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Palm Air Case with Holster for Treo

Best Treo Hard CaseThe recently released Palm Air Case with Holster (for Treo 680, 755p, 750) has rapidly become the most popular Treo hard case thanks to its appealing design, the robust protection that it offers and excellent value combining not only a case but also a holster as well as a free screen protector – a combination that has earned it my Editor’s Choice for Best Treo Hard Case.

Palm Air Treo Case

Like other cases in this category, the Palm Air Case provides a lightweight, thin (only about 1mm thick) and durable translucent “hard shell” made of polycarbonate which has been moulded to perfectly fit the contour and various openings of your Treo smartphone.

Palm Air Treo Case - Side1

Particularly important for this type of case is the fact that the side clip system which “sandwiches” the case around your Treo and holds it firmly in place has been designed to be as slim as possible while delivering a solid lock.  It does make it a little bit more difficult to open the case (for example to change your Treo battery) but at least you’re not likely to accidentally open the case while holding it in your hands. 

Palm Air Treo Case - Side2

Additionally, I like the fact that the profile of the case has been properly recessed around the keyboard to ensure that you can have easy access to all keys and type quickly as you would normally without a shell.  In this same vein, the stylus, side buttons, HotSync cable connector and SD card slot among others are equally well within reach.

Palm Air Treo Case - Holster Combo

As I mentioned earlier, one of the further benefits of this case is that it comes bundled with a holster – one that like the Air Case itself is also ultralight and strong and which has been specifically designed for this bundle with an unusual but effective and elegant “four arms” clip system that grips the case securely on all corners.

Palm Air Treo Case - Holster Detail

The holster offers a large and comfortable rotating belt clip to keep your Treo by your side horizontally or vertically and it also benefits from a very thin profile.  Additionally, the holster has been designed to fit your Treo with the screen facing inwards (towards your body) to ensure additional protection because you can’t accidentally bump it against objects or furniture (but just in case there’s also a free screen protector in the pack).

Palm Air Treo Case - Holster Belt

Worn on your belt, the Palm Air Case looks almost as if it was suspended in mid-air and this is probably where the name of this Treo case comes from with the four arms of the holster discreetly holding it firmly by your side without adding .

For someone who typically prefers his Treo to be “naked” I’ve actually been extremely taken by this combination – one which provides not only excellent protection for your smartphone against scratches and drops but also makes it very convenient to carry by your side thanks to its holster.  Overall, it’s undeniable that the Palm Air Case with Holster is not only a great product but also one that offers excellent value.

Finally, if a holster is not your thing you’ll be happy to know that the Palm Air Case also fits perfectly inside the bestselling SPE P6 Pouch Case.  Separately, top choices for other Treo accessories include the Aliph Jawbone headset, Palm Treo Battery Charger and Palm Cradle Kit.

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Posted by Andrew on August 28, 2007 at 06:14 AM

Treo Case

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by tom | Aug 28, 2007 9:22:50 AM

I never thought I'd be a holster guy but this combination is perfect. I've been using it since Friday and I love it. Granted... I haven't had to reboot my Treo yet.

by Susan | Aug 28, 2007 9:24:59 AM

Yep, this sounds awesome....now, if only my 680 worked! POS!

by Greg Smith | Aug 28, 2007 9:46:38 AM

As a person who's pretty hard on his phones... (my first Treo case was an aluminum clamshell with neoprene lining) would the air case fit in a P6 pouch? I know the P6 has enough room for an extended battery - just curious if I could fit this additional level of protection in my current case.

by Andrew | Aug 28, 2007 10:00:03 AM

Greg - Yes, the Palm Air Case fits perfectly well inside the P6 Pouch Case and I've updated my post for this.

Cheers, A.

by Gary paul | Aug 28, 2007 3:44:38 PM

Will it work on the 700p with the extended battery that has the slightly thicker battery cover?

by BaChee | Sep 1, 2007 9:43:16 PM

I've used this case on both my 650 and 680. The only thing I don't like is that dirt gets trapped betweent the case and the phone scratching it. I'm a person who keeps his Treo in his pocket and I love the fact that this case is almost like having no case at all. But I do have scratches all around the front of the Treo just below the screen and on the sides.

by Jonathan | Sep 11, 2007 1:19:04 PM

I like the looks of this. My old 680 fell in the pool when I jumped out of my seat the other day. It constantly falls out of the Sedio holster I have. Does this fit securely? How does it come out of the holster? Can you take it out with one hand?

by Israel | Feb 6, 2009 12:05:55 PM

Don't be so amazed by this product. My personal experience is that it's not that good. First of all is true what BaChee said about dirt trapped causing scratches... very annoying. But what I think is worst is that my holster had broken up with no reason at all when I had only a month and a half using it. And guess what!... Palm support said that there is no warranty at all for this kind of damage. I don't think a product like that would be my personal choice unless I had to choose which product should dissapear from the market.

by A Black | Mar 15, 2009 3:00:06 PM

Great case...until it breaks, which it will. And like Israel said above, Palm will do nothing about it, even if you buy it directly from them.

My first one had the prongs break off. Second one, the belt clip just fell off. The clear case will at least protect your phone when the holster fails and your phone goes flying. At $25-$30, this should last more than a few months.

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