpiece. Other than that, its a winner in my book! I just got the Series 2 in BLACK for my birthday and it looks hot!

by Mr. Reeee | Jan 29, 2008 12:40:57 PM

I used one of the original JX10's until it finally broke... almost 2 years.
I "inherited" the Jawbone headset I bought for my girlfriend.

I still prefer the size and sound quality of the JX10. It also worked great with my MacBook Pro for Skype and iChat sessions.

As for the lost earloop syndrome, I found a better solution.

If you poke around the Jabra web store, you can find the rubbery EarGels that fit the C120.


They fit perfectly over the ear speaker of the JX10! You must carefully cut a hole with an Xacto knife to expose the speaker. When I get a call, I just pop it out of my pocket and into my ear without fussing with the loop.

by jeremy | Jun 11, 2010 1:34:16 PM

this is the worst and most expensive headset i have ever used. got it when it was at a higher price just to be clear. now when this headset works i was pretty happy with it, but after about one month it continually loses a "full" connection. not sure how else to describe it, but i can usually continue to hear the other caller but with a lot of static and they can't hear me. i have to turn off the headset and then back on for it to work properly. this can happen 4 or 5 times a day and is extremely irritating. if i hadn't paid as much as i did for it, i would have already replaced it.

by Lulakaka | Jun 29, 2011 3:41:39 AM

"this is the worst and most expensive headset i have ever used. got it when it was at a higher price just to be clear. now when this headset works i was pretty happy with it, but after about one month it continually loses a "full" connection."
Really ? So that warns me.

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