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ListPro 5.0 Treo Software Review

There’s no doubt that I consider ListPro to be one of the best business applications for the Treo and it’s been at the top of my favourite software list for some time now.

ListPro is extremely simple, powerful and fun to use – so much so that I often find myself creating yet another list just because it’s so easy.  The fact that it includes both a PalmOS and Windows application also makes it fast and convenient to synchronize as well as keep a backup on both your smartphone and PC – something which also happens to make it easier to use the full keyboard on your PC for primary data entry while having access to all this information while on the go with your Treo.

The application has recently been upgraded and the new ListPro 5.0 now includes:

  • Enhanced formatting options in the Notes Pane with:
    1. Change the font, the text size, and format your text in bold, underline, or italics
    2. Add pictures! Great for collections, contact lists, or any item that you want to associate with an image
    3. Link directly to web sites from within the notes for quick access to more information
    4. Use bullet points and item numbering in your notes
  • Share lists with friends or post them to your website with the new HTML export option
  • Turn any list into a news feed using the new RSS/XML export option
  • Send lists to any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone instantly with one-click List Publishing
  • Take important files with you - link images and documents to your lists and publish them to your mobile device using the Linked Files Folder
  • More than 25 new templates including approved templates for Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • New for Palm OS: live web links, email, and phone numbers in the Linked Field
  • Plus a brand-new look

I have to admit that although all of these new improvements are great I was expecting significantly more from this latest upgrade – particularly as it has been well over a year in the making.  For example, although you can select a font for a particular List you cannot modify this font for an individual Item in that list (for instance to bold a title).  Additionally, there are still no quick formatting buttons in the taskbar which means that I still tediously need to right-click a List and select Properties. 

There are at least a dozen more such small things that I was hoping the developer could/would be adding but hasn’t which makes it a little more difficult for me to give this particular upgrade top marks.  Overall, if like me you already have ListPro 4.0 (see my review ListPro: Because Life Is One Long List Of Things...) then you may perhaps wonder about the value that you’ll be getting in this upgrade.  If however you don’t already have ListPro installed on your Treo/PC then I think that you’ll find it to be a terrific addition to your software collection.

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Treonauts always demand the best

Posted by Andrew on August 16, 2007 at 01:39 PM

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by David Richardson | Aug 16, 2007 10:00:21 PM

Why do you never mention ShadowPlan from http://www.CodeJedi.com ? It outstrips ListPro by far, and in my opinion makes it look amateur. What's more, it has all the upgrades you were expecting ListPro to have (and has done for YEARS) and loads more besides. One lovely feature is the support for FontBucket, which allows your lists to be any font you like - at any size you like.

I use it for project management and frankly for the Palm I have found nothing better. It also makes a cracking shopping list. In fact, when I made my brief change over to Windows Mobile last year, it was the lack of an application that came even close to ShadowPlan's capabilities that made me return to Palm.

And yes, there is also a Windows application for syncing with the Palm copy, so you can store or create your lists on the PC. And yes, export them to HTML as well (or XML, CSV etc).

Honestly, if you were even marginally disappointed with the latest ListPro give ShadowPlan a go and you won't look back.

by Tommy | Aug 17, 2007 1:06:25 AM

I love List Pro. Great for shopping (because you can re-use lists), packing for trips, work stuff etc.

I have used List Pro and e-wallet for many years. To me, these are my core palm apps (windows mobile too) because they are perfectly suited for PDA's and smart phones. They are simple and clean programs that just work. I have had great luck with List Pro and will always have it on my pda or Treo.

Nicely priced upgrades too. Compared to other software vendors, they take care of you when upgrading software.

by Sean Franzen | Aug 18, 2007 4:36:16 PM

ShadowPlan run terrible on the latest Treos. On the 700p & 755p, the lag is unbearable. Bonsai takes the title for best outliner currently.

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