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Treo 680-750 Seidio 1600mAh Extended Battery

Although the Treo 680 and the Treo 750 share a form factor that is virtually identical to the Treo 755p for some reason Palm decided to fit the first two with a standard 1200mAh battery while the last one benefits from a larger 1600mAh battery with over 30% more capacity…

Furthermore, because these two standard batteries are minimally different you cannot unfortunately simply buy the larger capacity Treo 755p battery and fit it in your Treo 680 or 750.

Treo 680 750 Extended Battery

Thankfully, Seidio has released a solution which finally provides a high capacity 1600mAh extended battery for your Treo 680 or 750 allowing you to now also benefit from 30% more power while on the go – something that a great many Treonauts have been yearning for a while now.

Treo 680 Extended BatteryParticularly important is the fact that unlike the 2400mAh extended battery for the Treo 680 which is much larger than the standard battery and requires an extended battery cover this latest 1600mAh extended Treo battery is actually the same size and can therefore be used with your normal battery cover.

Additionally, as with nearly all Treo batteries the 1600mAh extended battery for your Treo 680 or 750 can be charged using both the Palm Treo Battery Charger (image right) as well as the Palm Cradle Kit.

Overall the only complaint that I have seen is that the 1600mAh extended battery is relatively expensive compared with the much cheaper standard 1200mAh battery.  Having said this however, considering that you’ll be getting a robust 30% more power from this battery I personally feel that it makes a rather worthwhile investment.

Treonauts always want more power

Posted by Andrew on August 31, 2007 at 09:25 AM

Treo Battery

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by What's in a name? | Aug 31, 2007 2:41:38 PM

Way to go Palm! Way to dig into our pockets and steal another few bucks, only to bring us equal with the same generation Treo! To me this is like buying a brand new car with 4 brand new new tires....but 2 or 3 of the tires are different sizes - what's up with that?

by TJ | Oct 9, 2007 2:40:17 PM

I have had this battery for a week and haven't noticed any significant difference. Fresh battery at 7:30am this morning and red line at 2:30pm.

A whole 7 hours and no bluetooth, no phonecalls. I am not impressed.

by DG | Oct 19, 2007 6:02:31 AM

I was just about to sit down and eat crow, but Palm once again proves me unfortunately right.

I had written a biting criticism of the 2400mAh battery being so big and mashing up the form factor that was supposed to mkae the 680 more comfortable than the 650, and was directed to this Seidio 1600mAh that fits within the original battery door and therefore does not increase the size of the 680.

But then I begin to read that users are NOT seeing a tangible increase of battery life beyond the 1200mAh yet had to fork out another $50 for this accessory.

Palm is unbelievable.

"Treonauts always want more power" is true, but don't tell us - please, tell them.

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