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Palm and Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008

Treo 750 Mobile Device ManagewrToday at CTIA in San Francisco, Palm announced that the Treo 750 smartphone for AT&T will be compatible with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM) 2008. This new comprehensive management solution will enable improved security and efficient remote control of Windows Mobile phones, as well as access to information on the corporate network through a mobile VPN.

The Treo 750 with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, will deliver increased security and easier phone management, as well as access to information on the corporate network.  IT professionals will be able to confidently manage large Treo 750 (as well as Treo 500 upon its US release) deployments with features such as policy enforcement, inventory and reporting, and software targeting.

Mobile Device Manager is a comprehensive management solution that enables efficient control of Windows Mobile phones, such as the Treo 750 smartphone, by providing reliable, low-cost consistent manageability within a company's existing Microsoft infrastructure.  SCMDM will allow an administrator to quickly provision any compatible Windows Mobile device over the air – thus making that device part of the company’s active directory and enabling the application of over 130 group policies to the handset (such as disabling the camera, switch on encryption, turn off WiFi or even certain Bluetooth profiles).

"Increasingly, businesses turn to smartphones to provide tools to enhance their mobile productivity – whether it's accessing contacts, calendars or line of business applications,” said Pieter Knook, senior vice president of Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft Corp. "Palm's support for System Center Mobile Device Manager will help IT departments make the most of their Microsoft mobile investments in three strategic areas: security management, Windows Mobile phone management and access to information.”

Mobile Device Manager builds on the core set of security and management features available on the Treo 750 smartphone and brings advanced capabilities for Windows Mobile to the System Center family of IT management solutions, including the following:

  • A Mobile VPN that provides security-enhanced access to corporate data (for example, intranet, line-of-business applications) behind the firewall, so users can get to more of the information they need while away from their desks;
  • Security-management features, such as support for Active Directory, for expanded protection of sensitive corporate information and policies for more control; and
  • A single device-management solution for Windows Mobile for easily distributing software and managing phones.

"The Treo 750 smartphone is a powerful combination of Microsoft's robust mobile operating system and Palm's hallmark ease of use,” said John Hartnett, senior vice president, Global Markets and Windows Business Unit, Palm, Inc. "Adding compatibility with System Center Mobile Device Manager makes it easy to manage thousands of devices throughout a company and enables a competitive total cost of ownership. The Treo 750 blends seamlessly with a company's growing infrastructure, and IT professionals gain the tools they need for improved manageability, device security and access to business-critical information.”

SCMDM will only work with devices supporting a new version of Windows Mobile software expected to be released by Microsoft in the first half of next year when Windows Mobile 6.1 is also rumoured to become available.  The Palm Treo 750 and other future Windows Mobile powered Treo smartphones due to be released next year will support Mobile Device Manager through an update starting in the second half of calendar 2008.

Treonauts always look at the future

Posted by Andrew on October 23, 2007 at 03:11 PM
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by Rick | Oct 23, 2007 6:14:51 PM

If Palm/AT&T could only realese the - very old now - Windows Mobile 6 for the Treo 750.

by K Rock | Oct 24, 2007 1:18:47 AM

Will Treo 750 useres get the WM 6.1 before or after AT&T releases the first update of WM 6?

by Troy | Oct 24, 2007 4:04:03 AM

I've been wanting to ask for a long time if you would please set your blog feeds (RSS, etc.) to distribute your full entries so that we can get the whole story (with pictures) in our blog readers, rather then just the first few words. That would be a big help and much appreciated.

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