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Helix Holster II For Treo 680, 750, 755p Review

Best Treo HolsterThe Helix Holster doesn’t really need any introduction as it has been not only my top choice but also the bestselling Treo holster for quite some time. 

What is new is that a revamped Helix Holster II (pictured below) specifically designed to provide a more perfect fit for the the Treo 680, 750 and 755p has just been released.

 Helix Holster Helix Holster Treo Front

The Helix II remains as light, robust, thin and elegant as its previous model making it ideal to carry your Treo with as little additional bulk as possible.  As always, I also particularly like the fact that the Treo faces inwards towards your body – thus protecting the screen from bumps and scratches when walking around and making it a lot easier to quickly remove your smartphone to answer a call.

A slight difference is that the center body of the Helix II holster has now been recessed by a few millimiters in order to ensure that the 5Way and navigation buttons do not accidentally touch the surface of the holster and the keyboard also remains open for the same reason.

 Helix Holster Back Helix Holster Treo Back

The long and thin rotating belt clip (pictured above) continues to be as comfortable as before and there is also the option of an included second shorter clip – you can swap them to fit your particular needs.

 Helix Holster Detail Helix Holster Build Detail

Aside from the new slightly recessed center body, the Helix II offers a better top latch (above left) as well as an improved bottom holder (above right) and finally the width of the holster has increased minimally to again ensure a perfect fit for your Treo 680, 750 or 755p.  Lastly, it is also important to point out that the Helix II benefits from a soft-touch completely rubberized body to ensure that it does not scratch your Treo with repeated use and which feels great in your hands.

Helix Holster On Belt

Overall, the Helix Holster II gets top marks.  It is a terrific solution to carry your Treo and have it readily and quickly available by your side as the body of the holster is so thin and light that it practically feels as if your Treo was simply “floating” on your hip.

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Treonauts always look for improvements

Posted by Andrew on October 8, 2007 at 11:51 AM

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by Roberto (robracca) | Oct 9, 2007 2:01:04 AM

Perhaps all the negativity hovering around the new small-form Treo offerings stems precisely from the appreciation that so many Treo power users have for these holster devices. Some of us however, while enamored of the Treo capabilities (show me an out-of-the-box North American iPhone or BB that can overlay a full Cyrillic OS subsystem allowing it to run a Russian-English dictionary I need on my travels), prefer to have the phone discreetly tucked into their pocket. A smaller and lighter Treo that does not sacrifice functionality (aside from a slightly cramped keyboard) is preferable in that it does not need to dangle prominently from its owner's belt.

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