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Treo Cases by Tumi

Last year Palm and Tumi – the leading international brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories – worked together to produce the first pair of Treo Cases.

Treo Cases by Tumi

The result of this collaboration was the Tumi Leather Treo Case (above top) and the Tumi Ballistic Treo Case – two side cases that I found to be extremely elegant, well built, robust and which are both now on offer reduced by $10 priced at $39.99 and $29.99 respectively (until September 30).

 Tumi Leather Treo Case Tumi Ballistic Treo Case

Both offer a stylish, side-loading case that provides easy access to your Treo smartphone and features a soft velour lining to further protect against scratches as well as a strong dual magnetic closure and a belt clip.  The case sits horizontally when clipped to your side and stays out of the way when you're sitting or driving.  The only difference is that the Tumi Leather Treo Case is crafted from Tumi's signature full-grain Napa leather while the Tumi Ballistic Treo Case features Tumi’s more sporty and modern FXT ballistic nylon with a full grain leather trim.


Although both cases were originally specifically designed for the Treo 650 and 700 range (with a unique set of nine holes forming a square to fit just over the back speaker so as to better hear incoming calls ringing) they are nonetheless equally practical for the Treo 680, 750 or 755p (image above right).

I personally really like both models but I have to admit that I have a greater penchant for the Tumi Ballistic Treo Case (above) because it offers a more “unique” and sporty looking version.  For more classic and business-like environments then the Tumi Leather Treo Case will be more appropriate.

Having said all this, because of its overall value the SPE P6 Pouch Case remains the bestselling Treo case and the SPE UltraSlim Holster offers a much thinner alternative as well.

Treonauts always want the best quality

Posted by Andrew on September 4, 2007 at 09:10 AM

Treo Case

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by Rollo Martins | Sep 5, 2007 3:35:50 AM

Oh boy... Has anyone told you before that wearing one of those belt cases is about the worst fauxpas you can make from a perspective of style? And this one looks to me particularly ugly.


by Dukat | Sep 5, 2007 5:21:26 AM

That's why everybody loves Treonauts. While the crowd gets exited about the death of the Fooleo, Andrew talks - again - about belt cases. But every man needs his obsession ...

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