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Palm Centro Official Image

Following all the negative comments that the previous images of the Palm Centro (Treo 800p) had garnered here and elsewhere I am rather delighted to see that the latest leaked official image (below) has managed to rapidly change the minds of many Treonauts who now actually consider it to be quite an appealing and worthy new smartphone…

Palm Centro

For starters this Palm Centro _finally_ delivers a Black device – something that makes it instantly more attractive than the soapy white baby-looking model that we had seen in the initial blurry spy shots.

Aside from this, although further details and specifications remain slim we do know that the Palm Centro will be the smallest Treo ever being about 10–15% smaller than existing devices (see comparative image below), that it will run on Sprint’s EVDO network, use the existing PalmOS Garnet, retains a full keyboard (albeit extremely tiny) and square touch screen (again much smaller than existing Treo models). 

Palm Centro Comparison

The Palm Centro is expected to have similar hardware specifications as the Treo 680/755p (for example keeping the existing HotSync connector to work with most existing Treo accessories although the smaller form-factor will naturally require new Treo cases). 

Sprint will have a 90 day exclusive and unofficial reports point out that this latest Palm Centro smartphone may become available for as little as $99 (with a contract).  This very competitive price and a considerably more attractive design aimed at the youth market may thus prove to be a winning combination after all when it is launched in the coming months. 

The only thing that I’d like to see now is an equally good solution to address the needs of Treonauts at the other end of the spectrum where a new high-end Treo smartphone is desperately required…

Treonauts always look forward to something new

Posted by Andrew on August 26, 2007 at 08:03 AM

Palm Centro

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by Borszczuk | Sep 3, 2007 6:47:06 AM

David Filskov: you test what to draw the conclusion? Promotional image? Very funny. And OS guessing is based on? Moon phase? Centro screen is pure 320x320 pixels and the OS is just Garnet. FYI: there's no application in Centro's ROM that looks like this shown on that image. So it might be a mockup or a 3rd party app.

by Borszczuk | Sep 3, 2007 9:03:14 AM

Ok, I need to correct myself. The app shown on the ad shot is not a mockup. I exists, but not in Sprint ROM I was checking formerly, but on AT&T (which looks to feature more additional apps though). It's "Instant Messaging" by OZ Communications Inc and supports AIM, Yahoo!'s and MS Messenger.

by David Filskov | Sep 3, 2007 11:46:39 AM

You might be right about the promotional shot being tweaked.

I'm curious as to wether the Centro LCD is actually 320*320 when it doesn't look square at all but rather oblong (as required by Windows Mobile).

If the screen IS actually square the promotional image is cropped by at least 15%.

Assuming it's the standard Palm font I found that the word "Conversations" appearing on the image could only fit little more than two times on Centro screen width - whereas it fits almost three times with 320*320 e.g. on Treo 680.

But then again - it's unlikely to release a device with 272 pixels width :) - I guess they might have chosen 272 to make it sort of in-between 320*240 (Windows version) and 320*320 (Palm version).

It's the first screenshot of the Centro I've seen not running Windows. My hopeful OS guessing was based on the LCD not having the ugly white border anymore and scrollbar being gray instead of chequered as in the usual PalmOS - and my high hopes :) - I realize the scrollbar might as well be chequered but look gray due to the image resolution.

I still hope to see a Linux-based Palm phone this year though.

by David Filskov | Sep 3, 2007 4:33:15 PM

Oops my bad. Windows mobile is of course 240*240 - not 320*240. Never having tried a Palm Windows device I now realize all Palm smartphones have square LCDs.

So the shot simply must be tweaked to have incorrect aspect ratio.

by Borszczuk | Sep 3, 2007 6:21:09 PM

And good news anyone: GSM version of Centro uses Phone app 3.x as in 680 (GSM too). Other features (but radio) are the same as in CDMA version I reviewed in comment 23. Did I mention Centro stylus feels so damn cheap?

PS: David - you definitely shall start writing conspiracy books ;)

by Frank | Sep 5, 2007 4:25:04 PM

Will the Treo 800 be available to AT&T customers or
will you be able to purchase a open phone??

by Borszczuk | Sep 5, 2007 6:54:37 PM

Probably both as per usual, with some period of carrier exclusivity at the beginning

by mike | Sep 6, 2007 7:27:00 PM

Please tell me that this is all a joke and thats not the phone!It's gross looking! Please let it be loaded with a 3MP cam , WiFi etc to make up for the terrible form factor.....BBBBrrrrrr!!! I'll buy one if it has all that and more...I just won't leave it on the table at meetings!

by Crash Override | Sep 6, 2007 8:22:54 PM

Borszczuk: I'm curious about your assertions that the software is not on the Sprint PALM devices. FYI, the Treo P955 on Sprint comes with this software free as a download. Although it may not be on the ROM, it is a free download from Sprint's Power Vision website for Treo's with Garnet. I suppose that the Centro will have the same options, especially given the market. I don't work for Sprint I just want to keep facts straight.

by Borszczuk | Sep 7, 2007 12:56:41 PM

Crash: all the Centro devices we got here differ in what they have it ROM depending on what carrier they are for (Sprint/AT&T) as described in my previous comments. This IM software is 3rd party app, so it's very likely that AT&T simply licensed it/got an agreement while Sprint does not, especially it's AT&T branded.

by Anonymous | Apr 3, 2008 5:05:19 PM

They simply are trying to appeal to a younger crowd while still having the features a business person would need. Can you blame them? 9 years ago, when I was in middle school only the "rich kids" had cellphones. I don't know a single kid now between ages 11 and 18 that doesn't have a cellphone. Anybody would try to appeal to that young, but growing market. Showing pictures of corporate emails and data programs is not the way to do it, and sleek, streamline designs don't help either.
The "playful" images, programs, and designs appeal to that continually growing group who want a smartphone for pleasure, and to feel more adult.

by Hathorne Dra | Jun 6, 2008 4:02:30 PM

Will I be able to use my seido extended battery from my 750w to the new 800w??

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