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Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Update Available (In Europe)

Although a Cingular/AT&T Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Professional Update is still not available in the US, Palm has now made a free upgrade to WM6 available for Treonauts in Europe on Vodafone UK, Ireland and Netherlands and the Unlocked Treo 750 update is expected to become available in September.

The Treo 750/750v Updater 2.18 provides the following key enhancements:

  • Update for Loss of System Sounds enhancement
  • Improved Calendar management with enhanced User Interface
  • Enhanced E-mail messaging, HTML/Smart Filtering, SharePoint access and more
  • Voice command via Bluetooth
  • USB cable charging
  • New on-screen Speakerphone + Mute buttons during calls
  • HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) for 3G wireless data connectivity

Treo 750 Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade

Using my SPE Retractable Cable to connect the Vodafone Treo 750v to my laptop I completed the WM6 update in just under the estimated time of 25 minutes (above) without any problems. 

Although I have not yet been able to test all of the new functionality I was happy to finally see the “3G” icon appear when using Internet Explorer and the added on-screen Speakerphone + Mute buttons are extremely welcome (albeit the buttons are a bit small) giving WM6 more of the call functions found on PalmOS Treo smartphones. 

Separately, one thing that I continue to absolutely love on the Windows Mobile Treo 750 is the quick and easy “Dial-By-Name” box which allows you to look up and dial (also message and email) contacts directly from the Today Screen by entering just a few letters of their name and pressing Send – a feature that I have been jealously craving to see on PalmOS devices…

Treonauts always want the latest updates

Posted by Andrew on August 30, 2007 at 11:35 AM

Treo 750

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by Jonathan | Sep 7, 2007 2:01:47 PM

I read on the Palm UK site that this upgrade disables the use of the Blackberry Connect Service. Does anyone know if this is just on the branded versions (750v - Vodafone) or the entire 750 series (unlocked)??

Clearly the upgrade brings some new features, but anyone using BCS will apparently lose this service...

by kuria | Jun 24, 2011 1:10:31 PM

how do i update or download the update file?

by Lulakaka | Jun 29, 2011 3:42:22 AM

It's the junior smartphone ha?

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